Monday 30 June 2008

Lancaster Unity - Update

In response to the latest attack on me by Lancaster Unity, which is remarkably like being mauled by an angry slug, here is an excerpt of a posting I made last week ;

" In the articles I wrote below I had to do some research to find out the power of sections of the Jewish community in Hollywood. This entailed reading sites that list details of the individuals and organisations that control Hollywood.

Much of this was not up to date and I had to do extra (and boring research) to bring the articles up to date.

The next time I decide to investigate the power of members of the Irish community in America, then I will look for a site called 'Irish Watch' similar to the one that contained information that I used called 'Jew Watch'.

I would have used information on the site 'Bantu Pygmy Watch' for information on Jews in Hollywood but unfortunately, like all non-jews the Bantu Pygmy people also do not feature as a racial group with any influence or power in Hollywood.

Yet another form of Institutional Racism it appears.

The fact is that whilst the Jewish leaders of Hollywood boast about their power in Hollywood in their own publications, is appears that when gentiles and goyim 'dare' investigate the power of the Jewish comunity in Hollywood that this is racism or anti-semitism. "

The next time I write an article I will look for a version of CrayonPress, so that I can publish it in big words written in crayon.

That way the retards on LU may be able to read it then.

I look forward to the next frothy mauling by the Lancaster Unity Slug Farm.

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Lancaster Unity - The facts

There are few things more repugnant than racist extremists using 'anti-racism' as the basis of their extremism.

One such collection of poisonous hypocrites are the self professed Zionist extremist Jews on Lancaster Unity.

A few months ago in a rare example of honesty, the LU website stated that most of the people who control the site and post on the site are Jewish.

Them being Jewish is of itself irrelevant. They were only declaring and using the fact of their 'Jewishness' to divert attention from the true issue, which is the fact they are Zionists.

It is the fact that the people who control LU are Zionists is the most important issue.

The LU Zionists are part of the same type of extremist Jews who supported and worked with the Nazis during WW2, and who even offered to fight alongside the Nazis against the British in Palestine, even as the Death Camps were murdering millions of non-Zionist Jews in Europe.

The fact that Jews, and all racial groups, in the UK organise ethnocentric organisations to represent their interests in British society is an admirable thing.

All communities should organise to represent their collective ethno-communal interests.

But the problem begins when a tiny cabal of manipulative and deceitful Jewish extremists organise to represent the interests of Zionism and then use the camouflage of 'Anti-Racism' and 'pro-working class propaganda' in order to attack other racial groups who are also organising to represent their community interests.

This what LU does, its main role is to assist in the weakening and dismantling of the group cohesion of the White British Working Class in order to assist in the power building of the Zionist extremist network in the UK.

The people in LU are part of the lineage of Jewish Zionist extremists that supported the genocide of the Palestinians, that worked with the Nazis and that supported mass Islamist immigration into the UK over recent decades.

The entire actions of the Zionist cliques that have hijacked the British Jewish community over the last fifty years have been pernicious both to the mainstream British Jewish community and to British society.

This admission of the LU being run by Jews was not the whole truth though, as the fact is that most of the people who control the site and post on the site are in fact Zionists. Even this admission was an act of duplicity.

The majority of Jews in the UK are loyal to Britain and are integrated into British society.

The Zionists that control and post on Lancaster Unity are not.

They are neither loyal to Britain nor are they integrated into British society. They pretend to be part of Briish society only in order to undermine and usurp it.

Their primary loyality is to Israel and they seek to weaken British society, and usurp our political system for the benefit of Israel.

There may be a few deluded reds and liberals on the LU site that think the LU is a 'real' site to fight racism, but just as Lenin said these 'useful idiots' are just cover for the real agenda of LU.

Lancaster Unity is part of the Zionist power network in the UK. The LU is just another propaganda wing of the C18 of UK Zionism, the CST (Community Security Trust).

The CST is run by the convicted fraudster Gerald Ronson, and he has bankrolled Ken Livingstone and the Labour Party in the past. Even though the CST is run by a convicted fraudster, the Met Police still work with the CST para-military organisation. Last week the CST put 500 troops on British streets to patrol two parades to celebrate Israel ;

They call them volunteers, I call them a militia.

Note that the LU has never investigated or attacked the CST on its site. Even though the CST is a Zionist Para-Military Militia that is linked with the government and the police and run by a convicted criminal, the LU have never investigated this shadowy racist organisation or attacked its existence.

If two skinheads in the UK started wearing the same coloured bootlaces at the same time then the LU would see a grand conspiracy and the formation of a 'nazi army', but when a real racist para-military militia exists in the UK, the LU stays silent on it and its activities.

Why does LU stay silent on the CST - because LU is one of the propaganda wings of the CST and the Zionist power network in the UK.

Many on the left are now realising how duped they have been by these Zionist groups over the years.

Whilst the old alliance between the UAF and Searchlight was dismantled precisely because the UAF finally realised that Searchlight was a Zionist front group using anti-racism as its cover to promote Zionism in the UK, the Lancaster Unity site is run by a shaky coalition of Jewish extremists with a pro-Zionist agenda as the main unifying force between the various factions.

Note that the LU site likes to post articles about the 'Nazis' from all over the world ranging from Chile to Canada, yet never posts a single critical article on Israel and its policies.

Last week a law passed through the Israeli Knesset called the Prevention of Infiltration act which criminalises asylum seekers and puts them in prison for four years and gives a 7 year sentence to asylum seekers from various Arab countires on a specific list.

Can you imagine how the hypcorites on LU would have howled if it had been Europeans in a European country passing such a law that criminalised asylum seekers and has a 'racist' policy of targeting specific Arab nations for extra imprisonment - but because it was Israel, a country which a member of the European Union by the way, the LU remained totally silent on the issue.

Whilst the LU attacks the Berlusconi government in Italy for its arrests and deportations of illegal immigrant criminals, it stays silent on another European Union country, this being Israel, who passes laws that target immigrants and which are probably the most fascist in the whole world and which are probably illegal under international law.

Why did LU stay silent - because the Jewish Zionist extremists that run the LU can never attack the country that sponsors them, Israel.

Note also that the LU remained totally silent on the new laws proposed by Harriet Harman that would have passed racist legislation that would have impacted upon the White British Working Class.

Why did LU stay silent - because the extremist Zionist Jews that run LU are going to be one of the main beneficiaries of this law and because their agenda is to assist in the systematic disempowerment both politically and socially of the indigenous British people and the promotion of all ethnic groups which assist this process.

Seeing as the Zionists that run LU are primarily Jewish Zionists and Middle Class, as they themselves boasted about on the site a few months ago, then why should they attack a law that attacks the White British Working Class.

Being attacked by LU is how one achieves validation.

Those so called 'nationalists' that post on LU and who pass information to LU are traitorous scum. The fact that the nationalist traitors and the Zionists on LU all attack the exact same nationalists, is evidence we are doing the right thing.

If the nationalist traitors and LU were not attacking those nationalists, then that is direct proof that they are agents of the enemy.

The enemy only attacks those it does not control.

The article below relates to the issue of LU and it collection of Zionist and Jewish extremists that masquerade as 'defenders of the working class'.

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Sunday 29 June 2008

Back To The Future

I visited the Blist Hill Museum in Ironbridge in Shropshire today. The place is huge. It is an entire village which has been kept as it was during the Victorian era when the area was one of the workhorses of the Industrial Revolution.

The people still wear Victorian dress and work in the old shops where the currency is the old pennies and farthings.

I loved the pub.

No jukebox, no flashing lights, no music, just wooden chairs and cold beer. People sit around and talk. The place smelt of bitter and ale, and the ashes of an old fire.

Outside the pub the Union Jack hangs above the doorway.

As I walked around I thought of the future without oil.

This level of industry was based on coal, and it is to King Coal that we will return again when the oil runs out.

Thatcher unintentionally did the nation a favour when she shut down the mines, as by so doing she preserved our coal reserves.

This means when we need to reopen the mines, the mines will still have enough coal to carry us through the transition period between Peak Oil and the Renewable Enery Economy we need to build.

Take the kids.

It is great to see what Britain looked like before we abandoned our future.

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Saturday 28 June 2008

Credit Dependent Middle Class In Crisis

More evidence on how the Credit Dependent Middle Class are about to be hit with the bill.

This will cause another massive demographic shift in politics.

