Wednesday 31 March 2010

Paxman Interview

I spoke to Simon earlier and he told me about the stitch up job on the BBC where they have contacted the families of murdered White people and asked them to attack the BNP.

Of course the families will comply, whether they want to or not.

Having the BBC roll up on your doorstep and demand that you attack the bnp, or be smeared with the insinuation that if you dont you are a (gasp ! shock ! horror) a supporter of the BNP means that the BBC have been demanding interviews with an implicit menace.

I understand that these families had no choice but to comply with the BBC threats.

The families also need to understand that the BNP also have no choice but to highlight the murders of our people at the hands of immigrants and ethnic racists.

The one priority for the BNP, is to prevent these attacks happening again.

If that means we have to highlight these issues with or without the families permission then we will - the priority is to ensure that no more such anti-white racist attacks happen again.

As for the BBC - they are all politically correct, gutless traitors anyway.

Paxman is nothing more than a parasite on the public purse, an overpaid tick in the BBC.

The BBC are an institution that will be dealt with when we get into power.

Those politically correct liberals that have turned the institution into the propaganda wing of Liberalism, political correctness, globalism and 'climate change' will all be sacked.

The BBC will be made to stop pumping out propaganda and stick to what it is good at - nature documentaries, comedies and soaps.

The propaganda wing of the BBC will be shut down and all its little Leninists sacked and booted out.

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Brown Proves Old Parties All The Same

Thanks to Gordon Brown for asking all the Old Gang parties to join up and fight against the BNP.

So its The BNP Vs The Establishment.


Bring it on !

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The Wolf Flowers

The latest Ted Hughes poetry prize goes to Alice Oswald with her book on flowers imagined as human personalities, but seeing as Tennyson wrote 'nature is red in tooth and claw' and even flowers must fight to survive - why does tedious romantic nonsense still get applauded.

Each living thing is a captive to genes that force it to devour other living things, to compete for life and resources.

Nature is not 'pretty', it is an eternal vortex of war and death.

Art is truth made beautiful.

Poetry must be the same, even when it horrifies.

This is a poem about how flowers really are, serial killers involved in an endless war for life.

Wolf Flowers.

Spring, so luscious in its golden light,
Starts anew the longest war,
As old as sun and moon, day and night,
And the clash of fang and claw.

The wolf flowers arise on thin stems,
To stalk in fields and woods,
And there where all the poetry ends,
They mock our pretty falsehoods.

For even the flowers are fighters too,
And die in their wilted millions,
Waging cruel wars over drops of dew,
And an inch to call a kingdom.

Daisies to me are the prettiest killers,
In their ruffles of white petals,
As from the wet soil they slowly slither,
To hunt the day as hungry jackals.

I have seen brambles choke an orchid,
As a serial killer in a meadow,
Until its fey beauty and life had faded,
In the Zen of slow death throes.

And wild poppies bloom as blood,
Welling up as from a cut,
Gushing forth in a crimson flood,
In an orgy of craven sluts.

For wild nature is never a peaceful scene
The living kill if they wish to live,
Listen close and you will hear the screams
Of all those the world holds captive.

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Dead Babies On the Shore

Any society that treats the unborn as meat, is a society that will treat the living as slaves.

And in the ebb of passion,
When that wet, sticky tide abates,
Breathless in its broken couplets,
And crashes into silence,
Upon bed sheets crumpled,
And slimy with the sweat of regrets,
New journeys begin, within,
And lead lost souls to dark haunts.

And there upon the shore,
Glistening, pale and wet,
The dead body of a baby,
The flotsam of a failed affair,
Whose lips had never drawn a breath,
Unborn upon a hospital bed,
Cradled in a bucket, not a mothers arms,
Then cast upon the waters,
Casual as a lovers kiss,
Or a snowflake into the sea.

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Global Warming Activist Freezes to Death

(Punta Arenas, Chile) Famed global warming activist James Schneider and a journalist friend were both found frozen to death on Saturday, about 90 miles from South Pole Station, by the pilot of a ski plane practicing emergency evacuation procedures.

"I couldn't believe what I was seeing", recounted the pilot, Jimmy Dolittle. "There were two snowmobiles with cargo sleds, a tent, and a bright orange rope that had been laid out on the ice, forming the words, 'HELP-COLD'".

One friend of Prof. Schneider told ecoEnquirer that he had been planning a trip to an ice sheet to film the devastation brought on by global warming. His wife, Linda, said that she had heard him discussing the trip with his environmental activist friends, but she assumed that he was talking about the Greenland ice sheet, a much smaller ice sheet than Antarctica.

"He kept talking about when they 'get down to chili', and I thought they were talking about the order in which they would consume their food supplies", Mrs. Schneider recounted. "I had no idea they were talking about Chile, the country from which you usually fly or sail in order to reach Antarctica".

Apparently, while all of Prof. Schneider's friends were assuming that the July trek would be to Greenland, during Northern Hemisphere summer, his plans were actually to snowmobile to the South Pole - which, in July, is in the dead of winter.

Mr. Dolittle related how some people do not realize that, even if there has been warming in Antarctica, the average temperature at the South Pole in July still runs about 70 degrees F below zero. "Some people think that July is warm everywhere on Earth."

"And I was surprised to see how close they got to South Pole Station. They ran through all of their gas supplies for the snowmobiles", explained Doolittle. "They had cold weather gear and clothes, but during this time of year you just don't go outside unless it is an emergency."

"At least James died for something he believed in", said Mrs. Schneider. "He died while trying to raise awareness of the enormous toll that global warming is taking on the Earth."

Breaking News: Tenth Bali Global Warming Conference Ends with Historic Agreement

ecoEnquirer home

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The Phoenix Rising

Italian elections marks surge of Right wing support across Europe
A far-Right party has emerged as a key winner in the Italian elections marking a continuing trend of support for Right wing parties across Europe.

Nick Pisa in Rome
Published: 7:06PM BST 30 Mar 2010

The Northern League is now a key figure in Silvio Berlusconi's coalition
The Northern League is now a key figure in Silvio Berlusconi's coalition

The Northern League, an anti immigration party, which has now become pivotal in Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi's ruling coalition, has seen it's support more than double in the last five years.

Led by firebrand Umberto Bossi, who once called for the Italian navy to shell boats carrying illegal immigrants towards the country, his victory mirrors those recently by far right parties in Hungary, Holland and France.

In the last regional elections held in 2005 the League secured just 5.7 per cent of the vote but in subsequent polls they have seen their popularity grow and this time it was 12.7 per cent.

James Walston, a political commentator at the American University of Rome, said: "The League has done very well and they will be flexing their muscles for the remaining three years of government.

"They will push for further devolution and immigration and race will also be on top of their agenda and these two are issues which are of concern to many Italians.

"The League is very well organised and they have succeeded in taking a lot of the working class vote from the Communists and Democratic Left and they also appear to have taken votes from Berlusconi's own party."

The result comes just ten days after the National Front won nearly 10 per cent of the overall vote in the regional elections, capturing 118 seats in 12 regions.

Jean-Marie Le Pen, the party's 81-year old leader, said: "It's the phoenix rising from the ashes. The National Front has returned to the forefront of French politics."

In Holland, the far-Right politician, Geert Wilders, is poised to become the next Dutch prime minister after he made significant gains in the regional elections at the beginning of this month. If the pattern is repeated in the national elections on June 9, his Freedom Party could win 27 out of 150 seats, becoming the largest single party.

In Hungary, according to opinion polls, the far-Right Jobbik party is poised to become the second biggest party in parliament in next month's elections.

After the election results yesterday, the Corriere Della Sera asked readers on its website why the League had done so well and one wrote: "Because it is the only concrete and viable party currently in Italian politics. It has concrete objectives and good internal party discipline."

The League is now a key figure in Berlusconi's coalition and as a result its members have been given key cabinet posts including Roberto Maroni as Interior Minister.

Mr Bossi described the League's performance as a 'tsunami' but assured his government partners in Rome that the balance of power in the coalition would not change and said the result of the regional vote could only give momentum to federalist reforms.

The League's advance appeared to be at the expense of Berlusconi's People of Freedom (PDL) party which saw its share of the vote fall to 26.7 per cent from 35.3 per cent in the European elections, 37.4 per cent in the general elections and 29.3 per cent in the 2005 regional vote.

The League has campaigned against the building of mosques and are also pressing for legislation on the wearing of burkas.

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Labour MP Plays Race Card - election looming

This lefty mug wont do a thing to deport them.

Vote BNP and I give you my personal assurance we will deport the lot.

A ROTHERHAM MP has said that asylum seekers from Iraq should now return to their country after the successful democratic election.

