Friday 30 March 2012

Good Work George Galloway


In any democracy, a well organised and united minority is able to exert more power and influence than a disorganised and disunited majority.


The victory of the Respect Party today in Bradford is a wake up call for the British people which establishes as a reality the fact that we have been colonised by a community who wish to impose an Islamist political system as well as their culture and religion on our nation.

Islamism is not just a religion, it is a political and social system as well.

This is what the Respect Party stands for - it is a hybrid of Islamism and Socialism in the vein of Saddam Husseins Baathist Party (though minus the nationalism).

The tragedy for the far left morons that voted for Respect Party is that they have not learnt the lessons that happened after the Islamists took power in Iran - as soon as the Shah was overthrown the communists and socialists were killed as apostates.

The communists and socialists fought alongside the Islamists to overthrow the Shah and their reward was mass executions and death camps.

The Respect Party are not a democratic political party.

They want a global caliphate as an adjunct to the international communist model.

This is why the party is a mixture of Stalinist socialism and Islamist ideology.

In both regards the party is anti-democratic and a threat to the democratic system and all British citizens. It should be banned as a political party, not allowed to sit in Parliament.

The media got Galloway elected.

His high profile media coverage in Big Brother and his radio show, the power of celebrity culture, propelled him into the eyes of the public.

He is the Trojan Horse that the media pushed into Parliament for the Islamists.

One day the media must be held to account for their complicity in this attack on our democratic system.

The historical importance of this moment is vast.

The result of the election is a declaration of separation by a large section of the Muslim community in Bradford.

For the whites in Bradford who voted for him, it proves how brain dead and moronic our people have become - mere mindless drooling drones under the control of the media and in the grip of the cult of celebrity culture.

For the Islamists it a moment of celebration - for the whites it is a moment of shame.

The white community have reached a nadir of stupidity - they now think democracy is like the Big Brother show itself.

Today you have proved the nationalists right - everything we have been saying about Islam, Muslims and the Far left have been proved true.

For the Muslims this was a statement of separation from British culture.

For the Islamists it is the first step on the path to the sharia law they want in Britain.

For the whites it represents the moment our community has reached its most tragic stage of cultural collapse.

Now no one can have any delusions.

The rubicon has been crossed.

Good work george.

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Anonymous said...

George Galloway courting the muslim vote before the bradford west by-election -

Democratic Nationalist said...

"This is what the Respect Party stands for - it is a hybrid of Islamism and Socialism in the vein of Saddam Husseins Baathist Party (though minus the nationalism)."

No, Baathism was not Islamist, it was secularist. Many members of the Iraqi Ba'ath Party were atheists or Christians as its founder Michel Aflaq was an Orthodox Christian.

Ba'athism would be on the side of British nationalists because Saddam Hussein and Assad banished Islamist groups, and would have stopped mass immigration so no, wrong definition there.

Added to that, you forgot to mention that the Democratic Nationalists stood Neil Craig whose vote dropped by 0.1% and came seventh place.

Anonymous said...

I would like to see the breakdown of the vote for the Respect Party. I would bet my last pound on the fact that 99% were muslim. The fact is that only half the voters bothered to turn up and i bet most of those were white. Apathy allowed a muslim minority to gain power in Bradford.One thing it does show though, a small nationalist party can also win seats,we dont have to have even anywhere near a majority of voters in a given area

Anonymous said...

What Galloway doesn't realise is that once the islamists become strong enough he would be ousted from the party, in favour of someone a little more Arab like in makeup. Jog on little Dhimmi