This is further confirmation of my theory here ;

British household debt is highest in history
By Edmund Conway

Last Updated: 12:01am BST 28/06/2008

British households are now more indebted than those of any other major country in recorded history, it has emerged.

Families in the UK now owe a record 173pc of their incomes in debts, official figures have shown. The ratio of debt to income is higher than any other country in the Group of Seven leading industrialised economies, and is sharply higher than the 129pc of incomes it was five years ago.

The figures, published by the Office for National Statistics as part of its National Accounts, underline the scale of the coming slowdown facing the UK, economists warned yesterday.

Michael Saunders of Citigroup warned that - at 173pc of household incomes - the debt burden is higher even than Japan's when it peaked in 1990, before more than a decade of deflation.

House prices won't recover until 2015, ex-MPC expert warns

"Not only are we the highest in the G7, we are the highest a G7 country has ever seen," he said.

It came as the City warned Britain to prepare itself for a possible recession after the official economic growth rate dropped to the slowest in three years and consumer confidence came close to its lowest since the mid-1970s.

Economists across the Square Mile slashed their forecasts for economic growth next year after the ONS revised down its estimate for output growth in the first quarter of the year. It said Gross Domestic Product - the broadest measure of Britain's economic activity - was 0.3pc, rather than the 0.4pc it had previously thought. It means the annual GDP growth rate is 2.3pc rather than 2.5pc.

Fresh figures also showed that households' optimism about the economy has plumbed new depths.

Market researcher GfK said its consumer confidence barometer dropped five points this month to -34 points - the lowest since 1990, when the worsening economy contributed to the downfall of Margaret Thatcher. GfK warned that the measure is now only a point away from hitting its lowest ebb since comparable records began in 1974.

Economists warned that the combination of data, which also included news of the saving ratio dropping to the lowest level since 1959 and of household disposable incomes falling at the fastest rate since 1999, suggested Britain is heading for a sharper downturn than many had anticipated.

Jonathan Loynes, of Capital Economics, said: "With growth already so weak in the first quarter before the full effects of the credit crunch and housing downturn had been felt, the economy looks set to slow significantly further over coming quarters.

"We now expect GDP growth to slow to just 0.5pc in 2009, with a very real chance of a technical recession."

Philip Shaw of Investec said: "Although we take the view that the economy will avoid a recession, our confidence is ebbing."

The ONS figures showed that the services sector grew by only 0.3pc in the first quarter, with the lull in financial services activity suffering its worst performance in five years in the wake of the credit crunch.

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Barack Obama the Christian White Hater

Interesting comment on a Telegraph blog about Barack Obama ;

Barack Hussein Obama was a member, for 20 years, of Trinity United Church of Christ. Indeed, he states in his book, which takes its title from a sermon by Reverend Wright, that it was in this 'church' that he 'became' a Christian.

On the website of Trinity United Church, which I looked over, on all its pages, in February 2007, it stated that "The Vision Statement of Trinity is based upon the systematized Liberation Theology that started in 1969 with the publication of Dr James H Cone's book, Black Power and Black Theology."

In his book, Cone states: "What we need is the Divine Love as expressed in Black Power, which is the power of black people to destroy their oppressors here and now by any means at their disposal. Unless God is participating in this holy activity, we must reject his love...Black Theology will accept only the love of God which participates in the destruction of the white enemy."

Is this creed of racial hatred the substantial 'change' which Miss Shriver imagines will transform America if Obama is elected President?

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The Judges Strike Again

One of the ways that the judges fiddle the legal system to benefit their masters is to deliberatly misinterpret the law knowing that unless the individual can then get leave from the British government to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights, that the law in the UK will remain in breach of the ECHR.

This has happened to me. I applied to take a case to the ECHR and the British government applied to the ECHR under a provision of the courts proceedings to have the case struck out.

The case was not struck out on its merits, the case was struck out simply because the British government did not want the issue involved, which was BNP access to council properties during elections, to get a hearing in the ECHR.

This is how the government and the judges rig the system.

The case below is probably the second most farsical case I have ever had to read.

The judges have both misapplied the law, as the public as a group are not capable of being harassed, but have also ignored case after case of ECHR case law which states quite clearly that anything which upsets, disturbs or offends the public as a group is within the bounds of free speech.

This case is simply a joke.

What will be quite interesting though is the full judgement.

It appears that the judges have stated that the actions of an individual can constitute harrasment against a section of the public.

The fact that the harassment act states that groups can also come under the act, means that the UAF, Lancaster Unity and its activists can now be found guilty of harassment if they harass the BNP or its members.

This could also apply to magazines such as Searchlight that print repeated stories about an individual, and also to trades unions that deliver leafets to slander BNP members in elections.

The extension of the act in this case to assert that acts in public classified as harassment that are not related to specific individuals but to sections of the public, means that the act can now be used to close down those groups that target individuals or sections of the public in public.

The harasment acts are not acts that the BNP has used in the past against the UAF, Searchlight or Lancaster Unity - but this judgement appears to extend the remit of the acts to now directly cover the UAF and its public campaigns against indivduals in the BNP or to events which the BNP has been involved in.

I will suggest that from now on the next time a UAF demonstration seeks to target a BNP individual or meeting that we film the demonstration and then seek to have the individuals arrested for breach of the harassment act and for causing distress to the BNP members present at the meeting, as the right to attend political meetings and organise political meetings is one of the primary and most protected rights in the ECHR.

This judgement is absurd, but the fact is that it may have extended the parameters of the law to now enable us to close down the UAF, Lancaster Unity and Searchlight on the grounds that those groups repeatedly target specific individuals in the BNP causing them distress.

The harassment act has been extended vastly in recent years to cover the activities of the animal rights people, and therefore the case law should now be being used against the UAF, Searchlight and Lancaster Unity whose anti-BNP activities are in breach of the act.

Whilst it is legitimate to protest in a democracy, it is not legitimate or legal to seek to prevent people organising politically, to target individuals with the intent to cause them distress, incite violence against them or cause them problems at work or to seek to prevent a political party and its activists organising political private and public events.

For example the UAF state that their demonstration targeting the RWB is designed to stop the event. This is unlawful.

The Lancaster Unity site put up posts that incite people to ring hotels and venues and to put pressure on the owners of those establishments to cancel BNP meetings, this is also unlawful.

The UAF organise demonstations to stop the BNP attending events and meetings and this is also unlawful.

This case may be the key that finally locks down the UAF, Lancaster Unity and Searchlight as so far they have been allowed to evade the law, but this case now appears to extend the remit of the case law.

BNP activist loses appeal

A BNP activist found guilty of harassment after putting up posters of three convicted killers with the description "illegal immigrant murder scum" has lost an appeal against his conviction.

Andrew Kendall, 32, from Fairfax Drive, Westcliff, claimed he was legally entitled to use the posters, which he put up in Southend High Street in February 2007, to promote his party's views on immigration and crime.

But two senior judges at the High Court in London yesterday ruled Kendall was rightly found guilty by Southend magistrates.

Kendall was appealing against his conviction after he was given an 18-month conditional discharge for causing harassment, alarm or distress.

Mr Justice Keith said while it was accurate to say the three men were illegal immigrants, they had been convicted of manslaughter, and not murder.

The judges also said Kendall should have known his actions might distress the public.

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Friday 27 June 2008

Mandela - The Beast Of Africa

Mandelas murder record here ;

Here are two photos showing the Church Street bombing. As mentioned before, in his so-called book,” Long Walk to Freedom”, Mandela says that he “signed off” with this act of terrorism. People should take a look at what Mandela “signed off” with while he was in prison – convicted for other acts of terrorism! President P.W. Botha told Mandela way back in 1985, that he could be a free man as long as he did one thing: Publicly renounce violence. Mandela refused. That is why Mandela remained in prison until the appeaser F.W. de Klerk freed him unconditionally. The bottom line is that Nelson Mandela never publicly renounced violence - and we should never forget that.

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The NUS, Anti-Semitism and the SWP

Interesting story from todays Jewish Chronicle ;

Note that the BNP is not mentioned either by the students, the Jewish Chronicle or the Rabbi.

It is the SWP and the Far Left that are the real anti-semites, who peddle negative stereotypes and propaganda about Jews on campus.

Such negative stereotypes have to be resisted, just as negative stereotypes about our community perpetuated by Hollywood have to be resisted.