The call comes from Denis MacShane who told the House of Commons:

"The successful election that has just been held in Iraq suggests that we may now be moving towards a more stable Iraq.

“Yes, there will be violence and explosions but the British Isles have known plenty of those in the past 30 or 40 years.

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Tuesday 30 March 2010

The Red Pill

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The Sun supports the Tories so tells the truth at last

You can tell The Sun has switched sides to the Tories and an election is coming.

A year ago this story would have been about, poor, unemployed Somalians who were living in racist Britain.

Now its all about their crimes and violence.

Fcuk the media.

A SHOCK new survey this week showed how Britons feel let down by Labour's immigration record. According to our YouGov poll, nearly two-thirds of people questioned felt the Government was handling immigration badly (see graphics below). In 2008, net immigration was 163,000, compared to 48,000 in 1997 when Labour came to power. Yesterday we showed you the positive side of immigration - hard-working individuals who contribute to British society. Today, we look at the other side of the story - those who have brought violence and crime to the streets of the UK.

IN crisp spring sunshine, on a bustling north London street and in full view of young mums pushing prams, we are brazenly handed four rocks of class-A drugs by two Somali gangsters.

They banter and joke with our undercover reporter who is posing as a druggie looking for a fix. They are relaxed and cocky in what they consider to be their territory.

Shock poll ... what voters think

In the shadow of the British Library - a magnet for tourists - Somali gangs are plying their trade, selling what they call "Eurodrugs" to the students and holidaymakers who flood off the Eurostar link with the continent at King's Cross.

As well as selling ecstasy and cannabis to the youngsters looking to "spice up" their visit to the capital, they are also feeding the crippling addiction of thousands with harder drugs.

In a transaction that took less than five minutes, we were sold four small bundles wrapped in cling film - two of crack cocaine and two of heroin. They cost £10 each - a total of £40.

An independent Home Office-approved laboratory has confirmed the drugs to be of high purity, the type of acutely addictive substance that is unleashing misery on the streets of Broken Britain.

Somali gangs are major players in the trade of illegal drugs in Britain's big cities and have become ruthless money-making outfits, kicking out established gangs by being prepared to resort to the most extreme violence.

They represent another side of immigration - an influx importing the hard mentality of the war zone they left behind and using it to take advantage of our liberal Western society.

To them, Britain's streets are a soft, ripe-for-the-plucking goldmine of illegal cash.

Official figures show 101,000 Somalis here but the true number is believed to be more like 250,000. Many of them are here illegally.

We spoke to two members of London's biggest Somali outfit - The Woolwich Boys - who explained why they now dominate the underworld.

The gang members - nothing to do with the Somalis who sold us drugs - refused to reveal their identity. They are known simply as Chad, 21 and Mo, 18.

Somali gangs
Armed and dangerous ... Mo brandishes an AK47

"We came over here when we were ten years old," says Chad.

"People in the UK have no idea what it was like growing up there.

"If my parents hadn't made a run for it I wouldn't be alive.

"Gangs here aren't tough, we're tough. We run things now, no one can f*** with us."

As well as the trade in drugs, Somali gangs have carved themselves a niche as hit men, carrying out executions for cash.

"If you wanted someone stabbed or maimed it will cost you £500," Mo growls chillingly. "Having someone killed would cost more, but it would depend on the situation.

"Guns, knives - we use them all."

The pair showed us some of the weapons they carry on their south London housing estate - heavy-duty meat cleavers.

Mo also supplied us with a picture of himself with an AK47 machine gun and offered to get us a 9mm pistol delivered.

"These sort of weapons are easy to come by if you know the right Somalis," he says.

"An AK47 isn't the sort of thing you'll see on the street but it would be used in a hit-job. What you've got to understand is in Somalia life is cheap.

"We came here with nothing but now dress in the best trainers, drive nice cars, the lot. And there's f*** all the government do about it.

"A lot of us aren't even here legally. I'm above board but loads of my mates and family aren't here legally."

The problem of Somali youth violence has been building for some time.

In 2002, Metropolitan Police spokesman Abdal Ullah, who specialises in youth crime, said of the gangs: "These youths come from a violent place where many have seen killings, so if someone here is trying to take advantage, they are capable of fighting back.

"When you are a teenager, everyone is looking for an identity and being a member of a gang is just one way. Violence among Somali youths is a growing problem."

In 2005 WPC Sharon Beshenivsky was gunned down by two Somali brothers fleeing a robbery in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

The Sun
Gunned down ... Sun story on WPC Sharon Beshenivsky

Sharon, who had only been serving as a police officer for nine months, died in the street as they sped away in a car.

And in January 2006, 18-year-old Mahir Osman died after being set upon by a gang of up to 40 Somali youths near Camden tube station.

In 2007, 13 youths and men - including the son of the former Ugandan dictator Idi Amin - were convicted at the Old Bailey of taking part in the attack.

In London, Somali gangs are far from small-time street dealers. They are highly motivated, organised and driven by a powerful lust for cash.

Chad told us: "We use a system to sell our drugs which means we all make good money and don't need to compete with each other.

"There is one mobile phone SIM card which all the customers have the number of. We're talking thousands of punters, ya get me? Somalis never work under the influence, we don't touch the class A. But we sell it by the boatload. The SIM card will be held in shifts.

"One group, say from Woolwich, will have the card for eight hours, answering the calls and making drop-offs - smack, crack, whatever.

"Then they hand the card over to another branch of the gang, say in Plumstead, who will do the work for the next eight hours.

"It's a shift system, with everyone keeping the money they make on their shift. That's how we've been able to grow bigger than any of the gangs already here - we're way more organised.

"That, and the fact we'll put a bullet in your skull if you try to f*** with any of us.


"We stick together speaking the same language and working with the same people. We can't be infiltrated."

Somali gangs operate using safety in numbers, driven over from Africa in vast numbers, all with pound signs in their eyes.

The Woolwich Boys alone have about 200 members, covering only a small part of south London.

It's the same story in Camden, the north London borough where we bought drugs on the street, and in east London areas such as Hackney and Tower Hamlets.

In Liverpool, Manchester and Leeds they are also major players. A number of high-profile gangland killings have been carried out by Somali gangs in Liverpool.

"We have numbers now, because so many of us have been allowed into the UK," says Mo.

"We've all come over here with one thing on our mind - money. And we don't care how we get it. The government don't stand a chance.

"How do you scare a Somali from coming over and committing crime with the threat of jail, when the alternative is stay there and end up dead?

"Besides, it's too late. The Somalis are here to stay, and there's nothing anyone can do about it."

Read more:

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A Message to our Russian Brothers

I want to give our commiserations to our Russian brothers and sisters for the vile act of terrorism in Moscow yesterday.

Our thoughts are with you and the families of the dead and wounded.

Unlike our weak, gutless government of Liberal and Dhimmi-surrender monkeys you have a strong nationalist government and you must put pressure on them to act.

All the rabid Islamist terrorist dogs in your country must be hunted down and remorselesly eradicated.

Regardless of their sex, they are animals and must be treated as such.

If you can then kill them where you find them, in their terrorist lairs or in the streets, for they are the enemies of all Russians and the Russian nation itself.

If you must - then try them and then execute them.

But the time has come for all European Nations to work together to deal with the Islamist terrorist enemies within.

There must be no hiding places for any of them in any of our European nations.

Only when they fear our vengeance will they cease their attacks upon us.

At the moment they laugh at our weakness, and they mock the cringing liberal cowards, criminals, traitors and fools that run our countries.

Our gutless 'leaders' in the West appease the enemy, instead of eradicating them.

A Europe of Nationalist governments and a European Peoples Movements that work together to defeat the enemy within is required.

It is time for the European Nationalist Revolution to begin and sweep away all those appeasers and Dhimmi's that infest our nations.

It is time for the European Nationalist Uprising to begin.

Let a new Russian Nationalist Revolution begin.

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Zionists to Interfere in British Elections

The election campaign took a distinctly unpleasant turn last week as pro-Palestinian MPs suggested the “Israel lobby” would play a behind-the-scenes role in key constituencies.

Martin Linton, chair of Labour Friends of Palestine, told a meeting at the House of Commons held by the Palestine Solidarity

Campaign and Friends of al-Aqsa: “There are long tentacles of Israel in this country who are funding election campaigns and putting money into the British political system for their own ends.

“You must consider over the next few weeks, when you make decisions about how you vote and how you advise constituents to vote, you must make them aware of the attempt by Israelis and by pro-Israelis to influence the election.”

Mr Linton sits on a tiny 163-vote majority in the London seat of Battersea and is unlikely to survive the election.

