Sunday 16 September 2012

The Only Way To Defeat Islamism

The only way to defeat Islamism is via a Reformation within Islam.
Islam is 700 years behind Christianity in its evolution - it is where the Catholic Church was in the Middle Ages - burning witches, burning heretics and massacring thousands in the Albigensian Crusades against those like the Cathars.
The Islamists do not fear death, so killing them merely makes them martyrs.
You cannot defeat a Meme, which is Islamism, with bullets and bombs - they only help spread it.
In the film The Fifth Element each time the defenders of Earth fire their missiles at the approaching evil, it grows stronger.
So too does Islamism.
The only way to defeat it is to assist Moderate Muslims undertake a Reformation within Islam.
That means we have to stop conflating Muslims and Islamists as one and the same - as that is what the Islamists want.
We must assist and encourage moderate Muslims to confront the Islamists and create the internal Reformation within Islam.
That is the only way to ensure Islamism is defeated forever.
The Islamists know this, this is why they kill 'apostates' who try to create such a reform movement within Islam.
The Islamists are not scared of death - they are scared of only thing - that Islam undergoes a Reformation that makes them obsolete.
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