Student leaders pledge to fight campus racism


By Jonathan Kalmus

Manchester University’s growing reputation for harbouring antisemitism is facing a new challenge after Jewish candidates gained a third of the places on the student-union council.

After the elections, Mr Pinfold was unequivocal about kicking out antisemitism: “For too long, Jewish students have seen their concerns swept away and ignored by the students’ union, their representative body,” he said.

A note of caution came from student chaplain Rabbi Y Y Rubinstein, who said: “The new executive is only there for a year. Anybody who thinks that they can deflect the issue is remarkably naïve and ignorant of student politics in the UK over the past 20 years.

“The agenda on the far left is anti-Israel and antisemitism. Groups like the Socialist Workers’ Party and their fellow travellers continue to fester on campuses, pushing one issue to the fore of student life and short-changing the vast majority of genuine student causes.”

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Lancaster Unity - run by racists

A few months ago the racists on Lancaster Unity were boasting amongst themselves on the site that the main activists involved in running the site were all Jewish.

It appears that Lancaster Unity is the main propaganda mouthpeice of the C18 of the Zionists in the UK, the CST (Community Service Trust).

This is of course no surprise. The fact that whilst the site spreads constant racism and abuse against anyone that 'dares' stand up for the interests of the Indigenous British people, the fact that the people who run the site are themselves not indigenous British is an aspect of the utter hypocrisy of certain sections of the Jewish community in the UK and US.

Whilst all other communities in the UK are encouraged and applauded for standing up for their community interests, including Jews, anyone that is white and who dares stand up for the interests of the indigenous British is automatically labelled 'a racist'.

Note that Lancaster Unity has not attacked the announcement by Harriet Harman that 'positive discrmination' laws will be enacted in order to allow ethnic minorities to get jobs simply based on their skin colour.

This is a form of legalised state racism against whites, and it will impact primarily upon the White Working Class.

But because many in Lancaster Unity will be beneficiaries of this new law, simply as they are Jews and other ethnic minorities, they have stayed silent on the issue.

There is nothing more sickening than the hypocrisy of those who supposedly stand up for the interests of the White Working Class, but who in fact are going to take advantage of laws that will damage the White Working Class.

Note also how Lancaster Unity has also remained silent on the ongoing racism of Hollywood against the English and anyone with blonde hair and blue eyes.

It appears that whilst any form of racism against any group without a white skin is intolerable, racism against those with white skin, unless they are Jewish of course, is acceptable.

The two articles below relate to the issue of the power of the Jewish elite in Hollywood and how they have used that power to create pernicious racial stereotypes that are damaging the community cohesion, identity and self image of the English in particular.

For an example of this is the childrens film The Water Horse, written by Robert Nelson Jacobs, which is a story about the Loch Ness Monster. The film features a stereotypical image of the arrogant English army oficer, even called a sassenach by one of characters.

The two articles below list just a few of the films churned out by Hollywood that feature negative images of the English.

Note that in Hollywood today the image of the Native Americans and Blacks can only be positive, but there are precious few images of positive English people, or Russians, in Hollywood movies.

My present favourite negaive image of the English as propagandised by the racists in Hollywood is that of Tim Roth in the new The Hulk movie. He plays a character who is both Russian and English.

Note though that Hollywood never produces any movies featuring negative images of Orthodox Jewish Rabbis (unlike the endless images of pederast catholic and anglican priests), never has any negative images of Mossad (unlike the constant negative images of the CIA with its white, blonde officers), no films with negative images of the IDF in Hollywood movies (unlike the constant depictions of the evil English SAS or army officer).

What really pisses me off though is whilst the scumbags that run Hollywood peddle abusive and racist stereotypes of the British and English, it is British and English soldiers who are fighting alongside the US troops in Iraq and Afghanistan.

These Hollywood liberal schmucks denigrate our people, whilst our people are fighting alongside American troops in the War On Terror.

In the articles I wrote below I had to do some research to find out the power of sections of the Jewish community in Hollywood. This entailed reading sites that list details of the individuals and organisations that control Hollywood.

Much of this was not up to date and I had to do extra (and boring research) to bring the articles up to date.

What surprised me though was that in Hollywood individuals may come and go, but the disproportionate numbers of Jewish writers, directors, Hollywood bosses, Hollywood studio owners continues decade after decade.

There were about 4 million adherents of Judaism in the U.S. as of 2001, approximately 1.4% of the US population. The community self-identifying as Jewish by birth, irrespective of halakhic (unbroken maternal line of Jewish descent or formal Jewish conversion) status, numbers about 7 million, or 2.5% of the US population.

Yet the numbers of Jews in Hollywood is beyond all proportion to their numbers in the US population.

This is of itself not a problem, but it becomes a problem when the power of Hollywood is used to spread and perpetuate negative images of other racial communities.

The next time I decide to investigate the power of members of the Irish community in America, then I will look for a site called 'Irish Watch' similar to the one that contained information that I used called 'Jew Watch'.

I would have used information on the site 'Bantu Pygmy Watch' for information on Jews in Hollywood but unfortunately, like all non-jews the Bantu Pygny people also do not feature as a racial group with any influence or power in Hollywood.

Yet another form of Institutional Racism it appears.

The fact is that whilst the Jewish leaders of Hollywood boast about their power in Hollywood in their own publications, is appears that when gentiles and goyim 'dare' investigate the power of the Jewish comunity in Hollywood that this is racism or anti-semitism.

It appears that whilst any sort of investigation of the power of the Jewish community in relation to Hollywood or AIPAC is defined as racism, similar investigations into 'Institutional Racism' of other mainly white and non-Jewish industries is acceptable.

Ever wondered why it is that when you go into an Indian restaurant and all the waiters and chefs are asian, that this is not defined as 'Institutional Racism'.

Eer wondered why it is that when you go into a black owned business all the staff are black, but this is not 'institutionally racist'.

Ever gone into a kebab shop and all the staff are turkish but that this is not defined as 'institutional racism'.

Yet when you go into a nuclear power station and all the workers are white, then this is defined as an industry that is 'institutionally racist'.

This is because the phrase 'institutional racism ' is designed only to apply to white and remove the rights and jobs of whites.

The ideology of Institutional Rracism is the most evil form of racism ever invented.

The fact is that Hollywood is Institutionally Racist in favour of Jews.

But this form of Instutional Racism is of no concern to Lancaster Unity, and anyone that mentions it must be a 'racist'

As long as it is white people who are being treated in a racist way then that is applauded by them.

But if a white man dares to invstigate the institutional racism of other communities - then that must be because they are themselves a racist !

Lancaster Unity is probably the most racist organisation in the country, in that it applauds and acts as an apologist for every form of racism that impacts in a negative way upon the indigenous British.

Note though that when the Labour government states that it wants to pass race laws to force companies to reveal how much they pay their staff, so that ethnic minority applicants can demand confidential information on who is being paid how much in a company, then that is considered acceptable by the self proffessed Jews who run Lancaster Unity.

It appears that whilst Hollywood demands total free speech and demands no censorship for itself, and demands the right to pump out torture porn and filth as entertainment, it appears that it wants to call anyone that dares investigate who is running Hollywood itself a 'racist' or an 'anti-semite'.

The era when the Jewish extremists in Lancaster Unity and in Hollywood, who seek to portray themselves as the voice of the Jewish community, could threaten people with their use of the word 'racist' is almost over.

The new laws about to be enacted by the Labour government to buy off the immigrant voting blocks in this country are the ONLY racism from the only racists in the country.

Whilst the idiots of Lancaster Unity seek to perpetuate the myth that 'racism' is a problem of the indigenous whites in this country, the real racists are running the country and passing race laws.

Lancaster Unity have no integrity. They represent only themselves and their own ethnic groups.

They do not represent either the White Working Class or any sections of the indigenous British community.

They are racists with an agenda of self serving hyspocrisy using the propaganda of 'racism' to undermine our community.

Albion Awakens !

What we are witnessing today in British society is a historic seismic political shift.

The result in the Henley election, and recent wins for the BNP across the country, are the first tremors of a major political earthquake about to demolish the old political order.

Since 1945 when the Welfare State was set up we have seen both a reduction in the size of the working class and also a depoliticisation of the working class.

