Tuesday 22 May 2007

The Housing Crisis and Immigration

The Real Housing Crisis

It appears that Margaret Hodge is these days the nominated ' hair shirt ' wearer for the Labour Party. Her most recent outburst as regards the issue of housing in predominantly white working class communities is a classic example of the sinner repenting.


The crisis in social housing in the UK is due to a decade of Labour apathy, incompetence and their embrace of the Blunkett Principle that ' their is no reason to limit immigration '


There are nowt so blind as the blind it seems.

It has taken a long time for the white working class to come to understand the essential nature of the New Labour Party, which is that they are a party of big business, ethnic minorities and the liberal middle class and not a party that gives a toss about the White Working Class.

In effect the Labour Party represent the victory of the Tyranny of the Minorities in the UK. This is the process whereby the fundamental basis of our democratic system ( the rights of the majority take precedence over the interests of minorities ) has been subverted and instead the interests of minorities ( ethnic groups and the Race Relations Industry, big businesses that donate to the Labour Party and the selfish economic interests of the insipid middle class liberals ) dominate the political agenda at the disadvantage of the majority.

Take for instant housing.

Hodge says that their is a crisis in social housing due to mass immigration into the country and immigrants taking all the social housing. She is right of course, but this is only part of the story. The average white working class family are suffering from a range of social disavantages due to immigration, not just problems getting social housing.

In many of our cities over recent years the number of Eastern European migrant workers that have entered the country have taken virtually all the spare rental accomodation. At the same time this has driven up rentals for housing and priced the poorest white families out of the rental housing market. At the same time the prices of housing in the UK have risen due to record demand for homes thereby driving the poorest of our people into even being unable to afford buy their own houses. At the same time the flood of immigrants into the country have taken up all the social housing.

The net result is that the poorest white families can neither buy, rent or be given council housing.

This means we have milions of white indigenous families in the UK who are never able to own their own home.

The era of ' Cathy Come Home ' has returned under the aegis of the Labour Party.


The effect this housing crisis is having on working class families, and the aspirations of their children, is massive.

I have been homeless many times in my life. As a teenager I remember the effect it had on me and how the shadow of homelessness affects all areas of your life. Is it any wonder then that white working class children of the working class homeless, the abandoned generation of the New Labour Experiment, are leaving school with the lowest exam rates and lowest aspirations.

When you see your parents struggling every day just to survive and keep a roof over their heads, then this has a damaging effect on your own self image and aspirations for your own life.

I have a fervent wish that one day the disasters experienced by the white working class are visited upon the middle class parasites and New Labour Elite of this country. That some mighty economic recession hits them hard and strips them of the wealth and priveliges that allow them to hide in their nice, white middle class enclaves cushioned by credit, large pensions and positive equity mortgages.

I hope that one day they will understand how it feels to live on baked beans on toast and fish fingers from Liddls every day in a sub standard rented house where the water in the toilet freezes on a cold morning and where your breath curdles in the frigid air when you lift your head from the duvet because you cannot afford to heat the 2 rooms you live in.

The announcement yesterday that planning laws are to be relaxed in the UK has nothing to do with helping the white working class homeless of this country. The new planning laws are being put in place to make sure that Tesco's and Sainsbury's are able to build their new out of town shopping centres on Green Belt land. This is their reward for funding the Labour Party.

Who pays the piper calls the tune.

The other beneficiaries of the planning change will , of course, be the Sunni Islamist groups, funded by Saudi Arabia, that are planning to build scores of vast new mosques in the UK.

From the scandal of the Attorney General Lord Goldsmith ( a Tony Blair appointee and Labour Party member ) ending the investigation into BAE corruption to the endless hidden examples of corruption designed to please Saudia Arabian princes ( for the oil of course ) the interests of the Saudi Arabian funders of Jihadism in the UK have dominated British politics for decades.

The reason why Al Qaeda are active in this country ( and we are called Londonistan ) is because the Tory and Labour elites have brown nosed the Saudi billionaires that fund Jihad in this country for decades.