The veteran Jewish anti-Zionist MP Sir Gerald Kaufman suggested wealthy members of the community would play a role similar to that of Tory “non-dom” peer Michael Ashcroft. “Just as Lord Ashcroft owns most of the Conservative Party, right-wing Jewish millionaires own the rest,” he said.

Community Security Trust spokesman Mark Gardner said: “Anybody who understands antisemitism will recognise just how ugly and objectionable these quotes are, with their imagery of Jewish control and money power. Ask the average voter who had made these comments, and they would most likely answer that it was the BNP, not a pair of Labour MPs.”

A main concern for the Jewish community will be the threat of the BNP.

The two key target constituencies for the BNP are Barking, where the party’s leader Nick Griffin will stand against Jewish culture minister Margaret Hodge, and East Renfrewshire in Glasgow, where the Scottish BNP leader Gary Raikes will take on Secretary of State for Scotland, Jim Murphy. East Renfrewshire contains Scotland’s largest Jewish community.

Where the BNP is strongest, in parts of the north of England and in east London, the Jewish vote itself will make little difference. However, there are a handful of marginal constituencies where the size of the Jewish communities could make all the difference.

It is very unlikely that Labour can hold on to Margaret Thatcher’s old seat of Finchley and Golders Green, where the incumbent Rudi Vis is standing down and Tory leader of Barnet Council Mike Freer is confident of victory.

In neighbouring Hendon, Andrew Dismore has been a consistent champion of the concerns of the local Jewish community. But after a series of allegations about his expenses, he faces a tough fight with the Tories’ Matthew Offord and Matthew Harris, secretary of Lib Dem Friends of Israel.

One of the most intriguing battles will be for the Bury South seat of Middle East minister Ivan Lewis, a former chair of Manchester Jewish Federation. Although Mr Lewis sits on a substantial majority, he faces a formidable opponent in Michelle Wiseman, Chief Executive of Manchester Jewish Care.

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Nothing British About the BNP = not British At All

Here are some questions for Nothing British About the BNP.

I suggest everyone send them an e mail and ask them the questions below and if you get a response let me know :

What are your links with the Tories Maurice ?

Are you a member of the Tory Party Maurice ?

Are James Bethell and Tim Montgomery members of the Tory Party ?

Is David T a member of the Tory Party ?

What are the links of Nothing British About the BNP and ConservativeHome, Ian Dale and the Conservative Party ?

Why do Nothing British About the BNP hide their affiliations to the Conservative Party ?

Why does Baron James Bethell hide the fact he was stood as a Conservative Party candidate for election just three months ago, but was refused as the candidate ?

How many times have you Maurice stood as a candidate for the Tories ?

What are the links between Tim Montgomery and Boris Johnson ?

How much do the tories pay you to attack the BNP vie Nothing British About the BNP ?

Who funds Nothing British About the BNP ?

Are you going to publish the accounts of Nothing British About the BNP so we can see where the money to run the group comes from ?

How many of your donors to Nothing British About the BNP are also donors to the Tory Party ?

How many of your donors to Nothing British About the BNP are members of the Conservative Friends of Israel ?

How much does it cost to run the Nothing British About the BNP group per annum ?

What was David Camerons involvement in setting up Nothing British About the BNP ?

What are the funding links between Harrys Place, the Centre for Social Cohesion, the Conservative Party and Nothing British About the BNP ?

Why is ConservativeHome and PoliticsHome, all located at 5 The Sanctuary, SW1 ?

PoliticsHome is 58% owned by Lord Ashcroft, a resident of Belize. Is that correct ?

Whether the other entities are Ashcroft owned or not, Nothing British About the BNP and ConservativeHome owe the roof over there heads to said non-dom isnt that correct ?

How much money comes from Lord Ashcroft to fund Nothing British About the BNP ?

How much rent does Lord Ashcroft charge the Nothing British About the BNP group for their use of his offices ?

Does Nothing British About the BNP get the office paid for them by Lord Ashcroft ?

So There’s Nothing British about Nothing British after all….

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Justice Collins - what a wanker

The problem in our country is not just the treason of the politicians, but also the treasonous Judges that infest the legal system.

Both must be rooted out.

If one wonders why Justice Collins love immigrant criminals so much, its because his law firm makes millions every year out of keeping them in Britain.

The more immigrant criminals undertaking such appeals and legal cases, then the more money the law firms and solicitors make from the British tax payers.

Keeping this immigrant scumbag in our country means the law firms like Herbet Smith that Collins worked for, make tens of millions per year from legal cases.

Also the fact these law firms that Collins worked for also have vast overseas offices means they are encouraging the scum to enter our country and then working for them when they are here ;

Herbert Smith LLP is a London-headquartered law firm, with an Asian practice, plus offices and representation in the Middle East and Europe[1]. The firm was founded in the City of London in 1882 by Norman Herbert Smith and today has 240 partners and 1,300 fee-earners.

The firm has offices in London, Brussels, Paris, Madrid, Moscow, Dubai, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing, Singapore, Tokyo, Abu Dhabi and Bangkok, with an associated office in Jakarta[1]. The firm also has an India practice which operates out of its international offices[2].

The firm has a formal alliance with German law firm Gleiss Lutz and Benelux law firm Stibbe. In Saudi Arabia the firm has a formal alliance with local firm Al Ghazzawi Professional Association (GPA).

After initial specialisation in the early part of the 20th century in company flotations and advising mining companies, the firm's more recent work focuses on a combination of litigation and corporate work (M&A and equity capital markets in particular). Other practices it has include finance, real estate, energy, and competition[3].

In 2008 revenues were £422 million and profits-per-equity partner (PEP) just over £1 million [4]. In 2009 revenues were £444 million and PEP was £845,000.

A convicted rapist facing deportation has won a High Court battle to be allowed to stay in Britain so he can get married.

Alphonse Semo, a refugee from the Democratic Republic of Congo, threw his victim on a rubbish tip when he 'had finished with her'.

But last night he won the right to remain in the UK for his wedding, just hours before he was due to board a plane back to Africa.

A judge said it was difficult to have any sympathy for Semo, who was jailed for eight years, but he must be allowed to stay.

Mr Justice Collins said the Home Office had at first agreed to let the 53-year-old, from Deptford, south east London, get married to his long-term partner, a German national.

Then the wedding was effectively cancelled by a subsequent decision 'by the same Home Office - no doubt by a different department', he said.

The judge added that he was 'very reluctant' to intervene but said the Home Office could not be allowed to play 'hot and cold'.

The judge said: 'With considerable reluctance, I have to say he must be allowed to marry.

'That means there will be a prohibition against removing him.'

The judge said the Home Secretary would have to reconsider later, after the marriage, whether to make a fresh attempt to deport Semo.

That would engage issues of EU law as his bride-to-be, Bunsana Kalonji, is a refugee from the Congo who became a German national. The pair have a long-established relationship.

Once married, the pair are expected to claim that Semo is legally entitled to remain in the UK as the spouse of an European Economic Area national entitled to free movement within EU member states, including the UK.

Semo was sentenced to eight years' jail in December 2002 for raping and assaulting a 38-year-old woman in Rushey Green, Catford, south east London.

The trial judge said of the rape: 'You added to that the degradation of throwing her on a rubbish tip once you had finished with her.'

His refugee status was revoked in June 2008 and the Home Secretary made a deportation order.

After finishing his prison sentence, he was detained pending deportation.

Since then he has successfully fought a series of legal battles to stay in the UK, the latest of which centres on his wedding plans.

Read more:

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The Arrogance of the Middle Class Ethnic Elite

Oh the arrogance of these Middle Class Ethnic's.

They honestly would prefer a paedophile to teach their children than a BNP member.

They would rather a child molester have access to their kids rather than an individual whose private political opinions they despise.

I would argue that any individual of any race that would rather a pervert have access to their child is sick.

They are obviously mentally ill.

The fact that we now know the context of the situation when Cameron gave his promise to ban the BNP, in that it was given to appease middle class ethnics who have no respect for the British Constitution and the civil rights and liberties such as free speech that our ancestors died to defend, and that the promise was given to a morally warped moron who would rather children be taught by paedophiles than individuals whose opinions they despise - shows us how demented and foolish Cameron is.

I would suggest that the author of this article be investigated by the teachings unions for paedophile tendencies, for anyone who would rather have a child molester working as a teacher than a BNP member is someone who may have paedophile tendencies themselves or who supports paedophiles.

This article reveals the real sickness of our opponents.

I don't know whats worse, a paedo or a BNP teacher

BY Dotun Adebayo

Tory leader David Cameron's pledge to change the law should he become Prime Minister to ensure that members of the racist British National Party are unable to become teachers, is a vote winner for black parents like myself.