The demise of the old industrial and manufacturing industries led to a shrinkage in the size in the working class, and whilst many of the people who were once working class moved up the social ladder as they retrained and took advantage of the opportunities of social mobility that the economic North Sea oil boom of the 80’s created, and which has wrongly been credited to Thatcherism, many remained where they were.

The Welfare State was not created with an altruistic motive, it primary role was to ensure that the working class did not become revolutionary during the era of Communism. When Communism fell the necessity for the Welfare State as it was previously designed was unnecessary.

It is no concidence the World Trade Organization (WTO) was formed in 1995 after the end of the Soviet Union , as its agenda was to prioritize the privatization of education, health, welfare, social housing, and transport in nations. This was in effect a license to dismantle the Welfare State of nations as they were no longer needed to keep at bay the threat of Communist uprisings in our nations.

According to the U.S. trade delegation, "The United States is of the view that commercial opportunities exist along the entire spectrum of health and social care facilities, including hospitals, outpatient facilities, clinics, nursing homes, assisted living arrangements, and services provided in the home."

This is an agenda for the destruction of the Welfare State and the NHS.

The WTO is an international organization of 134 member countries that is a forum for negotiating international trade agreements and the monitoring and regulating body for enforcing agreements. The WTO was created in 1995, by the passage of the provisions of the "Uruguay Round" of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT). Prior to the Uruguay Round, GATT focused on promoting world trade by pressuring countries to reduce tariffs. But with the creation of the WTO, this corporate-inspired agenda was significantly ratcheted up by targeting so-called "non-tariff barriers to trade"-essentially any national or local protective legislation that might be construed as impacting trade.

This in effect was the death knell of the Welfare State. Once the threat of the working class becoming a revolutionary mass drawn to communism was eradicated, then the requirement to keep the working class under control was gone.

One of the most pernicious side effects of the decades of somatised existence created by the Welfare State during the Cold War was that it in effect depoliticised the Working Class.

Those who took advantages of the North Sea oil boom of the 1980’s and made the transition from the old industrial working class to become one of the Aspirational Working Class, primarily became Tories. They bought their own homes under the Right To Buy scheme and then joined in the orgy of Consumerism that the money from North Sea oil brought to the British economy.
In the meantime those in the old industrial working class that were unable to manage the transition to the new Aspirational Working Class, were tranquilised by the Welfare State.

The fact that the Welfare State offered them a means of existence and sustenance regardless of their ability to organise politically in society, meant that the old industrial working class became the Welfare Dependent Working Class. The Welfare Dependent Working Class no longer needed any political organisation to represent their interests in society, as they were guarantted their welfare benefits regardless of who was in power, and as a result the welfare dependent working class became totally depoliticised.

Where once the old Industrial Working Class voted Labour en masse, the Aspirational Working Class voted Tory and the welfare dependent working class did not vote.

This is why the Labour party became the New Labour Party and shifted its policies to attract middle class voters, ethnic minority voters, immigrants and the aspirational working class and abandoned the last remnants of the old industrial working class and the white welfare dependent working class.

The rise in the size and scope of the Welfare State can be matched with the shrinkage in the numbers of people voting in British society.

Today around a third of the country are dependent upon benefits, and this is almost the same percentage of the population that never vote in elections.

The Working Class today are formed of Five separate groups ;

1) The Welfare Dependent Working Class - these are those who are totally dependent upon the welfare state for their survival such as the disabled, unemployed, elderly and those whose skills were once essential in the old Industrial Working Class but are now redundant in the Brownite financial and services economy of todays Britain - people such as car workers, steel workers, miners etc.

2) The Low Income Working Class - those who work but who are dependent on benefits for their survival. The welfare state helps them with rent, income support, child benefit etc etc and these people who are on law wage jobs suffer from frequent bouts of unemployment made far worse by the influx of foreign workers who have taken their jobs, taken the council housing and lowered their wages. They have also been hit hard by off shoring and onshoring.

3) The Betrayed Working Class - those who live in towns and vilages which were destroyed by the destruction of the British industrial and manufacturing industries during the 1980’s and our growth and dependence on globalisation and imports.

These are the people who are victims of inter-generational welfarism, who live in towns where almost all the jobs are servile state jobs paid for by the government and whose populations work in service industries dependent on the welfare benefits of their customers.

4) The Dysfunctional Welfare Dependent - these are the drug addicts, criminals, immigrants and asylum seekers who are totally parasitic upon the welfare state. They are unemployable and hence a constant drain on the welfare state.

5) The Aspirational Working Class - these are those who bought their own homes under Thatcherism, have enjoyed wealth and status due to Consumerism and who are now beginning to feel the impact from economic migrants coming into the UK, the credit crunch, negative equity and rising prices for energy and food bills. These are those people who are beginning to realise that the welfare state is also a safety net for them and their children. Whilst they have their own homes and nice cars, they are seeing their children priced out of the property market and their relatives, such as older family members, slipping into fuel and food poverty. Until now these people have voted either Labour, Lib Dem or Tory.

The first three of these classes are the slumbering giant of British politics.

They are the ones who until now have either not voted or voted Labour.

This is changing.

Add to that the fact that Aspirational Working Class is also now becoming aware that the Welfare State is a safety net for them and their families, then each of them are becoming politicised and radicalised.

Another demographic that is also becoming radicalised is the Credit Dependent Middle Class. These are those people who are in middle class jobs with middle class incomes but whose outgoings are now more than their incomes. They are those who have second mortgages, large mortgages in negative equity and who depend on cheap credit, which has been stopped by the credit crunch. They also are being hit hard by rising energy and fuel prices, off shoring of middle class managerial jobs and competition from migrants who reduce wage levels.

Each of these new social groups are now becoming radicalised.

Whilst the Labour government was voted in to power 2005 just 9,562,122 people voted for the Labour government with just 35.3% of the total vote they were elected.

Labour received 35.3% of the popular vote, equating to approximately 22% of the electorate on a 61.3% turnout, up from 59.4% turnout in 2001.

The nearly 40 % of the population who did not vote are the Welfare Dependent Working Class.

It is this demographic that is beginning to awaken.

This is due to a combination of factors ;

1) The dismantling of the Welfare State by New Labour that once somatised the welfare dependent working class

2) Competition for social and welfare resources caused by immigrants which is causing resentment amongst the white welfare dependent working class

3) The rise in energy, food and housing costs impacting on incomes

4) Lack of housing caused by a lack of council housing

5) Job losses caused off shoring, onshoring and competition from economic migrants

All these factors are forcing the these social classes to reawaken and become repoliticised or to switch their alleigance from the old parties of Lib, Lab and Con.

All the old parties can offer only more of them same - which is surrender to the demands of the WTO to downsize and dismantle the Welfare State, slavery to the EU, open borders, more immigration and more dependence on globalisation.

Recent years have seen the old parties rely on the same minority middle class voters to get into power. This is why they have all diverged to the same policies in order to attract the same voters.

The new changes due to the impact of recent events means that the dominance of this middle class base on British politics is about to end.

The new majority that is awakening is the 40 % who have never voted and those who are becoming aware that a vote for the old parties is a vote for their continued impoverishment and economic downsizing.

The party that will benefit from the dynamics of the new social dynamics is the party that will offer nationalist solutions to the problems of the British nation.

The era of globalism is almost over. Peak Oil is almost upon us. The age of open borders and mass immigration is about to close.

The party that will benefit is the party that creates nationalist solutions to national problems.

This will be the party that demands ;

1) National self sufficiency in energy and food production and who withdraws us from the EU and puts our people and industries first.

2) Close the borders and put our people first in jobs and prevent the off shoring of British jobs to China and India. This will be a party that stands for the people as opposed to the profits of bankers, oil companies and Saudi Arabian owned corporations.

3) That will create a new national industrial and manufacturing economy to replace the stupidity the present financial and services economy based on credit, finance and services industry. A nation that does not make things to sell, is a slave to those that do.

4) That will invest in new housing and infrastructure projects to give people jobs and improve efficiency and productivity of business.

5) That will defend the Welfare State and the NHS from the WTO and the asset strippers of globalisation.

6) That will renationalise the railways, water companies and other essential industries and reopen the coal mines and build new power stations, and create a new Industrial Revolution in the UK based on green energy and national agricultural production and industries to equip the new railways, tram systems, mines and national infrastructure projects we require.