The new planning laws wont be used to build new houses for the white working class, as that vile reptile Peter Hain has confirmed with his attack on Hodges proposals , but instead will be used to ride roughshod over local peoples who dare protest against another mega-mosque being built in their town with Saudi money ( that is also being used to fund Al Qaeda in Pakistan and the Middle East generally).

The Shari Socialists of the Labour Party are the heirs of Saladin and Stalin and today bend over backwards for Saudi Arabian oil money for their own personal enrichment.

The Labour, Liberal and Tory parties are all Dhimmi- Political parties that have surrendered their principles for power and wealth.

Even 'Red Ken' livingstone, a man who head is so far up the arse of the appeasers and promoters of Islamic extremism that when Yusuf Qaradawi coughs his head can be seen lodged between Qaradawis tonsils, has said the comments of Margaret Hodge are illegal.


The idea that it is ' illegal ' for a British government to prioritise homes to the indigenous British people is so insane that one wonders what sort of country we live in.

Seeing as Ken in his past incarnations wanted to repossess private property in the name of socialism, I have an idea. Lets take the second and third and fourth homes of all the Labour and Tory and Liberal politicians who have been responsible for the housing crisis and give them to poor families in the UK.

When you have such ' socialists ' as the late and not lamented Tony Banks selling his 'art collection' at Bonhams http://www.bonhams.com/cgi-bin/public.sh/pubweb/publicSite.r?sContinent=Eur&screen=catalogue&iSaleNo=15506 whilst saying he stood up for the poor ( what sort of socialist has an art or wine collection !!!!!!!! ) then its time the property of the socialists was given back to the poor.

Donald Dewar the other ex-socialist ' hero' had multiple homes and a fifty grand wine collection when he died. Even Margaret Hodge has more than one home !!!!

Those who attack the rich for being rich are idiots, it is not being rich that is the crime it is what they do with their wealth that defines the criminal. The old ideal of Noblesse Oblige has been replaced by ' screw you jack '. The modern rich parasite is as likely to be a socialist as they are a capitalist.

Whilst the ' Reds ' such as the ex-LEADER OF THE BRITISH COMMUNIST PARTY own art collections worth millions, Labour Socialists own wine collections worth fifty grand and four homes then is it any wonder the working class have no homes and poverty, and relative poverty, have increased under both Tory and Labour rule. The Labour Party are the lackey of the parasitic rich, and their socialism is either Champagne Socialism or Sharia Socialism.

I suggest the BNP pass a ' Social Restitution Policy ' for all those politicians and those individuals that have funded the mainstream political parties for the last fifty years. Those that own more than one home will have the others repossessed by the state and handed to deserving homeless families. Those companies and individuals that have funded the establishment political parties that have funded the various governments will also suffer the same fate. They all share the blame for the present crisis. The individuals funded the politicians and political parties into power and the politicians passed the laws that screwed us all over.

They are all guilty and therefore should all pay.

Finally the good news.

In Barking and Dagenham hundreds of millions of pounds are being given to the council to spend on social housing as a result of the BNP victories in the area.

The government have decided that spending millions and millions of pounds on new social housing will mean the BNP voters that voted the present BNP councillors into offfice will desert the BNP as the main issue that motivated them to vote BNP, lack of social housing, will be solved and this will mean the BNP will not be voted in next time. The problem is that as soon as you vote out the BNP then all those homes will, of course GO TO THE IMMIGRANTS !!!!! as the BNP will not be there to act as ' the incentive ' for the council to ensure those new homes go to the locals !