The surprise, as the head of the teacher's union the NASUWT told me the other day, is that it was a Tory leader and not a Labour prime minister who took the stand.

It wasn't that hard getting Cameron's vow. All I did was ask him whether he would allow any of his children to be taught by school staff who not only negated their existence, but denied their rights to citizenship.

Responding to my question at his 'meet the black folk' hustings in south London recently, the Tory leader took a few moments of rhetoric before realising that he had to make that promise there and then because gathered around him were the great and the good of the black middle-classes.

The black middle-classes are the very people he needs to attract to beat Prime Minister Brown at the polls. And for the middle-classes the issue of who your children are taught by, is of paramount importance.

BNP members are banned from joining the police force, the military and the prison service. The idea that they would be acceptable in schools suggests that we protect prisoner's rights against racists better than we protect school children.

All children, white or non-white, need to be protected from racists - In the just the same as they are protected from paedophiles. And I don’t know which is worst a BNP or a paedophile teacher.

Labour don't get it. They don't get why a black parent would take such an extreme view. They don't understand that when you make sacrifices for your children's education that it is demoralising to hear the Labour Education Secretary Ed Balls, capitulate to the recommendation by a former chief inspector of schools that it is okay for the BNP to be teachers.

That has lost Labour mine and other black votes. Which black parent is going to vote for a political party which says we'll let racists teach your kids?

Mr Balls, would you allow your children to be taught by someone who negates their very existence and denies their rights to citizenship?

We need to know before May 6. And after that we need to make sure that Cameron doesn't back down from his promise if he is the incumbent at 10 Downing Street.

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Monday 29 March 2010

BNP Evil - IRA good

Gerry Adams, the president of Sinn Fein, and, inset, Jean McConville, the Belfast mother who was abducted and murdered in 1972

Whilst Gerry Adams and SinnFein are lauded and feted by the Labour and Tory parties, the BNP, who have never killed anyone nor ever run a terrorist organisation, are abused and denigrated.

No clearer proof is needed that the entire political system is corrupt and sick.

Note the pictures above, scum the whole lot of them.

I piss on the entire political scum that have surrendered to the IRA and who fete the butcher Adams.

Gerry Adams accused of ordering murders

Former IRA chief claimed Sinn Fein's president ordered killing of Jean McConville

By David McKittrick, Ireland Correspondent

Monday, 29 March 2010

Gerry Adams, the president of Sinn Fein, and, inset, Jean McConville, the Belfast mother who was abducted and murdered in 1972

Sinn Fein president Gerry Adams was accused at the weekend of ordering two murders carried out by the IRA, including a notorious incident in which a mother of ten was shot dead and secretly buried.

The accusations are contained in a new book, Voices from the Grave, by veteran journalist Ed Moloney, which is to be published this week. They are based on the posthumous testimony of a former Belfast IRA commander, Brendan Hughes.

In 1972 Jean McConville was abducted from a Falls Road flat in Belfast. Hughes is said to have confirmed the IRA allegation that she was passing information to the British Army via a hidden radio transmitter. For years the IRA denied all knowledge of her abduction, so that she became known as one of "the disappeared", a group of IRA victims who were buried in secret graves. Mrs McConville's remains were eventually recovered, following a long campaign by her family, more than 30 years later. According to Hughes, Gerry Adams ordered her killing as well as that of a republican inmate of the Maze prison near Belfast, Paul Crawford, who died in 1973 in an apparent suicide.

A Sinn Fein spokesman said: "The allegations are not new. Gerry Adams has consistently denied these. In the last years of his life Brendan Hughes was very ill and he publicly disagreed with the strategy being pursued by republicans."

The general belief is that Hughes and the Sinn Fein president were particularly close comrades in the early 1970s. But a breach occurred between them which led to Hughes breaking acrimoniously with Sinn Fein and with Mr Adams in particular.

Hughes's testimony was given in a series of interviews in 2001 and 2002 for a project conducted by Boston College. The college carried out interviews with many republicans and loyalist who were active during the troubles, on condition that the contents would only be made public after their deaths.

According to Hughes: "I never carried out a major operation without the okay or the order from Gerry. And for him to sit in his plush office in Westminster or Stormont or wherever and deny it, I mean it's like Hitler denying that there was ever a Holocaust."

In the McConville case he said: "She was an informer. I sent a squad over to the house to check it out and there was a transmitter. We retrieved it, arrested her, took her away, interrogated her, and she told us what she was doing."

Hughes claimed that one IRA leader wanted "her body left on the street" but was overruled by Mr Adams, who is now MP for West Belfast. "There was only one man who gave the order for that woman to be executed," Hughes said. "That man is now the head of Sinn Fein. I did not give the order to execute that woman – he did."

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Daily Mail Propaganda AGAIN

Image - the cropped image of Stephen Lawrence removing Black Power salute.

Image - full image of stephen lawrence using black power salute.

Image - note the Crips gang sign in the chart above at top right. It is the same gang sign being flashed in the picture below.

Why is the Daily Mail saying the murdered schoolkid Sofyen Belamouadden had nothing to do with gangs ?

Look at the image above on the website set up to commemorate him.

He is flashing a gang sign.

The hand shape he is making with his right hand is the same gang sign used by the Crips gang in America.

Therefore he was a gang banger.

The fact he was part of a gang involved in a gang fight proves he was also a gang banger.

Remember the picture of Stephen Lawrence doing the Black Power salute, and how the media started cropping the image to remove the fact he was doing the same salute as the Black Panthers - and the black equivalent of the Nazi Salute for whites.

Can you imagine what would have happened if a white kid was killed like Stephen Lawrence and a picture of him doing a Nazi salute appeared in the media, then the story would have vanished down the memory hole overnight.

If you believe what the media tell you, then you are a mug.

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How Multi-culturalism will fall

The report on the exam successes of children from different ethnic groups in the UK makes interesting reading ;

'The Chinese pupils were most likely to get As, with 29 per cent getting the top mark in English, compared with 21 per cent of Indian, 15 per cent of white British, 11 per cent of black African, 9 per cent of Pakistani and 8 per cent of black Caribbean.

Chinese pupils were also most likely to get top grades in the seven other subjects included in the breakdown. Separate research, published today, reveals that Chinese parents are more likely to pay for private tuition to supplement their children's learning at school.

They are less likely than white British parents to think schools should single-handedly cover all education that is needed, according to academics at King's College London, commissioned by the Nuffield Foundation'

So this research proves that the issue of black education failure cannot be down to 'racism' as both Chinese and Indian children do better at school than whites.

Yet when Black kids are sent to black only schools in the Commonwealth, they do well at school.

So it is the multi-cultural system that is the issue.

As regards the designation of the children in British schools by their nationality, which is odd in itself as we are always taught they are all British and all the same as racial differences do not exist.

Why are White British children just called 'whites', this is the same sort of thing the Nazis did - lumping all Aryan children from all Aryan nations in Europe as 'whites'.

The fact is that whilst Pakistani, Chinese, Indian etc are all NATIONAL STATES, the designation of 'white' is only used for whites - and it is used to deny the indigenous White British their own identity, as by lumping all 'whites' into the catergory of 'whites' which includes Eastern Europeans and all Europeans, the indigenous British are denied their innate national and ethnic identity.

This is pure racism.

Whilst African Blacks is also semi-racist, as it denies the national identity of blacks from various African nations, the fact is that Black Caribbean is also semi-racist.

It appears that whilst Chinese, Indian and Pakistani children have an ethnic, racial and national identity - indigenous British whites are designated solely by their colour.

Whites and Blacks can be lumped into racist groups and therefore regarded as simply a colour - rather than as groups with specific national and ethnic interests.

As for the issue of multi-culturalism and political correctness - these are going to destroy our nation.

Chinese children are very bright, but in China even though it is a COMMUNIST state there is no affirmative action for minority groups, no politically correct pandering to the interests of minorities and no recruitment of any individuals solely on the basis of their race, sexuality or sex.

China is a meritocracy - and because of this every day it grows stronger, whilst we impose affirmative action, positive discrimination and political correctness and grow weaker.

The fact that China is a meritocracy means that it will dominate the 21st century.

The West indulges in infantile gesture politics around affirmative action and hence undermines the basis of merit as the foundation for promotion and job appointments.

Imagine a scenario in the near future - at a round of trade talks in Beijing the Chinese field a room full of brilliant thinkers and strategists appointed and promoted solely on the basis of their merit and skills, whilst the US and UK field a room full or affirmative action placemen and women who were given their jobs solely on the basis of their race, colour, sex or sexuality.

Who will win the trade talks ?

Its not rocket science is it.

This is why multi-culturalism, affirmative action and political correctness are destroying the basis of British progress.