7) That will withdraw our troops from abroad and deploy them to protect our national borders

8) That will end all immigration and begin deportations of all economic migrants and illegal immigrants

9) That will invest public money in new major public work projects for renewable energy projects, canals etc that will employ the unemployed.

10) That will scrap the race relations laws and racial discrimination legislation that targets the indigenous people and that forces companies to hire and promote people simply because they are not white, English or indigenous.

11) That will offer our people new jobs and apprenticeship and skills in the new manufacturing and industries we need to rebuild and who will invest money in an education system based on engineering and technical development instead of the service industry.

Only one party can offer all these things and that is the BNP.

It is Nationalism which is the new force and new power in our society.

It is the BNP that is the party of the future.

Thursday 26 June 2008

White Kids - a license to bully

June 26, 2008

White children most likely to be bullied

Joanna Sugden

White children are much more likely to be bullied than any other ethnic group - reversing racial stereotypes surrounding playground abuse, Government research indicates.

Two thirds of children from white families say they had been bullied in the last three years but less than half of children of Indian origin make the same assertion.

Anti-bullying campaigners say white children are now in the minority in some areas raising their chances of being bullied.

Claude Knights, director of anti-bullying charity Kidscape, said:“More and more we’re hearing that in some cities it isn’t the usual isolation of ethnic groups, suddenly we have got statistics that show we have got a larger number of white young people being bullied.

You can bully, as long as you aren't racist

“In some cities there’s a dislocation of certain white children. So many cultures around them are being celebrated but where’s their place? There’s been such an attempt that you don’t forget what has come in to the system that what was there already has been forgotten.” This isolation makes children feel “different” she said, and was likely to lead to them being bullied.

Six in ten children of black Caribbean origin said they had experienced bullying in the last three years, according to research into 16-year-olds by the Department for Children Schools and Families(DCSF). The results indicated that 58 per cent of children from Pakistani backgrounds and 54 per cent of those with Bangladeshi roots had been victims of bullies.

Louise Burfitt-Dons, founder of the charity Act Against Bullying, which cut ties with Jade Goody after allegations of racist bullying against Indian actress Shilpa Shetty on Big Brother, said: “Normally all you hear about is bullying with racial groups being discriminated against.

“Whites are becoming more aggressive than they used to be as a result of trying to intergrate into a new society norm that is so aggressive. They have changed the way they behave in order to survive.”

The study also found that boys are just as likely to be bullied as girls but as many as eight in ten children with a disability that affects their school life said they had suffered at the hands of bullies in the last three years.

A spokesperson for the DCSF said:”We have given teachers and heads the powers and support they need to prevent and tackle bullying. But bullying is a challenge we must all face up to and we need the support of teachers, heads, parents, young people and bystanders. It is important that children and young people who experience bullying speak out and do not suffer in silence.”

Its The End Of The World As We Know It

If there were less people on the planet, then climate change would not exist.

Climate change is simply an aspect of human over population and industrial processes required to feed, cloth, heat and sustain these huge human populations.

Climate Change May Challenge National Security, Classified Report Warns

ScienceDaily (June 26, 2008) — The National Intelligence Council (NIC) has completed a new classified assessment that explores how climate change could threaten U.S. security in the next 20 years by causing political instability, mass movements of refugees, terrorism, or conflicts over water and other resources in specific countries.

The House Intelligence Committee is scheduled to be briefed Wednesday, June 25, on the main findings.

While the assessment itself is confidential, some analyses used as raw material will be open, including a series of studies done by Columbia University's Center for International Earth Science Information Network (CIESIN). On commission from NIC, CIESIN ranked countries by looking at three climate risks: sea-level rise, increased water scarcity, and an aggregate measure of vulnerability based on projected temperature change, compared with nations' ability to adapt.

"We can pinpoint areas of high projected climate change that are also in historically unstable regions. This suggests that climate change is likely to heighten political risks,' said CIESIN deputy director Marc Levy, a coauthor of the CIESIN studies. Many countries with high exposure to climate change have low levels of historical instability, he said; for instance, U.S. allies like the Netherlands are exposed to perils such as sea-level rise, but have large economies and strong governments, and so are not deemed high risks.

However, others suffer both high vulnerability to projected temperature changes, and low levels of adaptive capacity based on the strength of state institutions and their histories of instability and conflict. These tend to cluster in economically depressed southern regions. The more dangerous nations on the CIESIN list--which may or may not match the NIC list--include South Africa, Nepal, Morocco, Bangladesh, Tunisia, Paraguay, Yemen, Sudan and Côte d'Ivoire.

The greatest number of people exposed to sea-level rise are in China, the Philippines, Egypt and Indonesia. China and the Philippines alone have 64 million people in the lowest elevation zones (1 meter above sea level). In Egypt, a longtime major recipient of U.S. military aid, and scene of recurring internal strife, 37% of people live in within 10 meters of sea level in the fertile Nile delta. In other nations, disruptions in rainfall or other temperature-driven phenomena could contribute to dangerous instability due to crop failures or other phenomena. These include Sudan, Iran, Iraq, Kuwait, Congo, Ethiopia and Jordan, suggests the CIESIN research.

Climate-related security impacts could be significant when they cause "a noticeable--even if temporary--degradation in one of the elements of national power (geopoliltical, military, economic, or social cohesion) because it indirectly influences the U.S. homeland, indirectly influences the United States through a major military ally or a major economic partner, or because the global impact is so large, that [it] indirectly consumes U.S. resources," according an NIC briefing document quoted by the newsletter, which first reported on the assessment. "The additional stress on resources and infrastructure will exacerbate internal state pressures, and generate interstate friction through competition for resources or disagreement over responses and responsibility for migration."

The assessment, commissioned by NIC last year at the request of the House and Senate intelligence panels, seems to be part of a growing recognition among military officials that climate change must be reckoned with. A 2007 report by the Center for Naval Analysis called for a comprehensive look at the issue. The 2008 National Defense Authorization Act mandates the Pentagon to "examine the capabilities of the U.S. military to respond to consequences of climate change," particularly preparedness for national disasters due to extreme weather. According to, U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates has approved a yet-unreleased National Defense Strategy that includes planning for environmental and climate problems.

Richard Engle, deputy national intelligence officer for science and technology in the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, spoke of the classified report in a recent speech. " We wanted to get down to something that might be actionable for the policy community. So we had to be very specific," he said. The assessment was originally supposed to be public, but has been classified as confidential out of fears that it could evoke hostility from red-flagged governments, according to sources close to the process.

Thomas Fingar, chairman of the NIC, will publicly address some portions of the 58-page report, "National Security Implications of Global Climate Change Through 2030," at Wednesday's hearing. The key findings represent the consensus view of all 16 U.S. intelligence agencies.

Along with CIESIN, other sources whose data contributed to the assessment include the U.S. Climate Change Program; Center for Naval Analysis; the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change; the Rand Corp.; and Arizona State University.

"There is clearly great interest among policy makers in knowing whether climate change will make crises such as the conflict in Darfur more prevalent, and whether other violent scenarios might be likely to unfold," said Levy. "The science of climate impacts does not yet give us a definitive answer to this question, but at least now we're looking at it seriously."

The CIESIN documents will available starting Monday, June 30.


ScienceDaily (July 10, 2007) — Climate change, and the resulting shortage of ecological resources, could be to blame for armed conflicts in the future, according to David Zhang from the University of Hong Kong and colleagues. Their research, which highlights how temperature fluctuations and reduced agricultural production explain warfare frequency in eastern China in the past, has been published online in Springer’s journal Human Ecology.

Zhang and his team looked at the impact of climate change on warfare frequency over the last millennium in eastern China. The agricultural production in the region supports the majority of the Chinese population. The authors reviewed warfare data from 899 wars in eastern China between 1000 and 1911, documented in the Tabulation of Wars in Ancient China. They cross-referenced these data with Northern Hemispheric climate series temperature data for the same period.

They found that warfare frequency in eastern China, and the southern part in particular, significantly correlated with temperature oscillations. Almost all peaks of warfare and dynastic changes coincided with cold phases.

Temperature fluctuations directly impact agriculture and horticulture and, in societies with limited technology such as pre-industrial China, cooling temperatures hugely impact the availability of crops and herds. In times of such ecological stress, warfare could be the ultimate means of redistributing resources, according to Zhang and his team.

