Tuesday 5 June 2007

Earning British Citizenship

The proposal being aired by Gordon Brown and his team of sycophantic political pygmies for a 'British National Holiday' must be satire - they cannot be serious. This will be nothing more than another nauseating attempt to force us to 'celebrate' the multi-cultural version of 'Britishness' that the government regards as the only acceptable version of Britishness.

Britishness will be depicted in government propaganda as some multi-cultural slush that we are all supposed to gag on at the same time and then say how wonderful it is.

The government must think we are pigs who can be fed any old slop in the trough.

I can just imagine local council Diversity Officers patrolling the streets on British National Day and forcing people to wave plastic Union Jack flags and smile for the cameras like in the staged pictures of the Chinese people under the Maoist regime ( with rifles trained being on them from behind the cameraman and lorries ready to load them up and take them to the Lagoai if they didnt 'celebrate' their gratefulness to Mao enough ).

You can just imagine the Diversity Officers going around saying to immigrants looking sullen in the street during the British Day celebrations ' you zere, you arent celebrating enough, you best smile for ze camera or you vill have a point deducted from your Citizenship Record Card ' and then the locals being told ' Ve know zat you were not celebrating enough in public as ve have CCTV footage of you not looking happy at ze celebrationz, you vill know go to ze bottom of ze local housing list you racist pig dogz '.


My favorite peice of blather was the section where it states "Under a points-based system, credit would be given to migrants for doing voluntary work but lost for breaking the law ".

I can just imagine the terrorists of Al Qaeda in their nice middle class homes supplied by Leeds Council saying to themselves " Best we quit the Jihad lads, Ruth and Gordon might deduct a few points from our Citizenship Report Card and we might have to stay claiming housing benefits, family credit, unemployment benefit and child benefit a bit longer ".

I bet they are terrified by that threat.

These proposals come from a Labour government that has done more than any other government in history, apart from the Tory government of Ted Heath who took us into the EU and Thatchers government who signed us up to the Maastricht Treaty, to destroy this country through signing us up to every idiotic supra-national treaty scrawled by some International Socialist / Capitalist idiot.

Under their 'leadership' they have been busy too getting their hands in the till and ravishing their secretaries to have ever put the interests of the country first.

Now that Gordon is taking over from Phoney Blair, then it appears that a national debate on protecting British Identity is back on the agenda the same way that immigration was back on the agenda for Thatcher in 1979.

We all know what happened next dont we.

Gordon is just trying to do a 'Thatcher in Drag ' - if you look closely you can almost see him tottering about in the same pair of high heels she wore.

Hopefully 'Once Bitten, Twice Shy' is a maxim that is actually correct.

These proposals come from the Fabian Society, who are the single most dangerous group of terrorists in UK history.


The symbol of the Fabian society is a Wolf in a Lambs coat.

They are nothing more than Communist revolutionaries who embraced the Gramscian Long March instead of the Leninist revolutionary Model. They saw that revolution through the market was more easily achieved than revolution with machine guns. Its nothing more than an organisation of bed wetting middle and upper class schoolboys playing at being 'revolutionaries' so that they can shock Mummy and Daddy at how 'wadical' they are.

In the words of Lenin , they are truly the 'Useful Idiots'.

They have created in this country 'The worst of all possible worlds ' - we today have Political Correctness dominating the Public Sphere of society and Consumerism dominating the Private Sphere of society. We are trapped between the Scylla of State Socialism and the Charybdis of Consumerism.

The taxes of the corporations are then used by the government to subside the Servile State and the army of lickspittle lackeys that depend like parasites on our money.





I have some real proposals for British Citzenship.

First we must shut the doors to the country completely and let no more immigrants in.

Then we must deport EVERY SINGLE illegal entrant, bogus asylum seeker, people trafficker, those naturalised immigrants with criminal records, sex slave, economic migrant, terrorist, terrorist supporter, campaigner for Sharia Law, apologist for terror etc etc.

Once a few million of the scroungers, criminals and terrorists are deported then we can begin to review the status of those legally here.

We need to undertake an immediate Population Audit to find out who is here, and then deport all those who shouldnt be here.

All those who have Naturalised Citizenship status that has been awarded by all previous bent governments will have their citizenship status reviewed. If they have committed a single crime then under the principle of Legus Sanguinus they, and their dependents will be deported and returned to their ancestral homelands.


Lets stop pretending that the 'rights' of Naturalised Subjects and Subjects of the Crown allowed to settle in the UK are the same as the constitutional rights and liberties of the Indigenous people who are the Natural Citizens of the British National Community. They arent.

Citizenship can only be inherited via Jus Sanguinus or earnt after a lifetime of service to the nation. The current system where terrorists like Abu Hamza can enter the nation on a false passport and then claim all the welfare benefits and civil and constitutional rights of Natural Citizens of the UK is absurd.