The irony of multi-culturalism and political correctness is that, in the name of anti-racism and equality it has created the most racist and unequal society in history.

For instance, as a result of multi-culturalism the law in Britain now allows direct discrimination against the indigenous British folk on the basis of ;

1) Their race eg white as affirmative action allows non-whites to be promoted over indigenous whites

2) ethnicity - eg Sikhs are regarded as an ethnic group and their interests protected as an ethnic group whilst the English are only protected as an national group and not an ethnic group

3) Sex - affirmative action allows women to be promoted over male applicants simply because they possess a vagina

4) Sexuality - lesbians and homosexuals are allowed to be promoted over heterosexuals

5) Class - as because class is not listed as a factor to be taken into account when recruiting for jobs, the working class whites can be dumped en masse in favour of middle class ethnics

These are the results of multi-culturalism and political correctness.

And the sooner the whole thing collapses and forces the idiots who exist in ignorance and who still vote for the mainstream parties to live in the real world the better.

Only when the lemmings are forced to confront reality will they no longer put their ticks in the ballot boxes of the enemies within.

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Canada, UK and US = the same scum run the country

MONTREAL -- Former Canadian diplomat Robert Fowler has slammed Prime Minister Stephen Harper's foreign policy, accusing the Conservatives of pandering to Canadian Jewish voters with a "reckless" Middle East policy that blindly favours Israel.

He also says Canada does not deserve a seat on the United Nations Security Council; that the Afghanistan mission is doomed to failure; and that Canadian politicians -- Conservatives and Liberals -- set their foreign-policy goals only to "corner the ethnic vote" in Canada.

"The world does not need more of the kind of Canada they have been getting," Mr. Fowler said in a speech in Montreal on Sunday. "Canadian governments have turned inward and adopted ‘me first' stances across the international agenda; and Canada's reputation and proud international traditions have been diminished as a result."

Mr. Fowler made his remarks at a weekend "thinkers" conference organized by the Liberal Party of Canada, with Liberal Leader Michael Ignatieff and former prime minister Paul Martin looking on.

He was brutal in his assessment of the Conservative government's foreign policy.

He said the Conservatives must "accept the reality and importance of the ironclad link between . . . continuing turmoil and volatility in the Middle East and the rise [and] growing strength of international terrorism."

But, he said, doing that means confronting Israel, as it "builds ever more settlements in illegally occupied territories in contravention of a myriad of international judgments."

He said Canadian politicians -- and here he seemed to suggest both Liberal and Conservative politicians -- refuse to acknowledge that reality for fear of being labelled anti-Semitic.

"It is there for all to see, but apparently politically incorrect to draw attention to it."

Moreover, he accused Canadian politicians of formulating foreign policy, on the Middle East and on other issues, only with a view to winning votes and scoring political points at home.

He said politicians are merely engaged in "the scramble to lock up the Jewish vote in Canada [and] selling out our widely admired and long-established reputation for fairness and justice. I have no reason to love Islamic extremism or indeed terrorism of any stripe, jihadi or political, but I do deplore the abandonment of our hard-won reputation for objective analysis and decency as a result of our reckless Middle Eastern posturing."

Mr. Fowler speaks with considerable experience in foreign affairs. Not only was he a civil servant for 38 years, he was the foreign policy adviser to prime ministers Trudeau, Turner and Mulroney; he was Canada's longest-serving ambassador at the United Nations; and he was the personal representative for Africa for prime ministers Chretien, Martin and Harper.

In 2008, while representing United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon in Africa, he was captured and held hostage by al-Qaida for 130 days. He now teaches at the University of Ottawa.

Mr. Ignatieff said Sunday he has always stood for a two-state solution in the Middle East and rejected accusations of pandering.

"The Canadian consensus -- and it is a consensus, darn it -- is two states between two free peoples, living side by side with international recognition and international security guarantees," said Mr. Ignatieff. "I say that in every room I go into. I don't chop it. I don't change it."

Mr. Fowler, though, cited other examples of "radical voices within domestic constituencies [that] are being indulged" by politicians seeking electoral support.

"Look only at Liberal politicians falling over themselves to celebrate supporters in Toronto of the Tamil Tigers, one of the world's more unpleasant terrorist organizations," Mr. Fowler said.

"Or consider the ethical and international implications of politicians of all parties attending the Surrey, B.C., spring parades to mark the anniversary of the Sikh religion, where photographs of Sikh terrorists, like the leaders of the Air India bomb plot and Free Khalistan separatists, are prominently displayed and venerated."

While he praised the key foreign policy initiatives of Pearson, Trudeau, Mulroney and Chretien, Mr. Fowler was withering in his assessment of Harper's approach to world affairs, suggesting that, because of the Conservative approach, the world is becoming increasingly suspicious and distrustful of a Canada that has increasingly turned away from the world.

Canada will vie with Germany and Portugal to win one of the two seats on the United Nations Security Council 2011-12. Mr. Fowler said Canadians should not assume the rest of the world wants Canada to win that race.

"If we win, it will not be because we have contributed much to the effective management of world affairs over recent years, because we have not," Mr. Fowler said.

The Afghanistan mission, Mr. Fowler said, is doomed because neither Canadians nor its allies are prepared to pay the price, "in blood or treasure" to essentially colonize that country.

"The bottom line is: We will not prevail in Afghanistan," Mr. Fowler said. "We are simply not prepared to foot the massive price in blood and treasure, which it would take to effectively colonize Afghanistan -- the least fortunate country in the world -- and replace their culture with ours, for that seems to be what we seek, and with the Taliban share that view."

Mr. Fowler argued that Canadian troops should immediately withdraw from that country. "It is time to leave. Not a moment, not a life, and not a dollar, later."

Read more:
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The Evil Exposed - family and nation to be destroyed

The destruction of the family is almost complete.

The eradication of the natural family unit means that the individual is rootless, an atomised, individuated unit amidst a constantly changing flux of incoming and outgoing immigrants and emigrants.

The eradication of the nation, and a national consciousness, must first begin with the eradication of the sense of family and ties to the land.

This is what this is all about - by destroying the basis of the human biological family unit the individual is therefore without a past and resides only in the present.

The concept of being part of a nation is removed and the individual is abandoned in a constantly changing environment.

This is treason.

To nature, to family and nation.

The people that proposed this, and who vote for, will one day be punished for their crimes.

The words 'mother' and 'father' are to disappear from birth certificates to allow homosexual couples to be named as 'parents' of surrogate children.

The switch means the biological parents will no longer necessarily be identified on the certificates that provide a legal record of a child's birth.

Birth certificates have recorded mothers and fathers since registration of babies was introduced more than 170 years ago.

But to comply with a change in the law, around 200 special certificates a year will be authorised for same-sex couples who qualify under a new law as the legal parents of a child born through surrogacy or fertility treatment.

The move has been questioned by fertility experts and lawyers, who believe it means birth records will be effectively falsified.

In the case of two women who register as the parents of a child, there will be no record on the birth register of who the biological father is.

Baroness Deech, a former head of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority, warned: 'It could even result in deception to exclude the natural father where the mother conceived naturally but uses this provision to cut him out of the child's life.'

But gay pressure groups have welcomed the move.

Ben Summerskill, of Stonewall, said: 'We are delighted that the reality of people's family lives in being recognised at last, that lesbian and gay couples no longer have to go through the unpleasantness of an adoption procedure.

'The law means that from next week, two men who have a child by a surrogate mother will be able to apply to a family court for an order making them the legal parents.

The court will rule on whether they are fit to bring up the child.

In this case an original birth certificate naming the mother will exist.

But it will be replaced by a new document naming the two men as parents if a judge grants a parental order.

A child will be able to trace the original birth certificate once he or she is 18 years old.

Rules governing the issue of certificates have been strictly upheld since 1837, the year Queen Victoria came to the throne.

Registrars must, for example, record entries on certificates in the same kind of ink developed in the 1830s to ensure it does not fade or be easily erased.

Lady Deech, a senior family lawyer, said the rule allowing two parents of the same sex to appear on birth certificates gave her 'unease'.

She said: 'There is an issue of principle here, which is the truth.

'It puts the demands of the adults ahead of the rights of children to know and benefit from both sides of their genetic makeup.'

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Sunday 28 March 2010

White Flight From the Left

USA: ABSOLUTELY EXCELLENT: Millions of White men are abandoning the Democrats...
Date Posted: Saturday 27-Mar-2010

[Now we're talking!! This is the kind of news I like to hear. The word "Liberal" seems to me to be abused and distorted in America. Often it is a synonym for socialism or outright Marxism. A communist in America would be labelled a "Liberal". Jan]

Millions of white men who voted for Barack Obama are walking away from the Democratic Party, and it appears increasingly likely that they'll take the midterms elections in November with them. Their departure could well lead to a GOP landslide on a scale not seen since 1994.

