Sunday 15 February 2015

Rotherham Rapes Template
Please could you send me information re the EHRC's response to the recent expose of the Rotherham Rapes scandal ;
1) Has the EHRC begun an investigation into the Rotherham Rapes issue ?
2) Has the EHRC investigated the racial aspects of the cases, eg the targeting of white children by non-whites ?
3) Has the EHRC any plans to issue guidance to the police / councils/ social services across the UK to protect white British children at risk of similar rape gangs ?
4) When will the EHRC begin an investigation into the Rotherham Rapes as required under their duties under the Race Relations Acts in order to protect white children at risk of rape by ethnic non-white gangs ?
1) Under the FOI act I would like all ;
a) internal EHRC correspondence as regards issues relating to the Rotherham rapes scandal
b) all correspondence between EHRC staff and government ministers, civil servants etc relating to the Rotherham rapes
c) all correspondence by EHRC staff with any third party agencies, charities, organisations etc relating to the Rotherham Rapes
d) all information, internal e mails etc relating to EHRC investgations, reports, meeting relating to reports of the racial targeting of white children and young people for rapes by non-whites and ethnic gangs.
Thank you,
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