Saturday 21 April 2012

Libya Blowback Begins

Associated Press= JERUSALEM (AP) — An Israeli defense official says rockets fired from Egypt toward Israel this month were smuggled from Libya.

Israel says at least two rockets were launched from Egypt's Sinai desert at the Israeli resort town of Eilat. No one was hurt. Egypt denies the rockets were fired from its territory.

Libya has become an illicit source of weapons since the fall of dictator Moammar Gadhafi last year.

The Israeli official, speaking on condition of anonymity according to military regulations, says Israel believes the rockets were stolen from a Libyan weapons storehouse and smuggled into Egypt.

The official said Friday that Libyan rockets were also smuggled into the Gaza Strip and were launched into Israel this month.

Israel also believes longer-range Scud missiles were smuggled from Libya to Gaza, the official said.

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Dr Shipman voted Tory. said...

Scud missiles are massive Lee. I can't see how they could be smuggled into Gaza.
This article could be something to do with a force flag operation.

Anonymous said...

You mean all those missiles "liberated" by the western backed freedom loving protesters are now being used by the Islamists against western allies? Surely not!!!

Anonymous said...

Dr Shipman

The Libyan missiles used against Libya weren't scuds but smaller handheld projectiles, shoulder mounted or mortar type rockets.