For more than three decades before the 2008 election, no Democratic president had won a majority of the electorate. In part, that was because of low support -- never more than 38 percent -- among white male voters. Things changed with Obama, who not only won a majority of all people voting, but also pulled in 41 percent of white male voters.

Polling suggests that the shift was not because of Obama but because of the financial meltdown that preceded the election. It was only after the economic collapse that Obama's white male support climbed above the 38 percent ceiling. It was also at that point that Obama first sustained a clear majority among all registered voters, according to the Gallup tracking poll.

It looked for a moment as though Democrats had finally reached the men of Bruce Springsteen's music, bringing them around to the progressive values Springsteen himself has long endorsed. But liberal analysts failed to understand that these new Democrats were still firmly rooted in American moderation.

Pollsters regularly ask voters whether they would rather see a Democrat or Republican win their district. By February, support for Democrats among white people (male and female) was three percentage points lower than in February 1994, the year of the last Republican landslide.

Today, among whites, only 35 percent of men and 43 percent of women say they will back Democrats in the fall election. Women's preferences have remained steady since July 2009. But white men's support for a Democratic Congress has fallen eight percentage points, according to Gallup.

White men have moved away from Obama as well. The same proportion of white women approve of him -- 46 percent, according to Gallup -- as voted for him in 2008. But only 38 percent of white men approve of the President, which means that millions of white men who voted for Obama have now lost faith in him.

The migration of white men from the Democratic Party was evident in the election of Republican Scott Brown in Massachusetts. His opponent, a white woman, won 52 percent of white women. But white men favored Brown by a 60 percent to 38 percent margin, according to Fabrizio, McLaughlin & Associates polling.

It's no accident that the flight of white males from the Democratic Party has come as the government has assumed a bigger role, including in banking and health care. Among whites, 71 percent of men and 56 percent of women favor a smaller government with fewer services over a larger government with more services, according to ABC/Washington Post polling.

Obama's brand of liberalism is exactly the sort likely to drive such voters away. More like LBJ's than FDR's, Obama-style liberalism favors benefits over relief, a safety net over direct job programs, health care and environmental reform over financial reform and a stimulus package that has focused more on social service jobs -- health care work, teaching and the like -- than on the areas where a majority of job losses occurred: construction, manufacturing and related sectors.

This recession remains disproportionately a "he-cession." Men account for at least seven of 10 workers who lost jobs, according to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics data. Nearly half of the casualties are white men, who held 46 percent of all jobs lost.

In 1994, liberals tried to explain their thinning ranks by casting aspersions on the white men who were fleeing, and the media took up the cry. The term "angry white male" or "angry white men" was mentioned 37 times in English-language news media contained in the Nexis database between 1980 and the 1994 election. In the following year, the phrases appear 2,306 times.

Tarnishing their opponents as merely "angry" was poor politics for the Democrats. Liberals know what it's like to have their views -- most recently on the war in Iraq or George W. Bush -- caricatured as merely irrational anger. Most voters vote their interests. And many white men by the 1980s had decided the Democrats were no longer interested in them.

Think about the average working man. He has already seen financial bailouts for the rich folks above him. Now he sees a health care bailout for the poor folks below him. Big government represents lots of costs and little gain.

Meanwhile, like many women, these men are simply trying to push ahead without being pushed under. Some once believed in Obama. Now they feel forgotten.

Government can only do so much. But recall the Depression. FDR's focus on the economy was single-minded and relentless. Hard times continued, but men never doubted that FDR was trying to do right by them. Democrats should think about why they aren't given that same benefit of the doubt today.

David Paul Kuhn is chief political correspondent for RealClearPolitics and the author of "The Neglected Voter: White Men and the Democratic Dilemma." He wrote this for the Los Angeles Times.

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Saudi Arabia and the CIA = sponsoring terrorism

SAUDI ARABIA is pouring hundreds of millions of pounds into Islamist groups in the Balkans, some of which spread hatred of the West and recruit fighters for jihad in Afghanistan.

According to officials in Macedonia, Islamic fundamentalism threatens to destabilise the Balkans. Strict Wahhabi and Salafi factions funded by Saudi organisations are clashing with traditionally moderate local Muslim communities.

Fundamentalists have financed the construction of scores of mosques and community centres as well as handing some followers up to £225 a month. They are expected not only to grow beards but also to persuade their wives to wear the niqab, or face veil, a custom virtually unknown in the liberal Islamic tradition of the Balkans.

Government sources in traditionally secular Macedonia (official title the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia), said they were monitoring up to 50 Al-Qaeda volunteers recruited to fight in Afghanistan.
Related Links

* The jihadist who said no to Al-Qaeda

* Rehab failures put camp closure at risk

* A former London student's journey to jihad

Classified documents seen by The Sunday Times reveal that Macedonian officials are also investigating a number of Islamic charities, some in Saudi Arabia, which are active throughout the Balkans and are suspected of spreading extremism and laundering money for terrorist organisations.

One of the groups under scrutiny is the International Islamic Relief Organisation from Saudi Arabia, which is on a United Nations blacklist of organisations backing terrorism. It did not respond to inquiries, but has previously denied involvement in terrorist activities, calling such claims “totally unfounded”.

According to its website, it works in 32 countries to provide relief to the victims of natural disasters and to carry out humanitarian, health and educational projects.

“Hundreds of millions have been poured into Macedonia alone in the past decade and most of it comes from Saudi Arabia,” said a government source. “The Saudis’ main export seems to be ideology, not oil.”

Sulejman Rexhepi, leader of the Islamic community in Macedonia, said a number of mosques had been forcibly taken over by radical groups. Four in central Skopje are no longer under the control of the official Islamic authorities. New imams claim they have been “spontaneously” installed by the “people”.

“Their so-called Wahhabi teachings are completely alien to our traditions and to the essence of Islam, which is a tolerant and inclusive religion,” said Rexhepi.

In some mosques believers are being told that Macedonia, which sent 200 soldiers to Iraq and Afghanistan, has been tricked into supporting a crusade against Islam spearheaded by Britain and America. Radical clerics have shown footage from Afghanistan, Iraq and the Palestinian territories to illustrate their claims that the West is waging war on Islam.

Rahman, a 35-year-old cab driver from Skopje, Macedonia’s capital, said he had stopped going to his local mosque since it was taken over by extremists. “Following the Haiti earthquake the new imam said God would punish the West for their wars in Afghanistan and Iraq with natural disasters,” he said.

Bekir Halimi, an imam trained in Syria, runs Bamiresia, an Islamic charity that has been investigated for alleged terrorist links and money laundering. Police raided its offices but failed to find any evidence of terrorist links.

“We are fully entitled to receive funding from both governmental and non-governmental organisations from Saudi Arabia,” said Halimi, who refuses to name the sources of his funding but rejects any suggestion of criminal activity.

Macedonia’s law enforcement agencies warn that the European Union and America have failed to recognise the growing problem of Islamic extremism in the Balkans.

Baroness Ashton, the EU foreign policy chief, has declared stability in the region to be her top priority, but local politicians complain that the EU and Nato are reducing their presence in troublespots such as Bosnia and Kosovo.

Last month, Bosnian security forces raided a village strongly influenced by Salafi extremists and found a weapons cache.

In raids elsewhere rifles, bombs and rocket-propelled grenades have been uncovered.

The West has put considerable political and financial efforts into helping build democracy in Bosnia following its civil war in the 1990s. Saudi organisations have also asserted considerable influence, giving more than £450m to build more than 150 mosques and Islamic centres.

In Macedonia, Fatmir, a former disc jockey, explained how he became an adherent of Salafism. The father of two has grown a beard and instructed his wife to wear a niqab. He now makes his living by selling Islamist literature. “Ours is the Islam of the 21st century,” he said.

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Vere Is Your Paperz - the real fascists exposed

THEY can show up without notice or warrants and with 1,208 reasons to enter your home, workplace or land without your permission.

This is Gordon Brown’s new model army of snoopers, which is gaining new home invasion powers at the rate of two a week.

The Prime Minister promised a crackdown on them in 2007 but it is Conservative peer Lord Selson who is leading the fightback.


His private member’s Powers of Entry Bill has created a full list of the bizarre and obscure legislation that gives thousands of jobsworths the right to enter your home. The list, due to be published next week, would be used by a Conservative government to launch consultation with councils and Whitehall aimed at striking out scores of out-dated and unnecessary laws.

And the Tories have promised that whatever laws remain, no official will ever be able to enter your home again without obtaining a court warrant first.