At the moment British citizenship is handed out by the government to anyone who enters the country like condoms are handed out by teachers to children at primary school.

Citizenship should only be awarded to immigrants after a lifetime of service to the nation such as through joining the Armed Forces, being a doctor, Nurse, an employer of British people or those who have served the community for a lifetime and who have contributed to British society, the British economy or British society.

They should apply for Naturalised Citizenship status and then detail why they deserve it.

Just because they have managed to climb a fence at Calais, hide inside a lorry, get past the slumbering officers on duty at Customs and then be driven by Police Officers armed with ethnic phrase books, cups of coffee and doughnuts to the nearest Left Wing lawyer ( who is busy getting rich on our legal aid money ) or asylum seeker support group funded by the National Lottery who then stands them before some lefty bastard judge in a court who then rules in their favour, doesnt mean they have a right to stay in the country or have citizenship given to them.

The government and the liberals contention that the constitutional rights and civil rights of the indigenous Natural Citizens of the British National Community are the same as any fence jumping illegal immigrant is racist nonsense.

We are the indigenous peoples of this land, the First Peoples, and our ancestors fought and died for our civil rights and the British Constitution. The Social Contract that defines the power of the State is written in our blood.

The sacrifice of their lives that our ancestors made so that we can be free must never be betrayed.

The fact that the government and left wing and liberal parasites are prepared to take away OUR rights and liberties to try and appear to look tough on illegal immigrants, is the logic of the criminal and the Liberal Fascist.

The more the government uses the immigrants, who enter the country because of their political pathy, as an excuse to remove more of our liberties and rights - then the more we drift into a Fascist Scoiety in the name of Liberalism.

The Liberal Consensus of the 20th Century is over. It is as dead and buried as the vile monsters like Mao and Trosky that gave birth to it, and its evil twin Political Correctness.

Whilst faith in Communism and Socialism no longer exists, the spectre of it still haunts the left wing intellectual retards that infest our universities and media.

Those who use the rhetoric of Political Correctness should be regarded as mere accomplices of the Socio-Cide done in its name. The derelict Gulags and Lagoai of the Socialist Experiment are filled with the restless ghosts of those hundreds of millions who fell in the name of Socialism and its pimp sister ( and silent accomplice ) Liberalism.

Their moral high ground is built upon the graveyards they filled with the victims of their crimes.

Their Ivory Towers are built on foundations of terror and genocide.

If they think they can use their pseduo-moralistic bullshit to try and terrify us into silence , then it aint gonna work.

The era where the Marxist-Leninist 'Terrorism of the Word' and the use of words like 'racism' can be used to silence debate is over.

The Left have created and use words like 'racism' as part of a Pavlovian attempt to condition and terrify the population into silence. By screaming at an opponent words like 'racist' it means they dont have to debate, they merely have to scream at them in order for the debate to end. At the same time as they began using words like racism the Left also undertook a Cultural Struggle designed to destroy society - and words like Racism were designed by them to be used in order to discredit their opponents and prevent them winning a debate based on rational discourse.

By using words like 'racism', which have no meaning other than as emotive statements which can be used as the basis of an Ad Hominem attack on their opponent, then this means rational and logical discourse can be ended.

As soon as some liberal or left wing moron screams ' wacist ' at you, with their chin wobbling and their demented eyes bulging, then it merely confirms that you have won the debate and they cannot win it.

Citizenship and Citizenship Rights

If a problem exists with Naturalised Citizens or British Subjects, such as terrorism or criminality, then the rights of Naturalised Citizens and Subjects of the Crown must be removed, not the constitutional and civil rights of the Indigenous British people who are the Natural Citizens of the National Community.

Just as the law already recognises the existence of differential types of citizenship based on Jus Solis, Jus Sanguinis and Lex Sanguinis then the rights attached to those types of Citizenship must also be clarified and classified.

