Tuesday 8 May 2012

The Debacle Continues

What did I tell you.
I told all nationalists on this blog what the election results for the BNP would be, and I also told Griffin, in my resignation e mail to him.
Its all online, have a read of what I wrote.
I could also define exactly how British Nationalism can rise again and what is required for us to start the movement moving into power, but until the present idiot leadership of all the 'Nationalist' parties are either removed or resign, then I will not detail how to do so.
They dont deserve my ideas and support.
The Nationalist movement in Britain is a pathetic disgrace.
The primary fault lays not with the idiotic and incompetent 'leadership' of the parties, they are merely the symptom of the problem - the primary problem lays with the nationalists in the movement itself.
Nationalists have become a cabal of pathetic cult of personality idiots, drones that can no longer act or think for themselves. They follow leaders who lie to them. They are willing slaves to liars, complicit in the crimes of their masters.
They vote for the leaders in the parties and keep them in power, and hence they themselves are ultimately the real problem the movement has to face.
Vote monkey, get monkey.
In the words of the Manic Street Preachers song 'Of Walking Abortion'
Little people in little houses
Like maggots small blind and worthless
The massacred innocent blood stains us all
Who's responsible - you fucking are
Who's responsible - you fucking are
Who's responsible - you fucking are
Who's responsible - you fucking are
Who's responsible
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