Monday 27 August 2007

Bring Back the Birch

Bring back the Birch.

The recent series of brutal murders of young people has revealed not only the moral vacuum at the heart of our society, but also the failure of the Liberal model of society itself. Whilst politicians like Dave ' The Fop ' Cameron has been adopting the shallow shibboleths of the liberal consensus and has been busy blaming poverty, rap music and lack of parenting as part of his critique on the break down of British society, the whole debate on the crisis has been marked by a failure to communicate what most people realise is the only solution.

Bring back the birch for anti-social bahaviour and restore the death penalty for illegal weapons importers and gangsters that use guns in their crimes.

Not one of the media commentators who have profited from the crisis by producing acres of asinine newsprint, have dared to defy the Liberal Consensus and demand a return to corporal and capital punishment.

The Liberal Consensus is the most pernicious ideology yet spawned by the Far Left. Unlike Communism and Socialism which never sought to mask their horrors and absurdities, the ideology of Liberalism has adopted a moral mask beneath which it hides as it poisons and destroys our society. It has been like an earthquake in slow motion that has torn apart the fabric of our society in such a way that the victims of it have been unable to recognise the damage it has been causing. Liberalism denies nature and seeks to replace it with sterile ideological illusions. It sees no bad in the criminal and instead blames society itself for preparing the crimes that the criminal commits. In the Liberal Consensus the individual criminal is never responsible for their own actions, instead it is always the fault of society, poverty, white racism, parents, rap music, Israel, the Jews or a myriad other factors. The criminal is seen as a cipher, a Tabula Rasa, upon which society inscribes its crimes.

The fact is that a society that is unable to excrete its most criminal elements is a society that will die slowly. The toxin of their presence contaminates and infects everything that they touch. Put them in prisons and we have to pay hundreds of thousands of pounds a year to take care of them, whilst at the same time hundreds of thousands of old people die of hypothermia and malnourishment in their own homes with no care or though by the government. The finite pot of wealth that society has to spend on itself to take care of the deserving and needy instead is spent on helping the criminal and the degenerate. Society spends billions of pounds a year on pathetic crime reduction programmes, youth offender schemes that take the criminals on holiday, on fighting the phantoms of institutional racism, on subsidising Islamic groups such as the council funded Muslim only gym in Leeds that gave the 7/7 bombers the money to subsidise their bomb factory. Instead of ensuring that public money goes only on the deserving and the needy, the Liberal Consensus seeks instead to socially engineer the criminals. Criminality is rewarded and the criminal bribed into being what the liberals want them to be. The idea that some people may be unredeemably evil and that society has a right and a duty to remove those elements from society, is an idea that must be repressed and denied according to the liberals. Whilst every form of degeneracy is celebrated, those that seek to discuss ideas and espouse values that the liberals reject are denied the oxygen of publicity and called extremists. The tolerance of liberals only extends to those who are as degenerate as they are.

The Liberal Consensus now dominates the entire media and political debate on crime and social breakdown. In a form of 'Paradigm Control ' the media excludes all those whose opinions and solutions differ from its own. It suffocates and represses all opinions and ideas that conflict with its own. Those who dare speak outside the confines of what the media defines as acceptable are attacked, villified and accused of being extremists - even when they reflect what the majority of the public want and think. The cabal of media jackals and their lickspittle leftists/ liberal lackeys that control the mechanisms of public opinion are guilty of creating the conditions within which criminals flourish. It is their propaganda that stops the public from voting for those they know would fix the problems. Those who say " the media are not so powerful that they can tell people what to think ", should ask themselves if that contention is true then why is it that the advertising agencies are paid billions per year to sell the products and goods that are advertised in the papers themselves. The fact is that the media who sustain consumerism through their advertising, at the same time control the political system through propagandising the political parties they support. It is the media, and the tiny cabal of media barons and liberal journalists who control those papers, who control how society sees itself.