Natural Citizens are those indigenous people of the British National Community whose ancestry can be traced back to the Act of Settlement 1701 and this includes those from closely related European stock who have integrated directly into the indigenous community. This is the basis of Jus Sanguinis. They and their descendants inherit their citizenship status. Only they should have the right to apply to a Constitutional Court System to appeal laws passed by governments that change the British Constitution. These are the indigenous people defined as the 'Permanant Population' in the Treat of Montevideo and therefore their role is to ensure that transient British governments are not able to our remove rights and liberties protected under the British Constitution. We should also regard those descendants of British citizens living in countries such as Zimbabwe as British also under the principle of Lex Sanguinis, even if they hold a Zimbabwe passport. If they ever need asylum in the UK, then we should offer them it.
Natural Citizens should have the right to demand referenda on lawspassed by government that change the British Constitution. The fact that there were no referenda for the Nationality Acts (which changed the definition of citizenship), for our entry into the EU and for the removal of civl liberties and rights enshrined under the British Constitution by the Labour Government means those laws are not 'legal'. For such fundamental changes to the British Constitution to occur the permission of the people must be sought and gained via a referendum. In the absence of such a mandate from the people then the law is void. The role of the Natural Citizen in the British State is to guard the British Constitution from those who would seek to change it. The constitutional principle of Parliamentary Sovereignity does not allow a transient politicians in a transient political party elected under a transient mandate from a minority of the population to claim a right to change the British Constitution. Those laws passed in the past therefore that have chagned the British Constitution without a referendum are unlawful and Ultra Vires. Therefore the Natural Citizens of the country are entitled to have referendums in relation to those issues and if they do not give a mandate, then the laws should be ruled as null and void and non-functional. That way we can take back our country from the EU via a constituional path. Our entrance into the EU was never legal in the first place.

Naturalised Citizenship Status is for those who have given a long period of service to the UK aand British society and who have not broken any of the terms of the Social Contract with the State and the people since they arrived here. They are defined by Jus Solis and are awarded their citizenship status only after a lifetime of service to the UK. Because these people are also defined under Lex Sanguinis as permanent citizens of their ancestral homelands with a permanent Right of Return, regardless of their British citizenship status then their right to remain a Naturalised Citizen is predicated on them obeying the Social Contract. In the event they dont, then they get deported back. They have the same civil and legal rights as all Natural Citizens except they cannot apply to the Constitutional Courts to challenge laws passed by the government that change the British Constitution. Once awarded Naturalised British citizenship then this status can be passed onto their children and they then have Inherited British Naturalised Citizenship Status. Those who inherit Naturalised British Citizenship from Naturalised British Citizens may have their citizenship status revoked for offences such as terrorism, treason, serious criminal offences and other serious breaches of the Social Contract. Those who have served in the British Army, as doctors, nurses and who have served the British nation and people would be entitled to claim Naturalised Citizenship Status by right. This is their reward for loyalty and service to the community.

Subjects of the Crown are those living under the protection of the Crown whilst they stay here until either given Naturalised Citizenship Status or they are deported. They have the same civil and legal rights as both Natural Citizens and Naturalised Citizens but may be removed at any time if in breach of the Social Contract. They must learn to speak English, contribute to British culture and protect the British Way of Life. If they dont, then they get deported. They must earn the right to become Naturalised Citizens. Here a points system may be useful, but the important fact is that the primary imperative for them to become Naturalised Citizens will no longer be purely economic. The era when globalist economists or international socialists used immigrants as cheap labour to undercut UK workers will end. They will only be allowed to settle when they have skills that benefit the WHOLE of British society, not just employers and wage cutters.

We stand for Hard Integrationism as opposed to Liberal Integrationalism - in that those who are rightfully here are here solely to contribute to British Society, and not form colonies or live as colonists amongst us. If they wont do what we expect them to do then they will be deported. We are not here to pander to them, they are here to contribute to OUR society.

The time when the law and politicians confused all three categories of citizenship status will end on the day the BNP comes to power.

We are not frightened by demented left wing, middle and upper class, middle aged, white public school morons screaming ' wacist ' at us. Its like water off a ducks back to us, their invective and hate has been thrown at us for years and we have become immune to their nonsense.

Unlike the other establishment parties that wet their trousers at the first mention of the word
' racism' fired at them from the froth flecked lips of the left wing rent-a-mobs that breed like flies in the corpses of our universities, and then roll over like dogs and show their bellies to the enemies of Britain, we will fight them and we will resist them.

If the corporate media and the big media barons think they can carry on using their power to damage us, our nation and our vote by spreading lies about us so that they can keep in power the corrupt political elite who run the country and who once in power then reward the media bosses with tax breaks, then they had better think again.

When we take power then the era of capitulation and surrender to all the enemies of this nation, both internal and external, ends.

Those who seek to prevent our programme of national liberation will be resisted.

Our revolution will be a revolution based on the Rule of Law and enacted via the democratic system.

We will be voted into power with a mandate for change, and change is what we will deliver.


montecristo said...

"Their Ivory Towers are built on foundations of terror and genocide".
That was a brilliant line Mr Barnes. I agree. This is a brilliant article. Hard on immigration ha ha. This government is insane and still smiling.

montecristo said...

I have done my own review to "This is England" which I thought was a pile of.." it was never like that. All filmakers now will not miss out the multiracial theme unless to make a glaring statement,they might lose too much money.
Duran Duran and the rubik's cube would never have been in the same credits as Peter Tosh smoking marijuana.
Here's how it was in the early eighties..Made in Britain

Anonymous said...

An interesting link revealing the future thats in store for the useful idiots.