The authors conclude that “it was the oscillations of agricultural production brought by long-term climate change that drove China’s historical war-peace cycles.” They recommend that researchers consider climate change part of the equation when they consider the reasons behind wars in our history.

Looking to the future and applying their findings, Zhang and colleagues suggest that shortages of essential resources, such as fresh water, agricultural land, energy sources and minerals may trigger more armed conflicts among human societies.

Reference: Zhang DD, Zhang J, Lee HF, He Y (2007). Climate change and war frequency in eastern China over the last millennium. Human Ecology; (DOI 10.1007/s10745-007-9115-8)

More White on White Racism

Interesting review of a slew of new movies coming out in the next few months.

A load of middle class mummys boys film directors have decided to cash in on the New Racism and make a load of films that demonise the Indigenous White English Working Class.

It appears that Hollywood has now been joined by the Hooray Henrys of the British film industry in their industrialised demonisation of the English Working Class.

The White English Working Class youth is now the New Nazis.

Hoodies are as bad as Himmler it appears, in the eyes of the middle class.

I am a member of the New Untermensch, I am White English and Working Class. Therefore I am scum.

You can demonise me, be as racist as you wish about me, you can promote less qualified blacks into jobs above me, you can remove my rights and insult me, Jack Straw, a Jew, can even call me violent and dangerous - yet if I said such things about Jews I would be arrested for racism.

Mr Straw described the English as "potentially very aggressive, very violent" and will "increasingly articulate their Englishness following devolution."

I am the new scum, my entire class are subhuman and you can villify me and all my kind with utter impunity.

You can make movies that demonise me and others who are also poor, english and white - but if you do the same with blacks or Jews you would be arrested for it.

The BBC even allows polls on their website that ask ' Are the English Violent'.

Imagine the outcry if the BBC had a poll that asked ' Are Blacks Violent' or 'Are Jews running the world '.

This whole New Racism sickens me.

From The TimesJune 26, 2008

Watch out for Donkey Punch, Eden Lake and Better Things: starring the new villains of the big screen

The new cinema baddie looks very familiar. Our correspondent discovers how the hoody skulked to the big screen

Kevin Maher

One of the most terrifying movie moments of 2008 occurs early in the new British thriller Eden Lake. Kindly, middle-class thirtysomething Steve (Michael Fassbender) is lounging by the titular Midlands lake with his girlfriend and prospective fiancée Jenny (Kelly Reilly). Their tranquillity is disturbed by the deafening boom-box and roaming Rottweiler of five local hard-knock teens. Steve decides to do the unthinkable – ask them to turn their music down! It’s a heart-stopper of a scene and, as he walks tentatively over to the stony-faced gang, every fibre in the being of every single audience member screams out: “No, Steve, don’t do it! Leave them alone!”

That Steve ends up beaten by the gang, tied, gruesomely tortured and has his “happy-stabbing” recorded on their mobile phones is testament both to the power of slick horror film-making and that the best contemporary screen villains are now not psychopaths and mutant zombies but contemporary British youth. The hoody has made it to the big screen and we should be scared.

“This is a film that has hit its moment,” says Richard Holmes, the producer of Eden Lake. “It has resonance with a youth crime phenomenon that’s not going to fade away. We are probably the first film out there of this type, although there’s quite a few in the pipeline.”

Blame Whitey - legalised racism

Who remembers the words of Martin Luther King who wrote that he wanted to create a society where what mattered was simply " The content of your character, not the colour of your skin ".

Well it appears that in the name of affirmative action, racism has been validated - as long as the victims are white.

The white liberal scum in the Labour government want to create a society where what matters is simply the colour of your skin.

The era where just because you carry a gene that makes your skin dark means you are deserving of extra rights is a hang over of a 20th century liberal mindset.

Note that it is not blacks making this law change, it is white politicians assuming their usual crass, paternalistic stance towards blacks.

This is the liberal equivalent of the old racism.

In the past racist white people would symbolically pat blacks on the head and ruffle their frizzy afro hair and say 'aaahh they are nice people but they are simply not capable of being as civilised as us are they '.

Now racist white liberals pat black people on the head and ruffle their frizzy hair and say ' aaah they are such nice people, but they simply cant get ahead on their own merits can they, so we will pass some laws to allow them to get ahead not on merit, but simply because they are black '.

This is simply racism disguised as liberalism.

This is nothing but insulting, crass, paternalistic , racist nonsense. If I was black I would be ashamed that white liberals seek to demean me in such a way.

The idea that blacks cannot get ahead on their own talents is nothing but racism.

These laws will incite racial hatred like this country has never seen before.

Whits refused jobs because less qualified blacks are hired will end up despising blacks. Racial tensions will escalate.

Incompetent blacks will get jobs and cause real harm to people. This will further incite racial hatred.

Imagine a scenario where a doctor is hired not on merit but simply because they are black. If then that individual who is less qualified than other white applicants is hired simply because they are black and then kills someone though negligence then the hospital will be liable and the families will sue.

This will mean that more and more people will then not want to be treated by those black doctors who were employed simply on merit, as they will worry that they were employed not because of their skills but because they are simply black.

These laws will cause vast amounts of racial anger and tension in our society.

The more the government then seeks to punish people for not wanting to be treated by black doctors for example, the more they will generate race hatred.

These laws are simply absurd and I would argue unlawful.

The only racial group that is independently and objectively recognised as failing to get ahead in our society is the Indigenous White Working Class.

On every objective denominator they are failing ;

Universities are failing to recruit white, working-class students despite receiving £400 million from Government to widen participation, regulators claim today.

The National Audit Office report says teenagers from deprived backgrounds “remain significantly under-represented” in higher education.

White boys from working-class families are less likely than any other group to take a degree.

Therefore these new laws that seek to legitimise affirmative action I would argue cannot be justified either in law or on evidential grounds.

In fact if they are brought in I will issue a Judicial Review in my own name to challenge them.

Any laws that abridge the fundamental civil rights of any individuals based on their race, colour or nationality have to be based on evidence of a real problem.

In this case all the evidence confirms that the only social and racial group failing in our society, and hence in need of affirmative action, is the indigenous white working class.

These laws that propose to further damage and undermine the chances of the white working class to get jobs, by allowing companies to hire ethnic employees solely on the basis of their skin colour, means the life chances of the white working class will be further damaged.

This is intolerable, and must be resisted.

I have no doubt that the scum on Lancaster Unity, Searchlight and the socialists in the SWP etc will not stand up for the white working class on this issue, simply because they are so gutless that they fear being called racist for doing so.

The fake socialists that infest this country dont give a toss for the white working class. They will accept this attack on the white working class simply because are using the white working class.

The left have abandoned the white working class and see them simply as a joke.

I bet that you will not see an article on Lancaster Unity demanding that this law be scrapped so that the white working class be protected.

This new law is illegal and if required I will go to court personally to seek a judicial review of the law that seeks to impose these measures.

Wednesday 25 June 2008

Proud To Be An Idiot

I know, I know I said I wouldnt respond to any more of the 'Tales From The Puppet Masters' on their sad little blogs, but seeing as this one is about me I will break the rule.

This is the latest post on one of the idiot blogs on the internet ;

" There is some welcome news to report in that the main BNP website no longer carries a link to the deranged ramblings of the blog run by Lee John Barnes, the self titled BNP Legal Eagle.

The link was removed in the past few days, yet the main question is whether it was Griffin himself who ordered it to be removed, or as is far more likely, was it Simon Bennett the current web-editor who chose to do so? As Mr. Bennett appears to be a lot more rational and certainly more decent than Griffin, it would appear that Simon had simply had enough of the embarrassment caused by the joke 'legal adviser'.

Not only does the blog contain vile language and personal insults that can't be backed up in fact, Lee has also come up with these precious beauties:

There will be a second coming of Christ in 2012 - it is all in the stars!
Islam is not a threat to the West and any nationalist who suggests otherwise is speaking non-sense and in the eyes of Lee Barnes, may not even be a nationalist
Those people that support internal democracy in the BNP are all traitors (though he does not mention traitors to Great Britain so we can assume he means to Gri££in himself) And let us not forget this piece of exceptional musical critique regarding Lee's top gigs ever!: Blind Melon Reading Festival 1995 - a week later the lead singer Shannon Hoon died of a heroin overdose. You could tell he was high on stage as he kept throwing the microphones into the ceiling rigging then snapping them, but what a show. A real classic performance.
We have been saying for a long time that Griffin surrounds himself with idiots and that this will be his downfall. It seems that Griffin has come to realise that Lee Barnes is nothing more than a complete and utter embarrassment for British Nationalism - yet this may be too late.