From checking the energy rating on your fridge, to ensuring you are not working on an atom bomb in the kitchen – our snooper laws are as far-reaching as they are bizarre.

Officials can gain entry using the same level of powers to search for cluster bombs as they can for a clutch of eggs. Lord Selson’s third attempt at curbing these ridiculous laws could become law before Parliament breaks up.

Lord Selson has won praise from civil liberties groups for his dogged determination over two decades to rein back the snoopers.

He said: “People should not be allowed to go into someone’s home, search it and seize data without a court order or a warrant. I just believe in individual freedom.”


He had to hire a private team to create a full list of powers of entry because Whitehall departments could not provide a list of all their sprawling snooper laws. Alex Deane, director of Big Brother Watch, said 20,000 town hall officials have the right of entry.

“In the end every house will have something about it that means officials can gain access to your home,” he said.

In 2007 Mr Brown said he shared “the concerns about the liberties and rights of the citizen”.

Now there are 418 pieces of legislation which allow council officials to enter your home without a warrant. Labour has merely promised a consultation document if it is re-elected and a “draft code of practice” on powers of entry.

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Hi to the Independent Reader

Note that I said 'reader' as opposed to 'readers.

As for this mysterious 'article' sent to activists - well if they mean 'an article written on my blog' then I suppose they are almost right.

And to be exact, which The Independent are not known for, the children of the politically correct Middle Class Liberal and Tories are suffering not just racial discrimination but also sex, sexuality and class discrimination.

Take a look at the new Camerons Crony's - a mixture of Middle Class Affirmative Action Ethnics, Middle Class Affirmative Action homosexuals and lesbians and Middle Class Affirmative Action women whose sole entitlement and 'merit' for their placements as MP's was simply their skin tone, the fact they prefer to sodomise men rather than women, they are women who prefer sex with women or they have a vagina.

Not one has been picked on merit - but simply because they ticked the right 'affirmative action' box.

From Aristocracy to Affirmative Action in one step and completely bypassing Meritocracy.

To hell with that - we demand a MERITOCRACY not a poisonous, politically correct racist state.

Affirmative Action is state sponsored racism - and it is the enemy of meritocracy itself.

In todays Britain you only get on if you are one of those 'groups' who can be promoted under the aegis of Affirmative Action or Positive Discrmination - but if you are white, male, heterosexual and predominantly working class then you are thrown on the scrapheap.

For both the middle class middle aged white liberals and the middle class middle aged white tories - the one group they despise above all others is the White Working Class.

Not one of Cameron's Crony's who is now a potential MP was from a working class background (unless they are an ethnic or one of the gays or lesbians of course then their ethnicity / sex/ sexuality trumps their class).

Yet the greatest irony is that the people who vote for this racist system of apartheid are the white middle class middle aged liberal and white Tory middle aged and middle class parents of a betrayed generation.

Whilst mummy and daddy want to display their oh so impeccable liberal credentials to their friends at dinner parties yah by saying how much they adore multi-culturalism and how many ethnic friends they have - they are in reality betraying their own children.

The parents of those who are under 45, the sixties simpering idiot generation, the most brainwashed, moronic generation in history, are the ones to blame for the crisis in our society.

With their degenerate liberalism, and their idiocy and selfishness they voted for New Labour and they will vote for the Tories - and each time they do the governments they elect pass ever more politically correct affirmative action laws, like the forthcoming Equality Act, that relegate their own children to the status of second class citizens in their own country.

Each year that passes more and more white children of all classes are suffering ever more forms of discrimination, and each new form of discrimination is mandated by the votes of their own parents.

Never before has a generation ever been so betrayed by their own parents.

BNP goes upmarket to target white middle class

Legal defeat prompts far-right party to 'refocus its propaganda on a new front'

By Jane Merrick, Political Editor

Sunday, 28 March 2010

The British National Party is attempting to cloak its image as a party of violent, racist thugs by appealing to middle-class voters at the general election.

Nick Griffin, the BNP's leader, has signalled a radical change in strategy for the forthcoming campaign after his widely derided performance last October on BBC1's Question Time, which draws a large middle-class audience. It will attempt to capitalise on disillusionment with both Labour and the Conservatives over the expenses and lobbying scandals.

The BNP's legal officer, Lee Barnes, in an article sent to activists, claims the BNP has "won over" the white working class and that it is now time to use "propaganda" to reach out to a wider circle of voters.

Yet the strategy remains targeted at white voters, with Mr Barnes telling activists they must appeal to the "white liberal middle class" and the "white Tory middle class".

The move is a sign that the court defeat inflicted by the Equality and Human Rights Commission over the BNP's ban on non-white members has forced the party to modify its election campaign strategy away from race to broader issues of class.

Yet critics described the plan as a cosmetic move to cover up its racist beliefs and showed that the BNP had gone as far as it could in picking up working-class votes.

Last week Robert Grierson, a barrister, was selected to stand as a candidate for the BNP in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham, where the Conservatives have a majority of more than 12,000. After his selection Mr Grierson was forced to resign from St Philips Chambers in Birmingham where he has worked as a tax barrister for 10 years. "I felt I had to stand up and take the flak I will no doubt get. This shows that the BNP is not a party of skinheads and knuckle-draggers," he said.

But Sutton Coldfield's MP, the Tory frontbencher Andrew Mitchell, described his BNP opponent as "an extremist in a suit".

The BNP's top target seats remain the working-class constituencies of Stoke Central and Barking, and the strategy is unlikely to have a significant effect. Last year, however, a BNP candidate won a shock victory in a council seat in Sevenoaks, Kent, the heart of Middle England.

In his article, Mr Barnes dismissed the "smug, selfish, apathetic, politically correct parents" of middle-class voters, but said it was time to appeal to the next generation who are under 45. He claimed this group were suffering "racial discrimination" when applying for university places.

He wrote: "As a result of the Equality Commission case we must now refocus our propaganda on a new front – that of the Nationalist Classless Society and the creation of a meritocracy as opposed to the racist multi-cultural system. Even though we have failed to market ourselves properly to the White Working Class we have won them over.

"But we must now also reach out [to] the children of the White Liberal Middle Class and White Tory Middle Class and explain to them how mass immigration, New Labour and Cameron's Tories and multiculturalism have betrayed them."

The BNP is fielding 300 candidates at the general election, expected on 6 May, and more than 1,000 in the local elections on the same day.

A spokesman for Searchlight, the anti-fascist organisation, said: "This is an indication of Nick Griffin's desperation as he is unable to break through to the extent he had hoped following the European elections and he is casting around for a new strategy. This will inevitably increase divisions within the BNP which have already been created by his disastrous Question Time performance and his defeat at the hands of the Equality and Human Rights Commission."

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Saturday 27 March 2010

Peterborough - where the colonists and criminals rule

Slaughter of the swans: As carcasses pile up and migrant camps are built on river banks, Peterborough residents are too frightened to visit the park

By Andrew Malone
Last updated at 10:40 PM on 26th March 2010

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As civic projects go, using Lottery cash to restore walkways and bridle paths along the River Nene seems a decent enough way to spend charity money for the greater good.

Creating 50 miles of cycle routes, parkland and dozens of delightful picnic spots, the Millennium Green Wheel project - which runs through the Cambridgeshire market town of Peterborough - was designed to encourage families to make the most of living beside the river.

At a cost of £10million, it should be a delight. With recreated woodland and hedgerows alongside the water, the project was also intended to give a boost to wildlife in the area - a traditional mating place for Mute, Bewick and Whooper swans, which congregate in vast numbers as the Nene flows through Peterborough town.
Mute Swan

In danger: Swans are being caught and eaten by Eastern European immigrants in Peterborough, who have set up camp alongside the River Nene

With salmon and sea trout spotted in the river for the first time in decades, the regeneration work has also seen the Nene come alive with other aquatic life, ranging from fish such as pike, carp, tench and barbel, to water voles, snails and freshwater prawns.

But this week, with spring in the air and flowers in bloom on the banks, few local people were brave enough to venture for an evening stroll along this delightful waterway, following disturbing allegations that Eastern European immigrants are 'plundering' and 'pillaging' local wildlife.


* Swans killed and fish vanish as 'migrants pillage river for food'

For, according to a flurry of alarming reports, Eastern Europeans are stalking the creatures of the River Nene and, to the horror of local residents, are reputedly now targeting the city's swans.

Rather than simply enjoying the spectacle of these majestic birds, it was claimed that immigrants see the swans as a rich source of food, and are trapping the birds, then roasting them on open fires along the river bank.