The fact is that unless Britain escapes the domination of the Liberal Elite then our society can never begin the process of regeneration and healing. For a start we need to impose punishments on criminals and end the attempts to socially engineer them. Some things when broken cannot be fixed. The breakdown of society begins when ordinary people fear the criminals instead of the criminals fearing being caught and punished. In our present society the police are there to protect the criminals from their victims, not victims from the criminals. The police have become merely the para-military wing of the Liberal Elite, Neo-Bolshevik social workers in uniform enforcing the creedo of political correctness with the threat of arrest and imprisonment. I have been at a BNP demonstration against a planned mosque where a gang of black thugs turned up and threatened to shoot and kill us and the police, instead of arresting them, threatened to arrest us if we did not leave the area.The black gangsters and the police were all on first name terms and were swopping trendy ethnic handshakes with each other. The police and the criminals are now best of friends, as each has an interest in supporting the present farce as each benefits from it. More crime means more overtime and bigger police budgets whilst political correctness means less chance of going to jail and more cushy prisons with playstations and T.V's. The only victims in the Liberal Consensus is society and the victims themselves.
We require a return to a Punitive Society, one where the criminal is punished and the victim supported. We require the return of the birch for young offenders and the return of the cane in schools. It is fear of the punishment that prevents the criminal commiting crime. If young people were aware that attacking someone in the street because they are a Goth instead of a Chav means they will birched twenty times across their backs then they will think twice before they do so.
If young people were aware that spraying graffiti tags on walls would mean that they would be forced into the stocks of town centres on a saturday afternoon where shoppers could pelt them with rotten food for a few hours, then they would not commit the crime in the first place.
The courts should be issuing orders that would allow the police to enter an offenders home and remove their TV, DVD player, their jewellery, CDs, play stations and designer trainers and tracksuits and give them to their victims.
The courts should be able to issue orders that would allow the police to seize all the clothes and shoes of convicted criminals and force the local wife beater and thugs to wear a pink ballet tutu and pink wellies in their own streets during any periods of community service suich as sweeping the roads. That way the utter humiliation of being seen to look an idiot would serve to undermine their arrogance and also allow others to see just how pathetic they truly are.
The criminal in todays society has status for being a criminal. They are looked up too and regarded as local heroes. It is only by humiliating them and reducing their status in the perverted society we have created that crime will drop.
The criminal has to be humiliated and shamed in the eyes of their peers, that way their status as criminals is undermined and therefore the status attached to a criminal lifestyle is also undermined.
If young people saw the village thugs where they live forced to sweep the streets in pink tutus then the status of the criminal in that community would drop.
What most liberals do not understand about society is that the morality of the liberal is not the morality of the criminal. Criminals laugh behind the backs of liberals, they think liberals are the biggest bunch of insipid tossers that ever walked the earth. The criminals feed off of the vanity and stupidity of the liberals. They tell the liberals what they want to hear and then go and do what they want knowing that the liberal will always believe their bullshit and lies and will always act as an apologist for them as long as they say what the liberal wants to hear.
Liberals are the equivalent of the moron that sees a crocodile swimming in the river and says 'how beautiful ' whilst the crocodile is thinking ' here comes lunch '.
The only way to prevent the breakdown in society is to begin a crusade against the criminals and the status that criminals have in our society.
That process includes executing those criminals who are regarded as incurable dangers to our society and also those whose crimes are so heinous that society demands retribution.
Retribution in the case of people like Myra Hindley and Fred West can only come through harvesting their organs and giving them to people who are in need of organ donations. Those that take lives should be forced to save lives even if that means they have to die in order to atone for their crimes. Instead of spending millions of pounds to prolong the lives of murderers, the lives of murderers should be taken and used to ensure the lives of those who have done no wrong and who deserve life.
A whole new society must be built, a society that is determined to live and not slowly poison itself.
The Liberal Consensus is nothing more than an artefact of history, a festering remnant of failed 20th century history and leftist thinking.
The time has come for a new principle for society to guide itself with, one that puts the victims first and the criminals last.
Until that happens then all the bullshit and blather of the media, the liberal elite, the gutless establishment politicians and the cringing cowards that drift with the tide of media manufactured public opinion will change nothing and merely empower the criminal at the expense of us all.