There is a big lesson here ;

1) Vote BNP and the government will spend hundreds of millions on building new homes in your area to ensure that the pissed off locals wont vote for the BNP again

2) A vote for the BNP means that finaly you stand the chance of getting a council house

3) At the same time many of the migrant worker incomers to the area will no longer flood that area as the area will get a reputation in the media as a ' BNP stronghold ' , therefore this means the massive influx of migrant workers will not come into your area and drive up private rental costs and take up all the social housing. The government will also end the movement of new migrants into the area as soon as a BNP vote rises in area - such as in Blackburn and other areas where they have removed those areas from the dispersal policy

The only losers in the short term are the Middle Classes. Seeing as they ONLY care about their house prices continuing rising then a vote for the BNP will, in the short term , mean that the influx of migrant workers and asylum seekers will abate and therefore their precious house prices will not rise as fast as in those areas where demand is high due to the influx of immigrants.

But in the long term even the selfish idiots of the middle class will lose out. An area which has become swamped with migrant workers and become an ethnic ghetto becomes, for the indigenous British people, a no go area. In the long run house prices will drop as these areas become colonies for whatever group has just hopped off the latest boat or plane. Those areas become ' welfare ghettos' with associated crime and disorder and house prices then plummet.

In the mean time the middle class people will witness their children fleeing those areas swamped with immigrants, due to the area becoming a no go area, and they will be left with their large mortgages and massive credit card bills.

The lesson is therefore VOTE BNP and we all win.

Vote Labour, Liberal or Tory and we all lose.

P.S all those who have left comments or sent e mails about this blog, thank you. I am still working out how to use the blog and will respond when my level of competence enables me not to cock up responding, so forgive the lack of replies so far.


dying britain said...

all i can say is this country is finnished,i support the BNP and the policies it stands for,but you have to be realistic they will never come to power and the white britains will fade away.All i can say is move out of europe and try to set up home in Australia or New Zeland.I love this country but take a look around it isnt Great Britain any more.

Mark said...

I read the other day than Nick Grffin went to Libya recently to seek funds from Colonel Gadaffi, as the BNP is struggling financially. Is the BNP really funded by Libya? COOL!!! BNP AND MUSLIMS...A MARRIAGE MADE IN HEAVEN

vigorniensis said...

And who exactly are these "middle class parasites". Are they the same as "lower class parasites". You sound like Michael Foot in the 60s.
Try and mature up a bit and lose that chip.

Myles said...


I would use the term middle class "myopics", rather than "parasites". Gradually, they are beginning to see that the wealth built on housing is built on sand - i.e. rising property values means owner-occupation becomes less and less affordable for younger people, including those of individual property speculators. So the "killing" that mummy and daddy made on their buy to let flat in central London has to be spent on helping young Felicity or Jeremy get on the property ladder. What goes round comes round!

Anonymous said...

Dying Britain-

Oh right, so white Britain's fading away? take a look around yourself- first fact- 23% of Australians are "foreign born" compared to Britain's 8%... secondly- kind of ironic how you are clearly opposed to foreigners moving into our country, yet you seem to be up for moving yourself into a foreign country? How would Australian versions of yourself feel about that?

Also- "it isnt Great Britain any more"- please may you point out to me this wonderful time when everything was perfect? was it when we were invaded by the vikings? the normans? or perhaps when we were in an economic crisis in the 80s? I'm sure it was great living here during WW's 1 and 2... that's right there was in fact never a time when a 100% white-british population congregated after church on a sunday, just before their weekly roast, sipping tea, eating scones, doing the morris dance in the safety of a likewise perfect economic situation... unless of course, as I said, you can point it out for me?

h.w.bloke said...

your points are honest but are tinged with a little bitterness on people who are 'middle class', that has changed dramatically in relation of definition.
i class myself as working class, as i have always worked since i was 13, i have my own business and hold several properties of which i have worked hard and sacrificed for. i dont feel guilty for this.
i have lost almost everything twice but came back. i have never claimed a penny from the state, and would never dream of, i will provide my own pension and secruity for my family.I have and will never rely on government pension companies
if bnp were to gain power, of which i hope dream of but i too beleive it will not happen because the powers that be would never allow it, why so many immigrants , they are labour voters for life. and there numbers grow along with the future generations to come.