It also seems strange than when something big develops, Barnes is all over it like a rash spewing forth bile against good nationalists, like a kid who has just spat out his dummy and yet still no-one wants to listen to him or take him seriously. However, a few days later, after about 3 or 4 hate filled articles, he seems to shut up shop completely and go back to writing that anyone who may think that Islam or Zionism are a threat to the West is not a nationalist, and that the best gigs are those where the lead singer is junkie scum. What a strange world Lee Barnes lives in!"

So in order to clarify the issue heres a few answers ;

1) My old blog on the BNP site was one I have not used or updated since about February. There were only about four or five articles on it. This was due to the fact that I spend most of my time posting my writings on this site. I had to laugh at colin autys statement on his leadership challenge blog, that I posted up the article calling him a puppet on my blog site that was linked to the BNP site. This was simply a lie. The article where I called him a puppet was published only on this site and never published on my BNP blog, which confirms that auty is a liar.

No doubt some saddo at Lancaster Unity will be able to confirm that the puppet article was not posted on that BNP blog, seeing as they keep copies of everything we write on the website.

2) The reason why I spend most of my time writing on this site is because I control it. All the writings I had on the Brimstone section of the BNP website were removed by Steve Blake with no authority whilst he was involved in his sad little plot. This meant the articles I had written for the BNP website were lost. Once bitten, Twice Shy. All my writings now go up on my blog, as that way I control them.

3)Not one of the articles on the BNP linked blog had any swearing or any invective poured at the puppet masters and their puppet. They were simply articles on politics and nothing else. More lies from the morons again. Typical of the puppet clan that they never let the truth get in the way of a lie. (wheres the police investigation over the 'theft' of the computers eh ! ).

4) The writings on the 2012 event concern my interpetation of the symbolism in the Gnostic Gospels, and will form part of book on the symbolism of Gnosticism and the Gnostic texts that I have been writing for a while now. I have also been writing a book on the interior mysticism of the Indo-European religions and how the symbolism of those religions are all linked to a similar mystical teaching that reached its zenith in the Druidic religion, prior to its destruction by the Roman Empire. I know you are all straining at the leash to read my commenary on the internal symbolism of the esoteric gnostic commentaries and how they relate to an eschatological interepation of the passing of the Platonic Great Year and the spiritual rebirth of the teachings of the Gnostic Christos, and so those who want copies of the aforementioned book please send me a cheque now.

5) Unlike the Smith clique I have studied both Islam and comparative religions, and unlike those retards I can ascertain the difference between the teachings of Universal Sufi Islam and that of Sunni Islam and Shiia Islam. Only retards seek to conflate those three variants of Islam as equating to just one religion.

I have to use some big words here so its best some of you reading this from the puppet group will need to get your dictionaries out - the renaissance was a reformation of the European intellect, whilst the Reformation was a renaissance of the European conscience. The fundamental transition point in European history though was the weakening of the doctrine of Biblical scholasticism and its grip on the social and political structures of the Middle Ages. Until that point it was the Bible which was the basis of all social and political authority, even to the point that it authorised the Divine Right of Kings. The Bible was the basis of science, teaching, society, the law and our rights. In the period after the Renaissance, the deductive and a priori methods of scholasticism were superseded by the inductive reasoning methodologies of modern science, while the theological basis of the Bible was challenged by the ideals of humanism which sought intellectul and spiritual wisdom from sources outside the Bible such as ancient greek texts.

The crisis of the philosophy of Renaissance humanism though came with the trial of Galileo which was centered on the choice between basing the authority of one's beliefs on one's scientific observations, or upon the religious teachings of the Bible.

Islam needs its Galileos and its Martin Luthers.

Just as Galileos trial represented the high point and the beginning of the end of the age of obedience to the Bible, Islam must now experience its own similar internal revolution in order to allow it to grow away from the idea of Sharia and obedience to the Koran.

The God that created the universse, the world and Man cannot be contained in his immense evolving spiritual entirety in a single book, and such an idea is simply blasphemous. For an Imam or a priest to decide what God 'intended' is to place themselves as an equivalent with God, and that is also blasphemy. No man may know the mind of god. Man may experience the presence of god, but no man can ever understand god in his entirety.

Therefore for anyone to assume any earthly authority to order the death of another human being in the name of god, when all men have been created by god, is to be an apostate and a criminal.

Only god can take back the life he gave to man, and therefore no man may order another mans death in the name of god.

This freedom from the abuses of book law was precisely what Mohammed wanted in the first place when he forbade a priest caste in early Islam so as to allow it to grow its own way, but Islam has been hijacked by the Imams who assume a false authority to issue Fatwas and Jihads.

This is the process that Islam must go through now, in that Islam is in a period of its existence prior to that of the Renaissance, Reformation and post-Scholastic phase. The present Islam of the Imams with its total obedience to the Imams, the Koran, Sharia Law and the dictates of the associated books of Islam, must undergo its own internal changes as that which Christianity went through.

This will neccesitate dialogue with those within Islam that have espoused a more spiritual version of Islam that rejects the gross materialism of the ideal of a global caliphate and its version of a physical Jihad involving war, and support for those that espouse instead a spiritual 'internal Jihad' representing a sublimation of the animal within man allowing him to achieve a spiritually transcedent state of direct higher spiritual union with God.

Simple really.

I think the ever escalating body count of the sectarian wars between Sunni and Shiia Islam in Iraq would have got at least one or two of the retards thinking' Hey, perhaps the idea there is just one Islam may be wrong'. Guess not. Seeing as this country has seen a protracted and bloody war between Christians, protestants and catholics, then perhaps the idea that something similar may be happening in 'Islam' as well as Christianity would occur. Guess not.

6) And worst of all they mock the greatness of Blind Melon. This is unforgivable. The band that brought us one of the greatest songs of all time, Sleepyhouse, should be beyond mockery. My god, have these people no respect.

7) Blogging is now about as relevant to new technology as the newspaper. Keep an eye on the BNP site as pretty soon we are going to be launching a BNPTV station where I and others will be putting up weekly videos and films. This will be a nationalist TV station with weekly TV shows and programmes concerning nationalist issues, interviews with nationalists and also concert footages, music gigs etc etc. That is the reason why the blog was primarily removed. My writing will be on this site and my TV work on the TV site.

This was a idea we had been pushing Blake to do for years, and as usual he did nothing about it.

Lancaster Unity think they have taken a fantastic step forward into the future with a 'forum' on their site - wait until they see our TV channel.

It is a far, far better thing to be spat at by scum, than to be patted on the back by them.

You can wipe away the spittle easily from your clothes, but the stench from associating with traitors and theives lingers a long time.

To be called an idiot and a 'liability' by that collection of thieves, nazis, reds, searchlight stooges, puppets and crooks around Auty and Lancaster Unity is a badge I wear with pride.

More lax security in the UK

British 9/11 fears over private planes, Government terror adviser warns
By Christopher Hope, Home Affairs Editor

Last Updated: 2:18AM BST 24/06/2008

Private jets and light aircraft could be used by terrorists to launch attacks on crowds and buildings in Britain, the Government's anti-terror expert has warned.

There are an estimated 8,500 private aircraft and up to 500 "landing sites" in Britain, ranging from farmers' fields to regional airports.

Senior police officers have "real anxiety" about the possibility of terror missions being launched from small airports amid fears over lax security.

Jets could be hijacked and used as "vehicle bombs" to target the public.

Such attacks would be "relatively simple" to orchestrate, according to Lord Carlile of Berriew in a report on how the UK is dealing with the terror threat.

He said that the thousands of small, rented planes capable of travelling at high speeds between EU countries and the UK should be subjected to far stricter checks.

The warning, contained in a 60-page report, will prompt fears that Britain has been left open to a terrorist attack similar to the September 11, 2001 attacks on New York and Washington DC.

It comes as:

• Lord Carlile raised the prospect of taking the IRA off a Government list of banned organisations because it had "dwindled to almost or actually nothing";

• Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary, disclosed plans to create a 3,000-strong border police force;

• Lord Carlile said he had raised concerns with internet search engine Google over the availability of terror-related material on the worldwide web;

• The European Court of Human Rights announced it would investigate the Government's plans to hold terror suspects for up to 42 days;

• The Government announced it is to build a specialist detention centre for terror suspects

There are an estimated 8,500 private aircraft and up to 500 "landing sites" in Britain, which can range from farmers' fields to regional airports.

