Wednesday 25 April 2012

The NWI And The Death Of Britain
Remember the days when one used to be proud of simply being British and equally as proud of those very famous, world-renowned British companies that earned this country so much respect overseas?
Neo Liberalism has infected almost every walk of life in this country and gained tremendous strength since the “Iron Lady” – Maggie Thatcher took over the reins of Britain back in 1979.
We have, since those early days, seen this country and its once proud industries become fragmented and sold off to the European Union or some other overseas entity which is clearly a New World Order brain child!!
We all watched Zionist backed organisations descend over this country, like a huge grey cloud and watched them rain down, flood and destroy the pride of British industry!
Who are they, where did they come from and how did it happen?
I guess World War Two has to be the turning point when these Zionist regrouped to form their own elite group that would become the foundation of the term Neo Liberalism and the birth of the New World Order.
It became evident to them that someone could make big money by the privatisation of national industries, especially in areas such as water, gas and electricity etc. One can clearly see that they have come a long way since those early days resulting in extremely high cost that has now caused so much suffering to the aged and poor of this world. I guess it’s only a matter of time before they tax you for breathing oxygen!!
I believe that the birth of the New World Order started around 1947 when a Friedrich Hayek formed an elite group called The Mont Pelerin Society that consisted of widely scattered neoliberal thinkers and political figures. The Society see the danger in the expansion of government, not least in state welfare and in the power of trade unions!!
Hayek realised that the only way he could force change was to form and intensive discussion group of like minded intellectuals into a “World Central Planning Group.” The group would meet annually and consisted of a kind of “Who’s Who” in US and European society. The first meeting consisted of mainly Americans but within 10 years would see the control being handed over to Europeans, which it does to this day.
It was during their first meeting when Hayek realised that this group could in actual fact change the policy around the world. Two very influential men were also at that meeting, Henry Simmons who trained Milton Friedman (future President of the Society) and Sir John Clapham a senior official at the Bank of England who also so happened to have been the past President of the British Royal Society
If one links such a group with the Bilderberg Group one can see a similar trend in their practices and no doubt with the same goal to create a “One World Government.”
Neo Liberalism started to kick of in a big way from the 1970s onwards as it spread across the world. I guess the term “Globalization” is very much part of their thinking and has consequently increased the level of poverty in all four corners of the globe……I found one term used some years ago was to “Make Poverty History”……..this from my perspective was an absolute joke and I found it extremely offensive because it was the introduction of Neo Liberalism and Globalization that accelerated poverty and remains so to this day.
With the arrival of Maggie Thatcher in 1979 this country started to be not only taken apart but also introduced massive fraud as the new elite found ways of ripping off the system.
It was in my birthplace, the City of Derby, which became the backbone, for not only the birth of the Industrial Revolution but also a city of technological excellence. However, with the arrival of the “Iron Lady” we were to see the progressive demise of this once proud city.
We saw the privatization of British Rail which by 1994 was handed over to Railtrack. Overtime we saw the Railway Technology Centre fall by the wayside and the only real activity that still exists is that of Bombardier, a Canadian company.. Many railway contracts have since gone to Europe leaving little work locally.
The collapse of British industry continued as we saw other cities such as Coventry fall by the wayside with the collapse of Land Rover and MG and many other traditional British companies fall into the hands of Europe or as in this case China.
Then we have the question of regional airports and regional airlines and how control of these has now gone offshore or have been taken over by European based consortiums.
Many regional airports were once controlled by local councils that surround them and were clearly being run like a national based entity. However, since we joined the European Union we have seen control of these airports and many airlines fall in the hands of other EU companies. The biggest issue being that tenders for contracts now have to be issued to the EU and not to British Companies and likewise the sale of airports or airlines.
I would ask the question why monopolies are allowed to be formed when the very principal of monopolies is highly illegal in that it takes away fair competition with the spin off being the public have to pay more as they no longer have the choice!!
We saw the change of airport ownership pass from regional councils to such companies as the British Airport Authority (BAA) which was far from being British.
BAA is owned by a consortium led by Grupo Ferrovial, a Spanish firm specialising in infrastructure. The group became one of the world’s largest transport companies and controlled many of our major airports and was clearly in breach of monopoly regulations.
We saw many top British Airlines loose their national identity when they were taken over or became involved with other EU airlines i.e. BMI taken over by Lufthansa and BA joining forces with yet another Spanish company, Iberia and now owned by IAG.