i would be classed as middle class in your eyes, your saying, who does well punish them, property has always been safe over time, and people have been made well aware of this fact hence the investment and demand.

its only the influx/flood of immigrants which have caused the problem to the point where its too late unless something brutal by way of changing government policy on immigration and the way housing is allocated along with benefits that are handed out. this is too late in my eyes

victorian indusrialists provided accomodation and built villages and provided and created an economy for workers some better than others. railways, bournville, steel coal industries, ship builders, miners, farmers. land owners they invested in local people.

i am a member of BNP and proud.

dont attack a 'middle class' because thats unfair , a lot of people work hard to better themselves .some do ,some still trying and some may not get the breaks.

there are parasites in all classes and colours.

but bang on , on mp's who don't practice what they preach ! but thats all of them isn't.

G.Brit needs to wake up, the next and thereafter gens will inherit this embryo of society. it gets worse each year what will it be like in 20 years.

i've moved more times than i can count before settling in a town that met my expectations , thats has changed since 10 years ago..

Tyndallite said...

In regard to the Hodge affair, what the media never want to concede is that once race is recognised, (either as a biological reality, or a social construct), then every queue is going to have racial winners and racial losers. If the Government puts one race to the front of a queue (for housing say), then other races will be in the middle, and another race must end up at the back. The Government is not going to put the Blacks to the back, (or the Indians or Chinese etc etc), so who is going to be the race at the back of the queue?
You don't have to be Isaac Newton to figure it out.

A multi-racial society isn't a society at all, it's a free for all of competing races, each seeking to put his own race ahead of others. It is unstable, and any race that does NOT have representatives speaking on its behalf, will end up at the back of the queue.

The solution to this almighty mess, is not to try and pretend that race does not exist (as Tory types like to do), but to recreate a monoracial society again.

honeybun said...

The only losers in the short term are the Middle Classes. Seeing as they ONLY care about their house prices continuing rising then a influx of immigrants.ECT.........


honeybun said...

The only losers in the short term are the Middle Classes. Seeing as they ONLY care ECT....................


Defender of Liberty said...


By the middle class I define as the Race Relations profiteers, the White liberal enclave dwellers that fetishise the multi-cultural society from their ivory towers, the white lawyers that profit from the immigration system, the trade union leaders, the parasitic socialists and capitalists that want open borders for personal profit, the media barons and editors and staff and those Servile State lackeys that run the diversity sections in the councils etc etc.

I have defined them clearly in the past in previous articles in the Brimstone section.

This wasnt an article about them primarily.

Cheryl said...

It´s about time someone spoke up about the discrimination of Brits in Britain, and it does´´t really matter what ´class` they represent.
I am a British national living in Germany with my British children, my father was with NATO which is how I ended up abroad. At Xmas we were evicted in a matter of weeks, becasue our land lord sold the house we were renting. I asked the British Government for help....specifically the British Council for East Riding of Yorkshire.. I requested housing...any kind of housing, I didn´t want to end up on the streets with my children. I was refused!!!
You want to know why ... and I have this atrosity in writing. Because I have been abroad for too many years I am not entitled to any housing or help for that matter. I have always been proud of my nationality and I raise my children to be proud, but i find it rather worrying that to get help from my country I would have to be an immigrant or part of a miniority.
I am sure there are many more victims of this reverse racism out there.

honeybun said...

BNP you must be electable.You
must appeal to Working Class.Middle class & Up!
The only way to be is to be an electable party & win is to appeal to the people who care about Great Britain. Not so GREAT now but can be again.
This could win you next election with the right polilicies.
This country needs change, it can not go on as it is going.
I speak for many!

Flying V said...

Here in Bolton the local authority’s habit of issuing public information in several different languages could prove even more costly if they decide to follow Salford Councils example and adopt the use of speaking cameras in the Town centre. It will be really interesting to see how many languages need to be used to ask someone to pick up a chip paper in order to satisfy Bolton Council’s pronounced attachment to multiculturalism.