However, there is no formal vetting from security authorities about who is landing and taking off from Britain's airfields - although once an aircraft is airborne it is monitored by the Civil Aviation Authority.

In addition it is sometimes unclear where a flight has originated from.

A plane flying from outside the European Union could touchdown on a airfield in the EU and then be regarded by British authorities as coming from within the EU. "This is self-evidently unsatisfactory," Lord Carlile said.

Lord Carlile also said he was concerned about the thoroughness of checks that were made on planes and executive jets which fly into and out of British airspace every day.

He said he was concerned because security was lax or non-existent in many of them.

He said senior officers shared a "real anxiety [about] the potential use of light aircraft as vehicle bombs against places of public aggregation."

He said: "I know that some knowledgable police officers and officials have ongoing concerns about the relative simplicity of terrorism conducted in this way, given the very large number of private aircraft and small airfields."

However, he said there had been no intelligence of any plots to launch such attacks.

Local airfield operators had worked out local policing plans "involving special branch and other police officers working together" - but more efforts to counter the threat was needed, he said.

Experts said that other pilots and airfield operators kept watch on each other through a "Neighbourhood Watch" system, with operators alerting local police and the security services if they see anything suspicious.

The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association said it offers advice to its members on how to deal with the terror threat, while airport operators on Northern Ireland are currently filming a video offering advice to aircraft owners.

However, Martin Robinson, the association's chief executive, tried to play down the risk pointing out that light aircraft offered an "easy target for people to make a terror claim". The risk to public safety was "no greater" than driving a jeep full of explosives through the door of a building, he said.

Replying to Lord Carlile's report, Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said she "noted your flagging of the potential for small aircraft to be used as vehicle bombs and your observation that there is no intelligence to suggest this forms part of terrorist thinking".

She added: "The Department [for Transport] keeps this potential threat under review as part of its wider protective security responsibilities, and is participating in discussions in Europe of the possible security regulation of general aviation at the EU level."

Baroness Neville Jones, shadow security minister, said: "It is vital to have a joined up approach to security threats against the UK - as all the evidence shows that the threat level remains severe.

"However we must also direct resources on the basis of intelligence - so that we maximise the impact of the resources we have in the fight against terrorism."

Lord Carlile's report, a review of the operation in 2007 of the Terrorism Act 2000, also revealed that controversial stop and search powers have been used unlawfully by at least three different police forces.

He disclosed there had been five "episodes" of the anti-terror powers being used without authorisation.

Last December that Sussex police had wrongly deployed the measures at Gatwick airport, where they unlawfully stopped and searched hundreds of people.

The report into similar errors were made by the Greater Manchester and South Wales forces last year.

The police must obtain ministerial authority before they designate an area a stop and search zone under the Terrorism Act 2000.

This must also be renewed regularly to remain legal, otherwise the police could be sued for wrongful detention.

Lord Carlile said 12 people were detained and said he hoped they had been informed of the mistake in writing, so they consider suing the police.

The peer also said that 257 people were arrested under terrorism powers in 2007, of whom 126 were eventually released without charge.

"The realities of this kind of policing increase the possibility of arrests later found to be of innocent members of the public," he said.

"I am satisfied that the level of arrests is proportionate to perceived risk."

Tom Brake, a home affairs spokesman from the Liberal Democrats, said: “We must ensure that the safeguards that apply at our largest airports are not overlooked at our smallest ones where there is a risk that light planes could sliop in below the radar with devasting consequences.”

He added that the Liberal Democrats would be writing to Miss Smith seeking assurances that this security risk was being treated properly by the Home Office.

The Great Awakening

All around the world the sleep of nations is over, as at last the forces of nationalism are reawakening.

The suggestion of a law similar to the one espoused by Israel - The Prevention of Infiltration Act - is one we should enact here as soon as possible, including of course a new border police force, internal security forcesto track down illegals and new facilities to detain them prior to deportation.

Note the spelling mistake of the word immigrant in the telegraph article - they spelt it 'immigrat' - I like that.

These two stories show how this occuring ;

Amnesty International Monday condemned Israel's plans to imprison asylum
seekers, saying the proposed law effectively bars asylum seekers and
''potentially criminalize those who seek protection from persecution.''

"The draft law fails to take into account the particularly vulnerable
situation of asylum seekers and refugees," the London- based human rights
organization said.

"Such procedures would effectively deny individuals fleeing persecution
access to refugee status determination procedures, and fall far short of
Israel's international legal obligations as a state party to the 1951
Refugee Convention and its 1967 Protocol," it warned.

The proposed law, which makes no provision for asylum seekers fleeing from
violence or persecution, provides for the automatic detention pending
deportation within 72 hours of anyone who enters the country at any point
other than an authorized border crossing.

Individuals, who cannot be immediately deported would be sentenced to five
years' imprisonment "without distinction as to their identity or their
intention when infiltrating."

Residents and citizens of ten listed states or territories, including
refugee-producing countries such as Sudan and Iraq, would face up to seven
years of imprisonment.

In a memorandum sent to the Internal Affairs and Environment Committee of
the Israeli Knesset, Amnesty urged legislators to reject the proposed law
when it meets on Tuesday to discuss the draft "Prevention of Infiltration
Law - 2008".

"The detention and removal process set out in the draft law, especially the
high level of discretion granted to officers to remove individuals within 72
hours, are inconsistent with Israel's obligations under international
treaties, including the Refugee Convention," it said.

The human rights groups said that since 2005, up to 8,000 Eritreans,
Sudanese, and other nationals who have entered Israel via the Egyptian
border would have been considered to be "infiltrators" and would have been
liable to immediate deportation back to Egypt. --IRNA


Soldiers could be sent into Italy's cities, illegal immigrants will be imprisoned and all non-serious court cases will be frozen for a year under new measures approved by Italy's senate.


Police patrol a gypsy camp in Rome. Illegal immigrats could face four years in jail under the newly approved measures

The senate voted 166 to 123 to approve a wide-ranging package of measures which will allow Silvio Berlusconi to govern Italy with an iron fist.

Mr Berlusconi, 71, will now be able to use as many as 3,000 soldiers for up to six months in order to fight crime. Previously, the use of the army had to be agreed by the parliament beforehand. The first destination for the troops is likely to be Naples, where Mr Berlusconi faces violent opposition to his plans for dealing with the city's rubbish crisis.

The perma-tanned billionaire will also no longer have to worry about his ongoing court case for allegedly corrupting David Mills, the husband of Tessa Jowell, the Olympic minister. Mr Berlusconi is accused of giving Mr Mills £350,000 in order to stand favourable witness in a separate trial. Both men deny wrong-doing.

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The trial could be suspended under a measure designed to free up Italy's judiciary to concentrate on murder and Mafia cases. More than 100,000 "non-serious" trials, including trials for fraud, manslaughter, theft and kidnapping, will shut down for a year to give the courts a chance to catch up on their backlog.

The National Association of Magistrates said the move would cause "unprecedented chaos" and offered Mr Berlusconi the chance to cut a deal: personal immunity from prosecution if he would let the trials continue.

Mr Berlusconi said he was "outraged" by suggestions that he would pass a law in order to have his own trial suspended. He vowed that the Mills case would continue, despite the new decree.

Another controversial measure in the package will eventually see illegal immigrants imprisoned for up to four years. Landlords who rent homes to illegal immigrants will have their properties seized. Mr Berlusconi has pinned much of the blame for Italy's crime problem on immigrants and has vowed to "wash the piazzas clean of uncertainty". Immigrants who claim to have family in Italy will be given DNA tests.

Anna Finocchiaro, a spokesman for the opposition Democratic Party, said there had been no consultation by the government over the new measures. "We have to have a dialogue over our shared principles and rules," she said.

"We will vote no. The text has two mistaken measures, which are dangerous and against the Constitution. First there is the criminalisation of immigration, and the second is the suspension of trials".

However, Mr Berlusconi's enormous majority in the Senate easily overwhelmed the opposition. The measure will now be ratified by the Lower House of parliament. No date has been set, but the parliament has 30 days in which to carry out a vote.