The Peterborough Evening Telegraph, which this week revealed details of the scandal, has been inundated with letters and emails since claiming that 'legally-protected swans' were being 'butchered' by immigrants who are 'raping' Peterborough's waterways by snaring the birds then battering them to death with iron bars.
A Lithuanian migrant in her shack home near the river Nene in Peterborough

Living off the land: A Lithuanian woman in her shack home by the River Nene

Of course, stories of immigrants killing and eating swans - once a treasonable offence punishable by hanging because all swans are Crown property and owned by the Queen - have emerged with increasing regularity since Britain's borders were thrown open to Eastern Europe in 2004.

Equally regularly, of course, such claims have been dismissed as urban myths spread by opponents of immigration, fabricated as part of some sinister racist agenda.

Indeed, no less an authority than Professor Roy Greenslade, media commentator of the left-leaning Guardian newspaper, denounced one report in The Sun - headlined 'Swan Bake' and revealing how the Queen's swans were being poached and barbecued by Eastern Europeans - as a cynical attempt 'to inflame passions' about immigration.

And, in truth, I was also deeply sceptical about these latest reports from Peterborough, believing there must be some other reason for the mysterious appearance of swan carcasses along the river - the work, perhaps, of foxes or some deadly swan blight?

But, I can report, the reality is even more disturbing than hitherto reported. Indeed, so bad is the situation that the people charged with protecting the river believe the situation is grave and acutely perilous for Peterborough's swan population if the killing is not stopped.

For the first time, there's irrefutable evidence that swans and vast quantities of fish are being killed by immigrants who have set up camp along the River Nene and are living off the land.

With more than 16,000 new Eastern European immigrants arriving in the past five years, those unable - or unwilling - to pay for accommodation in Peterborough have instead adopted the lifestyle of ancient hunter-gatherers, albeit with a penchant for vast amounts of strong Polish vodka and beer.

Living in crude shelters made of wood and plastic sheeting, scores of immigrants have taken up permanent residence all along the Nene.

Using crude snares and nets, the inhabitants are preying on swans, fish, rabbits, pigeons and even snails - all plundered from this expensively-restored habitat and cooked on open fires.
The remains of a swan in bushes near the River Nene at Peterborough

The remains of a swan that has been killed and eaten in the camp

Indeed, at one camp I visited, hidden in bushes on the edge of a field 500 metres from the river and just a ten-minute-walk from the centre of Peterborough, it was abundantly clear that these people are dug in for a long stay.

This camp is also where three swan carcasses were recently found hanging from a tree branch beside a fire built around stones and other bricks which are used to balance heavy steel cooking pots.

Beside the cooking area was a living area - another wood and tarpaulin structure, with a table surrounded by boxes to sit on. Food such as sugar and bread hung in plastic bags from trees to prevent wild animals from eating them.

There was no one at home when I visited, but the camp was clearly still in use. As well as feathers and other bones around the fire, I found piles and piles of snail shells, which had been cooked and emptied of their contents.

A separate 'bathroom area' had been created ten metres away from the huts, where soap and toothpaste hung in bags from trees, along with a bucket used for washing.

The residents had even put down pieces of wood and cardboard to try to keep the mud off their feet following their morning ablutions. The camp was also littered with empty beer cans and vodka bottles.

Intriguingly, as well as all sorts of animal detritus, I also discovered one of the weapons of choice for capturing and killing swans. Propped against a tree was a thick, strong sea angling rod - built to take the strain of hauling big fish from the oceans.

According to walkers, river wardens and RSPCA officials, heavy treble-barbed hooks are attached to lines and cast out into the Nene using these sea rods and giant landing nets. The prize is not fish, but swans.

Out patrolling the river on Wednesday night, Jonathan Means, head bailiff for Peterborough and District Angling Club, points out where he caught one immigrant with a giant net trying to lure swans towards him with bread.

'The guy was hiding behind a tree,' says Mr Means. 'First, he threw bread into the pool so that the swans would come towards him. Then he tried to catch them in his net. I couldn't believe it. I started shouting and hollering at him and he ran away.'
Narrow Boat river Nene

Tranquil: A Narrow Boat on the River Nene, where residents are now too frightened to walk

A mild-mannered man, 44-year-old Mr Means has fished these waters since childhood, spending weekends and holidays on the bank, often only reluctantly packing up when night fell and he could not see to fish.

Giving his time for free as a volunteer, he has been a warden for the past ten years and knows the river and its wildlife well. Yet he no longer finds his patrols by the river relaxing.

Pointing out cooking fires used by immigrants to roast fish and fowl, not to mention piles of empty Polish beer cans, cigarette packets and liquor bottles, he shudders at the destruction along his beloved Nene.

'These people have a total disregard for our wildlife and our country,' he tells me quietly. 'These people know exactly what they are doing. They are catching swans and decimating fish stocks.'

And much as Mr Means loves the river and believes it helps teach people about nature, he says he would not let his son fish here alone, as he did as a boy, because of the threat from these gangs of Eastern European poachers.

'This park and river should be an absolute joy,' he says, as night falls and gangs of Eastern immigrants carrying crates of cider decamp along the water. 'But people are scared to come here.

'I know of people who have fished here all their lives, who now will only come if they have friends with them for protection. Polish leaders say these people just need education - but that's rubbish. People do not need to be educated to know they are breaking the law.'

Indeed, these poachers know enough about the law to destroy all signs warning - in several different languages - that illegal fishing and taking of wildlife will not be tolerated. Every week, Mr Means replaces these warnings posted along the river bank after they have been torn down.

Nor are these the poachers of lore, taking 'one for the pot'. Last weekend, a gang of Polish men was caught using nets to try to empty a pool full of spawning fish. By killing females and young, they threaten the entire fish stock in the river.

'People call this immigrant-bashing,' says Mr Means. 'It's not. I'd be saying exactly the same if it was English people. But it's not - it's Eastern Europeans. They play it daft when I catch them with fish - but what can you do?'

As we are talking, Kathy Hornig, an animal welfare officer, is on a secret mission further downstream at a place called Black Bridge.

Here, another immigrant camp has been built amid high bushes near the river, and the occupants have been seen repeatedly taking swans from the water.

With the camp residents scattering as she approaches with other animal welfare officers, her mission is a success: she discovers the carcass of a mature, adult swan inside a plastic bag hanging from a tree branch by the camp.

Acutely conscious of the potential for tensions between locals and immigrants over the slaughter of British wildlife, the investigators removed the carcass of the dead swan for further tests to determine how it died.

'We've been aware of this [killing swans] going on for some time,' Ms Hornig said. 'The people trying to catch swans are causing them extreme distress. But I cannot say with 100 per cent proof that the swan was killed for food, nor will I speculate about why it was here. I do not want to make any further comment.'

Marion Todd, a former Mayor of Peterborough, whose house is near the Nene, has spotted countless carcasses of birds, as well as bags full of fish, being carried by immigrants back to their camps.

'I've absolutely no doubt that these swans are being killed for food. We cleared one overgrown area where camps have been built - and found lots of swan carcasses. Put it this way: the swans did not disappear and their bones were not found on fires before the immigrants came.'

And so the carcasses are piling up and the death toll is mounting. Officially, there have been six recent confirmed cases of swans being killed by immigrants to eat. But the true number is believed to be far higher.

Of course, it's not just animals that are affected by this influx of immigrants. Few locals dare to use the park in the evening now, and even in daylight hours many will only use paths in sight of other people.

It was in 2004 that Labour threw open Britain's borders to immigration from other EU states, prompting hundreds of impoverished Eastern Europeans to head to these shores.

With more than 60,000 other immigrants predicted to arrive in Cambridgeshire by 2016, the Polish Mission in Peterborough this week said that migrants should be educated, rather than punished, if they are caught poaching.

When approached by the Mail yesterday, the Polish Mission was unable to comment.

A spokesman for the Polish Embassy in London last night confirmed diplomats were aware of the swan killing allegations but questioned the scale of the problem.

'How many Polish people are involved?' he said. 'Four or five. A minority. If somebody has broken the law by behaving in this bestial way, I'm sure they will be punished according to the British law. I've heard of four or five people being arrested. It creates the wrong picture to say that hordes of Polish people are taking British wildlife.'

At the camp where the latest dead swan was found this week, one immigrant from Lithuania had been left behind when her countrymen fled after the raid by animal welfare officers.

As rain lashed down, the woman, who stank of cheap cider and refused to give her name, peered out from beneath her tarpaulin-covered tent. She kept repeating 'No understand - no passport' when I asked her about the swan killed and prepared for the camp pot. 'Please go,' she said. 'No say nothing. No trouble.'

Jonathan Means is unimpressed. 'They know what they are doing is wrong - they just pretend they don't if they get caught,' he says.

'Killing swans and fish has got nothing to do with lack of education. It's to do with decency, manners and respect for the country you live in.'

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