IAG has taken over BMI which will now close down…..don’t you find it strange that it was BA who sold many of it’s Middle East aircraft and routes to BMI (Lufthansa) and who now have purchased BMI……..are we seeing the emergence of a “One World or One EU Airline”
Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines clearly knows what is going on and continues to fight the politics of “Thatcherism” under the leadership of David Cameron who is clearly a “New World Order Puppet” as is Nick Clegg and the Leader of the Opposition Ed Miliband all of whom swear their allegiance to the Zionist cause!!#
On the topic of airports we now see BAA (Spanish) selling off some of its regional airport, such as Edinburgh, which has now been purchased by Global Infrastructure Partners (GIP) an American company with strong ties with Credit Suisse Bank ….they also own London Gatwick via Ivy Bidco.
Maybe by now you are starting to see how the New World Order is able to break down any countries industrial base and almost force mergers or joint ventures that have only one purpose… put all their “Golden Nest Eggs” into one basket.
One the banking side we again saw the intentional collapse of Abbey National (who had branches in every city in the UK) who were then taken over (on the cheap) by Santander the Spanish banking giant who now, very conveniently, have their name plastered on all the old Abbey National Banks in every city.
Before closing this article I would like to express my concerns regarding the only major industry left here in Derby, that being Rolls Royce, who, as you all know, design and manufactures both civil and military jet engines/turbines.
There orders have now gone through the roof and so one would ask the question that if your orders are about to double would you not expand your existing business to cope with the upsurge or build a suitable large facility to cope with demand?
In this case our corrupt and fraudulent government has allowed 50% of this expanded business/ production (of Trent series engine)” to be produced in Singapore…… which obviously has a sinister political overtone!!
They say that Singapore has the space for a purpose built facility for such expansion and that it has nothing to do with a cheaper work force ……..oh really!!!……so what about keeping British Technology in this country and using British Technicians?……what about Rolls Royce taking over any of the now redundant RAF bases and building a purpose built factory in this country…….boy oh boy one can sense a rather bad smell coming from our current “Thatcherite Government” that is destroying this country!!
I should add that another explanation offered is that they need to produce one Trent engine per day or around a minimum of 250 per annum and that the Government of Singapore and the Singapore Educational Department can offer them the skilled workforce required for such an expansion……this will employ around 1,000 highly skilled workers!! Welll Mr. Cameron we already have that skilled workforce in Derby and a local Technical College that RR supports as a pool for its future workforce!!!
With David Cameron at the helm of this country and with Ed Miliband sitting on the side lines what chance do we Brits have in getting this country back to being simply British?
What chance do we have at restoring the high tech companies that once formed the backbone of this country?
What chance do we have at saving the sovereignty of this country?
The answer my friends is “NO CHANCE”!!
This country has now been consumed by the European Union which is controlled by the New World Order. Our military has now diminished into a force that could barely defend itself and is thus totally dependant on the NWO military – NATO!!#
Now our wonderful Prime Minister, David Cameron or the other NWO puppet Ed Milliband will destroy the United Kingdom and its sovereignty by allowing the Scots, Irish, Welsh and English to break away and become fragmented before handing the entire country over to the “United States of Europe”.
Having just celebrated Shakespeare’s Birthday and St Georges day I found it to be a dismal event watched by only a handful of people here in Derby…….historically the entire Market Place was adorned with medieval tents, knights in shining armour on horseback and everything that was typically English…….on Sunday I saw a pathetic turnout of a small group of actors with the St Georges cross being laid upon a camouflaged background and not the standard red cross on a white background………..a bit of humour with a sword fight and the slaying of the dragon……and the only true English group being the Morris Dancers..
For the second year the whole of the Market Place was taken over by a massive circus type tent being used by the Shemales from Thailand…….such is the ethical and moral demise of this city and this country.
Doesn’t it make you feel so proud to be British and to see our puppet leaders “F… Up” this country of ours!!
Well Mr. Fraudulent Cameron, Tory Party/Lib Dems, New Labour (under their Zionist leader Ed Miliband) your combined ignorance is personified by your lack of interest in stamping out the massive fraud and corruption that many of you are involved in.
My next article will open up another “Hornets Nest” that is indirectly linked with David Cameron’s massive fraud known as the “Big Society Capital” except I would go a step further by saying this goes into the top of “Very High Society Capital” with Royal connections!!!
It will make the Prince of Wales flinch and add new meaning to that famous Welsh song: We’ll keep a welcome in the hillside We’ll keep a welcome in the Vales This land you knew will still be singing When you come home again to Wales
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