Saturday, 7 April 2007

Black on Black Crime in Britain

More Black on Black Knife Killings

Yet again another young black life is taken during a vicious knife assault by another black youth, and yet again the Race Relations Profiteers are blaming racism.

This racism though that the murder is being blamed on is not black on black racism, such as African immigrants targeting West Indian immigrants which is rife in many inner city areas across the country, but yet again it is the perpetual bogeyman of white racism. Even though the hand that held the blade was black and the person it was plunged into was also black it appears that the so called ' community spokespeople' of the ' black community ' are once again trying to blame whites for the crime.

The endless ' racist reverse racism propaganda ' of the self appointed spokespeople of the black communities whose mantra of ' blame whitey ', which is used to perpetually undermine black community self responsibility and thereby infantilise all the black communities within Britain, is at the heart of the problem.

As usual a mantra of woes is listed as the cause of these attacks.

A lack of black role models for black youth is always listed as a major cause of black on black violence. This is of course utter nonsense. The inordinate amount of time the media spend on celebating the achievements of black sports stars such as Dame Kelly Holmes in track competitions whilst virtually ignoring the tremendous victories of white British atheletes in areas such as cycling, shooting and archery is done in order to boost the self esteem of the black community.

The craven adulation of black singers and the black music business is also prevalent in the media and society. There is also the media obsession with celebrating the contribution of the black community in Britain from Mary Seacole to Moira Stewart. In fact it is widely acknowledged that it is white British children that are suffering from a lack or role models, not black children. The Times Educational Supplement has already picked up this an issue to be looked at to address white childrens educational under achievement. (1)

Another issue the Race Relations profiteers like to blame black on black violence on is educational under achievement. This is also utter rubbish. Whilst black children are awarded vast amounts of government grants to raise black educational standards and conferences are held every year, such as the Towards a Vision of Excellence - London Schools and the Black Child Conference' to assist black children in the education system not one penny is spent on assisting white children at schools even though they are far more in need of extra assistance from the government. This is reverse racism of the most pernicious kind and proves beyond doubt that racism is solely a political issue and not a social issue based on need. White children who fail in education get no government money to help them solely because they are white. The fact is that the comunity that is suffering the most from educational under achievement is the white working class and yet the government will not help them solely because they are white. (2)

Then the Race Relations Profiteers like to blame 'racism' in society for the violence the black community inflicts upon itself. This is also rubbish. As the The Daily Telegraph, 14 January 2004 stated " A hardcore of muggers are behind an alarming number of gang rapes in London, according to Scotland Yard. There has been a group sex attack for every day of the last year [2003], [but] Scotland Yard is treating the evidence with care because it has sensitive racial overtones. It suggests a disproportionately high involvement of young black or Asian males in group sex attacks and that a high proportion of the victims are white females. There is evidence that incidence of group rape is rising in other inner city areas of Britain, but little detailed research has been produced. In the five-month Scotland Yard study, suspects of African/Caribbean appearance were identified in 49 per cent of attacks. A further 13 per cent were committed by men of Indian/Pakistani appearance. Women and girls of white/European appearance accounted for 59 per cent of victims but the sexual violence also heavily affected the black community, with 28 per cent of victims described as African/Caribbean. Half the victims were under 21, with 75 per cent under 30. More than half the assaults involved three or more attackers. Scotland Yard has been concerned for some time about “group rape”, which began to rise in 2001, along with street crime. (3)

This report shows that members of the black community are victimising the white community on the basis of their race and sex. Race attacks against whites are also the majority of racist attacks in London and rising every year, but the media are yet again minimising the anti-white racist attacks and focusing on the more sensationalist white on ethnic attacks.

Black on Black violence is not a symptom of white racism. For far too many people in inner city areas, of all races, being in a gang is a glamorous lifestyle choice and being involved in violence related to drugs is both profitable and glamorised by the media. Faced with working in an low paid office job for twelve thousand pounds a year or selling drugs and making hundreds of thousands of pounds a year, is it any wonder that children brought up listening to Gangsta Rap, playing violent video games, watching Hollywood movies that glamorise sex, drugs and violence and the gangsta lifestyle and who are taught to blame whitey for their own failings and not excercise any self responsibility choose to adopt such anti-social lifestyles.

The black communities have to stop blaming whitey for all their social problems. They have to take charge of their own communities and begin to impose self responsibility on their own people. The era of the racism blame game is over. The moral blackmail and emotional manipulation of white liberals is itself both racist and demeaning to those blacks who do make something of themselves by their own efforts and hard work. The real tragedy is that this perpetual self infantalisation of the black community has led to a situation where the black communities are at war with themselves and the majority of the victims are their fellow blacks.

As long as the Race Relations profiteers are allowed access to the media to peddle their asinine agenda then the black communities themselves will continue on their spiral of self destruction. The only people that are profiting from the present crisis are the Race Relations Profiteers themselves within the black communities.

It is about time that the black communities of Britain start asking themselves why it is that the billions of pounds spent by the government fighting the bogeyman of racism has merely created a parasitic black middle class who have grown rich exploiting their ride on the race relations industry gravy train, but at the same time the working class black communities have fallen into an ever deepening crisis.

Its time the black communities stopped listening to the parasites amongst them who are happy to feed on the money and guilt of white liberals and exploit racism and instead took charge of their own communities for themselves.

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Claire Khaw said...

Black on black crime is just poor on poor crime. Too bad transportation to Australia is now no longer an option.

The weak criminal justice system, the appalling educational standards of sink schools and welfare dependency has ruined the character of the indigenous proletarian whites as well as those of the new generation of immigrant offspring, who have now been well and truly Anglicised, but not in a particularly desirable way.

The Muslim women who now insist on wearing the burka are no different to working class whites who have tattoos and body piercings because they know it causes apprehension, dismay and dislike in the rest of us. They too have been Anglicised in the ways of British stroppiness, but again, not in a particularly desirable way.

Defender of Liberty said...

Black on black crime is not poor on poor crime, primarily because they are not poor. Go to Peckham and see the lovely new houses, the sports facilities and the new libraries and schools that have been built by giovernment. Yet black on black crimes continues to rise. Most of da gangstas day commit da crime drive BMW'S AND ARE LOADED WITH GOLD , DESIGNER CLOBBER and new five hundred quid trainers.

Most of the crime in the black community is CULTURAL as it is part of da gangsta bling bling culture dat dey fink is cool innit. Also linked with it is the lack of parental role models and any social responsibility as regards reproduction.

As Chris Rock pointed out in his Bring the Pain video ' a black man with a degree in da hood is regarded as a pussy, whilst a gangsta wid fifty kids by fifty women is regarded as role model '.

That is pretty ****ed up thinking.

The real scandal is that this ghetto black mentality is a product of white middle class wankers in the advertising and media industry who pump that sort of racist filth into black kids via MTV etc and video games.

Chuck D had it right about this - the gangsta rap industry has profited only whites, white owned record labels and white businessmen in the advertising industry.

The black gangstas in the UK are not ' anglicised ' they are in reality ' Americanised ' and are the living embodiments of the black American gangsta culture of NWA, Onyx, ICE T, etc etc that came over in the 80's with gangsta rap.

The white working class who have tattoos, such as myself, have them because they are a continuous part of our indigenous British culture going back to the Picts ( the painted people ) and the ancient Celts. Tattoos are a part of our culture that allows us to exhibit who we are , just as the Maori have their tribal tattoos as well.

The idea we wear them to be anti-social is racist nonsense - we wear them as WE find them BEAUTIFUL.