Sunday 1 April 2012

Prometheus - The Movie

I think I have worked out the plot for the new Alien movie Prometheus.

The space ship with the alien eggs in it is a planet seeder - with the space jockey at its helm it travels through the universe seeding planets with life via genetically engineered DNA that it uses to advance the life on the planets its encounters.

When the space jockey seeds a planet and then wants to erase the species of life it has created via seeding the planet with genetically engineered DNA if the experiment has gone wrong somehow - IT THEN DROPS THE ALIEN EGGS on to the planet and they kill off the creatures that have been created by the space jockey.

There are two types of eggs on the alien ship - the ones that create the aliens and ones that contain the advanced DNA, which are the metal containers with the fluid in them as in the movie clip.

In the film the character played by Michael Fassbender injects himself with the DNA from the ship and changes into a hybrid space jockey creature.

He then tries to launch the alien ship and return to earth and seed it with the alien eggs or the DNA seeds, hence why the alien ship is rammed by the crew in the movie clip.

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Antony said...

The forums are awash with theories one of the main ones seems to be this: The Weyland character played by Guy Pearce is a space jockey banished to earth where he has worked to advance human technology to a level where he may be able to escape. The Fasbender character is Weylands avatar/surrogate. Lets hope this film isnt a lemon.