Tuesday, 10 April 2007

The hypocrisy of Islam

Why is that Muslims around the world all line up to condemn Israel as a Jewish state in former Palestinian land, but they all support Pakistan.

Israel was formed the exact same way that Pakistan was formed - by violence and ethnic cleansing and the expulsion of those of different religions. The fact that Muslims celebrate Pakistan and see it as a legitimate state whilst condemning Israel is sickening hypocrisy.

Pakistan was formed on 14 August 1947 out of India after the Muslims of India threatened civil war unless India accepted partition.

The partition of India and Pakistan in 1947 resulted in the greatest migration of people in history. In the fall of that year, 12 million people became refugees as Muslims in India fled to Pakistan and Hindus and Sikhs in Pakistan fled to India.

One million died in the process.

Yet today the Muslims around the world constantly bang on about the suffering of the Palestinian people under the Jews, whilst ignoring the suffering of the Sikhs and Hindus under the Muslims, Dhimmitude in Pakistan and Hindus during the process of partition.

So why is that we do not have Hindu or Sikh suicide bombers in the UK who make constant reference to India but we do have Muslim suicide bombers in the UK who constantly reference the Palestinians as the basis of their criminality and fanaticism ?

If Islam is such a peaceful religion, then why is it the one religion that today seems to be the main proponent of the suicide bomb. Hindus and Sikhs suffered more than the Palestinians did yet they are not blowing themselves up in Britain and citing partition as the basis of their crimes.

Twelve million Germans were expelled from Poland during the Second World War and three million died, yet Germans do not do suicide bombings in Polish streets.

The Germans, the Hindus and the Sikhs have all sufered the same historical tragedy but none of them are involved in terrorism in the nations that gave them refuge.

The more the white middle class idiots in the liberal media cater to this asinine and facile sense of pseudo-victimhood that the Muslims like to wail about, then the more the Muslims of the West will find a spurious self reinforcing justification for their solipsistic sense of injustice and terrorism.

Their abuse of the suffering of the Palestinian people as self justification for terrorism is an act of evil exploitation.

The Palestinian people and the Palestinian cause are not justification for the murder of innocent women, children and innocents around the world.

Those that use Palestine for justification of murder are an evil that must be eradicated from the heart of Islam.

Islam is not a victim, it is also an aggressor and we must not ever forget that.


Claire Khaw said...

THE ARABS by Peter Mansfield will give you the answers that you seek. It is very good on the development of Arab Socialism and Nationalism, a subject in which I feel you may have an interest.

The writing is vivid, absorbing and lucid.

I am astonished that you, as a British Nationalist, cannot see why the Palestinians resented being made second class citizens in their own land through uncontrolled Jewish immigration.

Nor did suicide bombing originate in the Palestine. The FIRST suicide bomber was female, Sri Lankan and assassinated Rajiv Gandhi.

To compare the Partition of India with the dispossession of the Palestinians is not comparing like with like.

The British did not want Partition to take place, but Nehru did, even if Gandhi did not. In any case, both parties were consulted.

I need not remind you that the Palestinians were not even asked.

Islamophobia, like any other phobia, blinds you to reason and facts ....

Defender of Liberty said...

1) Palestine is a political concept not an ethnic reality. The Jews are as much as part of the land in that area as the Palestinians - and many of the Palestinians are themselves the dispossessors of previous ethnic groups in that area.

2) The Jews have been living in that land for thousands of years, and therefore have as much a claim to the land as the Palestinians.

3) The Germans who were left behind in Poland did not blow up Polish buses fillwed with schoolkids - there is NEVER any justification for suicide bombings of INNOCENT people.

4) The first suicide bombers were Japanese fighter pilots - one of whom blew the eye, three fingers and ribs off my grandfather in the pacific in WW2 when he was in a convoy.

5) The partition of India was a thousand times worse than the palestinian exodus. The millions who fled the partition of India did not want to leave ttheir homes , they were burnt and forced out or died where they stood.

6)Dhimmism is also the condition where an individual abandons rationalism and embraces the propaganda of the Anti-Semitic Left and the Saudi Arabian owned and controlled Media of the Right that seeks to promote the cause of the Palestinians above that of fact or history.

Anonymous said...

Pakistan was created after the understanding between both countries i.e. india and pakistan........and hindus and muslims both were harshly killed in all this activity as far as i know more number of muslims were killed in this partition.
The creation of Israeal is totally different....they are behaving violently with the palestinians muslims just as India is behaving with muslims in KASHMIR.
All over the world it are the muslims who are being destructed....Palestine, Afghanistan, Kashmir, Chachniya, Bosniya, Kosovo.....and being destructed very harshly using the most detrimental weapons......

The suicide bombing is totally a different thing here.....When muslims are being killed soo vilently that they even dont have their families left anymore then any one can go for suicide because of the extreme mental depression he had got...

Sanity in a world of Insanity is insane said...

Whoa, this is absolute nonsense, History twisted and turned to suit the ideology "Muslims are bad", i am a Muslim and i am from India, i understand better the political and social conflict over here.

The post above have the least content of historic/authentic value and is not portrayed to its true values.

You can mail me if necessary, i can point out about 50 mistakes in your post.