Tuesday 5 June 2012

Out Of Africa Theory Is False

Got to the above link and then download the full text from the blue highlighted TEXT HERE words at the top of the article.
Here is a short precis on the information ;
The report states that haplogroups α- and β originate from a downstream common ancestor for haplogroup A and β-haplogroup, coined the α-haplogroup which emerged 160,000 ± 12,000 ybp.
African haplogroup A (originated 132,000 ± 12,000 years before present) is very remote time-wise from all other haplogroups, which have a separate common ancestor, named β-haplogroup, and which originated 64,000 ± 6000 ybp.
Therefore all haplogroups orginated from the a haplogroup, which originated not in Africa but in Central Europe.
Therefore we did not originate in Africa, as all humans originated from the a haplogroup in Central Europe.
The a haplogroup later split to form the African A haplogroup around 132,000 YBP.
The a haplogroup later split to become the β-haplogroup, which originated 64,000 ± 6000 ybp.
The β-haplogroup did not come from the A Haplogroup, which originated 132,000 ± 12,000 years before present, which is the entire basis of the Out of Africa Theory.
The β-haplogroup came from the archaic a haplogroup, not the African A haplogroup - hence the Out of Africa Theory is incorrect.
African A halogroup originated from the original halogroup a, hence the orginal ancestors of all halogroups is a not A but a, and haplogroup a originated in central europe, not Africa.
====================================================== The African A haplogroup came from the a haplogroup which originated in central europe.
Therefore the Out of Africa Theory is wrong.
Nor did we descend from Africans and the A haplogroup - we descended, as did the Africans, from the a haplogroup.
The β-haplogroup, originated 64,000 ± 6000 ybp from the a haplogroup, not the A haplogroup.
The B haplogroup includes a family of Europeoid (Caucasoid) haplogroups from F through T that originated 58,000 ± 5000 ybp.
Therefore we do not orginate in Africa, nor do we descend from Africans.
Both Africans and Europeans descend from the original a haplogroup.
The Africans evolved from a haplogroup to become A haplogroup.
Europeans evolved from a haplogroup to become B haplogroup and then F to T haplogroups.
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