Monday 28 May 2012

Hail The Race. Hail Thor. Hail The Gods.

On the Majority Rights site, link here ;
The writer of the article makes the statement below about the Gods of our Folk ;
“Paganism is a dead-end street. Being is the key, not believing and/or worshipping. The gods die when the race (that created them) dies. The gods are not eternal. Paganism was a temporary manifestation of the Race’s mood at a particular time. The Race willed Paganism into existence. It did not exist before it and is already dead while the Race still lives. The Race can be without ascribing its being to forces beyond itself. The solace of the Race today is science and not religion. Rockets will propel us to the place where the gods once lived. The gods will be replaced by us. Thor is dead, long live the Astronaut! While Thor once hurled lightning FROM the sky, we will propel like lightning INTO the sky.”
Anyone note the logical inconsistency in the above statement ?
Thought not.
It states ‘The gods die when the race that created them dies’.
This may come as a shock.
The Nordic / Saxon Race still lives, hence their ancestral gods still live.
A limited mind regards the Gods as external forces living in some heavenly region, an even more limited mind regards them as the personified forces of nature.
The wise mind understands that the gods represent archetypal and psychic forces present within the mind of individuals of the folk and within the collective unconscious of the race, and that these archetypes are part of the evolutionary psychological history of the race passed down via inherited DNA.
The race and the gods are one.
Before the race existed, there was no race - hence no gods.
If the race dies, then the gods die.
But as long as the race exists, the Gods rule.
The race still exists, hence the Gods still rule.
The astronaut, and the urge to transcend earth, are the roar of the Gods in the minds of our race. The rocket science that the writer of the above quote speaks of was begun and initiated during the era of the Nazis when the Odinic Archetype was activated. This was the Odinic archetype of the dark forces and the berserker rage - which Hitler channeled and which turned the German people into his followers. Hitler was not a politician, he was a Shaman.
Jung wrote of this in his essay Woden.
For the Germans before WW2 it was Woden.
Today, when our people need strength, it is Thor.
We each seek to become the Gods who speak to us through our dreams, visions and psychic drives.
As for the archetypal manifestation of the gods within society via symbolism within the collective unconscious of the Folk - the most popular and profitable movie of all time released just a few months ago was The Avengers - which features as its main character the Nordic / Saxon God Thor.
Thor is now a symbol once again prevalent in every nation, a true God for our times and people - one who opposes the liberal world view and its quest for the misceginated global raceless and rootless human mass animal - Thor is strong, manly, muscular, blonde, blue eyed and white.
Millions have watched the film, felt the image of Thor move them, and felt and admired his power and strength.
Thor smashes his enemies into dust. Thor defends the nation and the people. Thor is strength, vigour and vitality.
Thor lives.
Thor and the Gods are being reborn as we speak, as they are being reborn as activated archetypes inside the minds of our folk - archetypes that will now motivate them and guide them.
This is Ragnarok, but as promised the Gods are returning to fight for us.
Hail the Race. Hail Thor. Hail the Gods.
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