Tuesday 5 June 2012

Now The Party Is Over ....

The fact that the Monarchy remains as it always was, whilst the rest of British culture, society and traditions are destroyed in the Neo-Liberal KulturKampf is evidence of its dislocation from the rest of society, not its relevance.
Now that the celebrations are over, and well deserved too as the Queen is a fantastic role model and worker, the debate now needs to begin - not about republicanism, but about reality.
The monarchy is allowed to stay the same by the political class as they can enact their endless cultural revolutions out of sight. As long as the monarchy remain on the throne, the lemmings think they still live in Britain and under a democracy.
They are not.
This country is being destroyed.
The monarchy cannot, and has not, stopped that process.
The existence of the monarchy has not preserved our national culture, national borders, rights, liberties, the integrity of our political system etc etc - all it has done is allowed the masses to be apathetic and delusional about what is happening in our country.
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