Thursday 10 May 2012

Race Again
By now many of you are familiar with the brutal racially motivated mob attack on two Virginia-Pilot reporters in Norfolk, Virgina. The pair was attacked by a mob of up to thirty young blacks down the street from the offices of the Virginia-Pilot.
The newspaper news staff refused to report the story. Two weeks later, a writer for the opinion page blew the whistle on her own newspapers' censorship. She also reported on a twitter message from one of the perps. The message boasted that the attack was revenge for Trayvon Martin. She said the police had been reluctant to do anything about the attack.
This story was picked up by Bill O'Reilly and several syndicated radio talk show hosts. Syndicated radio talk show host Alex Jones pointed out "if it was this hard for two reporters to get their own employer to report the attack, just think how many of these attacks are never reported at all." The newspaper, which was still under the leadership of Obama's new deputy HUD secretary when the attack took place, took a beating in the conservative media. Norfolk police were also put on the defensive. Suddenly the police made an arrest and charged the perp with a felony and numerous misdemeanors.
However, media censorship of black crime continues unabated. Over the weekend, the Red Hot Chili Peppers performed at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. About 20,000 fans packed the arena.
As concert goers walked to their cars after the show, a mob of what the Newark Star-Ledger is calling "teenagers," brutally attacked several people. Five people were injured, some of them very badly. Three of the injured victims are teens. Two of the victims suffered serious facial fractures.
Newark Police Director Samuel DeMaio said the attacks were motivated by a desire to cause injury. He says the perpetrators were laughing during the attacks.
Sounds like the attacks were racially motivated hate crimes right? Well the Newark Star-Ledger only describes the attackers as "teenagers." Any details that would clue the reader as too the race of the attackers appears to be intentionally omitted.
I called the Star-Ledger and asked if they had a policy of omitting the race of at large crime suspects. The first woman I talked to went to ask her superiors. She came back and told me that there is no formal policy, "but we generally do not publish race."
I then asked to speak to crime reporter James Queally who wrote Star-Ledgers' two articles on the attacks.
Queally told me that the police report did list the race of the perpetrators and that he censored this information in his two articles on purpose. He also stated that it was the newspapers' policy to censor race in crime stories.
Then the conversation took a comedic turn. I asked Queally what race was listed in the police report and he refused to tell me. He also said he interviewed three of the victims, but refused to tell me what race they were. Queally did however volunteer that "it's an 80% black area and the concert was full of white rock and roll fans."
​ Queally denied that the attacks were racially motivated. He said that if it was blacks attacking whites, then that was just a factor of probability. Keep in mind that Queally admits knowing the race of the perps and refuses to say.
​I told Queally about numerous other black on white mob attacks all over the nation and explained to him this was part of a trend of racially motivated hate crimes. At this point Queally went from a friendly demeanor to a very arrogant sounding tone. He replied "well somehow myself and everyone else in the media have missed all of these." I told Queally I have been documenting these hate crime mob attacks and would be happy to e-mail him lots of information. Queally then hung up the phone without a reply.
During the conversation Queally hinted at his reasoning for wanting to censor the race of the perpetrators. He asked "if all the attackers were black fifteen year-olds, would you avoid all black fifteen year-olds in Newark?" I told him I would, especially a group of black fifteen year-olds. I told him that avoiding a specific demographic known for brutally attacking my demographic at random was "common sense." Queally replied, "that's your opinion."
In other words Queally places political correctness above public safety, even though "public safety" is one of the topics he is supposed to be covering. The LA Times, for example, is very candid about having a policy of censoring race in crime stories. They say they don't want to "stigmatize racial minorities."
Recently I called WYFF Greenville, an NBC affiliate. I found two articles on their website about attempted burglaries, where a home owner scared the suspect off. One of the stories has detailed information about the perps' clothing, but omits his race. The other story lists the perp as white. I asked why one was censored and not the other. The woman who answers their main phone said that employees of the studio have staff meetings and decide which stories to censor race and which ones not to censor race. She said she wouldn't characterize it as "censorship," but as "making a decision."
She said she didn't know why race would be stated in one attempted burglary story and not the other. I think it is pretty self-evident.
My conversation with Queally reminded me of a funny comedy bit by comedian Patrice O'Neal. He lampooned the agony that a white liberal must feel when they see a dangerous looking black male coming down the street. He said they want to flee, but are afraid of being "racist." His advice was to run away and be safe, and feel guilty later.
I recently had a black man from Columbus, Ohio tell me about being mugged by two young black perps. He said he suspected the men were dangerous and could have gotten away in time. He didn't take evasive action because he decided that he shouldn't "racially profile." He felt pretty foolish afterward.
Even left-wing icon Rev. Jessie Jackson believes race is a very important piece of information to know when it comes to crime. At a 1993 conference for the Rainbow/PUSH coalition in Chicago, Jessie Jackson said "There is nothing more painful to me at this stage in my life than to walk down the street and hear footsteps and start thinking about robbery. Then look around and see somebody white and feel relieved…. After all we have been through. Just to think we can’t walk down our own streets, how humiliating."​
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