Friday, 6 April 2007

The Iranian Crisis Begins

The Iranian Crisis begins.

A`few years ago the Arabic newspaper Al-Sharq Al-Awsat reported that an Iranian intelligence unit had established "The Brigades of the Shahids of the Global Islamic Awakening." Contrary to the confused ramblings of various pathetic so called British Nationalists, the reference to a Global Islamic Awakening includes the UK.

So far the British government have failed to establish the country as a satellite located in outer space as opposed to its present geographic location actually upon the planets crust, and therefore the refernce to ' global' must mean all those nations of the planet also located on the crust other than Iran. Therefore Iran represents a threat to the UK.

In this speech given by Hassan Abbassi, a Revolutionary Guards intelligence theoretician who teaches at Al-Hussein University, he spoke of Teheran's secret plans for global expansion of Shiite Islam, which include "a strategy drawn up for the destruction of Anglo-Saxon civilization."

Please note that the term used is 'destruction' and not 'enrichment'. Though of course enrichment can also be dangerous. Enrichment in relation to uranium and societies bear an uncanny comparison. Just like Uranium enrichment, too much social enruichment through immigration leads to instability. Once a critical mass is acheived then a possible explosion may occur.

"There are 29 sensitive sites in the U.S. and in the West. We have already spied on these sites, and we know how we are going to attack them," Abbassi explained. This statement probably explains a recent talk by the RAF chief of Staff warning RAF pilots that they may be put in positions where they are faced with the ultimate choice of either bringing down an enemy aircraft or missile with their own plane or witnessing a terrorist or missile hitting an UK nuclear power station. Flight 93 on 911 was heading towards the Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Station when it was brought down by an US airforce missile.

Contrary to the talk of explosives in the World Trade Centre building, there is only one secret conspiracy regarding 911 and that was the deliberate bringing down of Flight 93 by US jets in order to avert the Three Mile Island catastrophe that would have contaminated much of the United States. The plane and its passengers were sacrificed for the greater good, though this doesnt make their loss any less tragic and their sacrifice any less noble. One day hopefully their story will be told the way it was.

The ex-Iranian leader Ali Khamenei has been vocal about the impending "destruction of the U.S." for many years. He has in the past told the Iranian paper Jomhouri-Ye Eslami that "the world will witness the annihilation of this arrogant regime." Speaking on Iranian TV channel Jaam-E-Jam 2 the Iranian MP Hamid-Reza Katoziyan warned: "The whole group of people belonging to the Arab community and Muslims living in the U.S. are currently, in my opinion, in a special situation." "Perhaps they do not walk the streets with weapons in their hands or attach bombs to themselves in order to carry out a suicide operation, but the thought is there."

So there you have it.

Iran has already in place the strategy for the destruction of the West.

For a possible scenario I refer to the Prophecies of Malachy which is part of Catholic eschatology, though the Catholics are going to be the victims rather than the aggressors.

Imagine an Iranian submarine on a suicide mission to the West loaded with nuclear and biological weapons or dirty bombs. (1)

It launches its missiles on the Vatican and then hits various nuclear power plants and cities within range of its North Korean designed missiles fitted with Russian computer and navigational equipment.

The eschatology of the Iranian elite yearn for this apocalyptic scenario as the basis of the return of the Mahdi.

When you deal with lions its often best to assume that though its smiling at you at the moment, as soon as it gets hungry you are on the menu as well.

The UK government has been tested and shown to be weak duriong the recent hostage crisis, therefore Iran now knows it can push much harder next time and the Liberal cowards that infest the West will be happy waving their bits of paper of appeasement in the air for the BBC as the storm clouds gather and threaten to destroy Western Civilisation itself.

History may note that the Third World War began with a whimper and a whine from the West.

(1) Iran has 3 submarines made in Russia :Submarine Kilo class 877EKMNumber Name Year Homeport Notes901 Tareq 1992 Bandar Abbas902 Noor 1993 Bandar Abbas903 Yunes 1997 Bandar AbbasDisplacement: 3,076 tons full load Dimensions: 74.3 x 10 x 6.6 meters (243.5 x 33 x 21.5 feet)Propulsion: Diesel-electric, 3 diesels, 5,900 shp, 17 knotsCrew: 53Sonar: MGK-400 Rubicon LF suite, Mouse Roar HF activeArmament: 6 21 inch torpedo tubes (18 torpedoes)Soviet built for export. Kommersant found out that Rosoboronexport is negotiating with Iran about repair and modernization of Iranian submarines. Iran has three submarines of Project 877EKM that were supplied by Russia in 1992 (Russian name of the sub B-219, Iranian—901 Tareq), in June 1993 (B-224, 902 Noor) and in November 1996 (B-175, 903 Yunes). It was expected that all the major components that already exceeded their life expectancy will be replaced. Also, the new anti-ship missile complex Club-S with the target distance of 200 km will be installed on these subs. The refurbishing of each sub would be done under the contract which costs anywhere from $80 to $90 million. Originally it was expected that the refurbishing will be done in Zvezdochka Co (Severo-Dvinsk) but Admiralty Shipyards are also fighting for the contract.


Claire Khaw said...

What are you suggesting the UK should do? Bomb Iran in a pre-emptive strike?

Defender of Liberty said...

I am not suggesting THE BRITISH do anything - it is the job of the US and the Israelis to deal with Iran.

Our job is to bring back the British troops around the world, close and seal our national borders , and deport every single islamist and islamic terrorist in OUR borders.

Then we restructure our armed forces so that if anyone anywhere attacks us we can respond with maximum impact.