Wednesday 13 June 2007

The Wall Comes Down

The Wall Comes Down.

There are moments in history when one can visibly see the wall that divided the people from the political elite coming down. 1989 was such a moment when we watched the Berlin Wall being smashed down by Germans citizens who had been divided from one another since the end of the Second World War by East German Soviet Union politicians.

This week the first leaks in the wall of liberal lies that has separated this country from reality could finally be seen. This trickle is the first sign of an imminent flood that will soon undermine the entire liberal consensus and its foundations.

The first moment of truth being set free from amidst the snarl of lies was a report from the Ministry of Justice published here ; Diversity and Fairness in the Jury system.

As reported in the Times (1) this report reveals that " Jurors of all races are more lenient to ethnic minority defendants in court in an attempt to compensate for perceived bias in the criminal justice system, according to a report published today.

Black and ethnic minority jurors are significantly less likely to convict a black or Asian defendant than a white defendant in certain cases.

"Race leniency" appeared to reflect a belief among black and Asian jurors that the courts treat defendants more harshly if they are from an ethnic minority, the report said.

It said that jurors attempted to deal with the perceived bias in the criminal justice system by trying to create a "level playing field" for ethnic minority defendants.

But the report, by the Ministry of Justice, said that such bias appeared to operate only in cases where race was not a factor in the prosecution.

"White jurors showed some same-race leniency towards white defendants, but again this was present only in cases where race was not an explicit element of the case," it said.

"Both black and Asian jurors showed leniency for the black defendant, but there was no evidence of leniency for the Asian defendant by either Asian or black jurors."

In other words, the constant lie repeated ad neaseum by Liberals, the BBC and the Labour Party for years that poor Ethnic Minorities are not getting fair trials in court due to racism was nothing but the biggest load of BS we have ever been forced to swallow as a society.

The second big lie is the one promulgated by the Liberal Elite and its political lackeys that stop and search by the Police is evidence of police racism. In 1995 the then Met Police Cheif Paul Condon revealed that 80 % of muggings in London were by blacks. This report has now vanished down the Internet memory hole, I have spent twenty minutes trying to find copies of the article but they have vanished.It appears they didnt fit the big lie that the politicians want to portray that the police and criminal justice system are racists.

For ten years we have had imposed upon the institutions of our nation a racist, violent and revolutionary Marxist ideal called Institutional Racism. This doctrine was a revolutionary plan to take over the institutions of our society in a way that bypassed the requirement for a political mandate.

Instead of the people voting for change via the political the process, the process was imposed via the institutions of society.

Political Power is an illusion, unless it can be applied.

Political Correctness and the lie of Institutional Racism allowed the left to take power at the level of the institutions who apply power in our nation without any electoral mandate for them to do.

It has enacted a revolution in our nation, whilst millions of people scuttled past with their heads down and kept silent.

One of the defining lies of Institutional Racism, and one that has been accepted with uncritical obedience by the so called ' chattering classes' is that the Court system is institutionally racist and oppresses those poor, dear, ethnic minority chappies and chappesses.

This lie is the basis of the 'Suffering Noble Ethnic' image of ethnic minorities in this country that the liberal idiots like to portray to the public. The fetishised image of the noble and suffering ethnic minority victim of white injustice is the defining symbol of the Post-Imperial guilt stricken idiot and Multi-Cultural Society.

It has in fact become a syndrome amongst the liberals, that can be recognised and clinically assessed. Read the article here ;

Psychology and White Ethnocentrism Kevin MacDonald

This syndrome is the ' Suffering Ethnic Syndrome' seen in all those white politically correct liberals such as those white idiots that wore chains and carried ' I am sorry ' signs on their chests during the ending of slavery events.

As a result of this syndrome the ' Suffering Noble Ethnic Image' is the basis of every form of apologistic BS that can be imagined. This is why we live in an Idiocracy not a Democracy, for we are ruled by idiots and their drooling minions.

When ethnic groups shoot fellow members of their ethnic groups in gang shootings to make money from drugs to sustain their Bling Lifestyle - then according to the Liberal Elite its white racism that drives them to do it and a racist court system that puts them in prison. They are never responsible for their own actions, and its always the fault of 'whitey'. This retarded racist nonsense is what goes for mainstream political debate in todays Idiocracy.

When ethnic and religious groups comprised of middle class and university educated zealots blow up tube trains that kill scores of people for their extremist Islamist agenda then its white racism that drives them to do it and their inability to get 'justice ' in the institutionally racist 'system' that drives them to cause violence, never their own extremism.

When ethnic groups form a far greater percentage of the prison population than whites, then it is Institutional Racism that is responsible for them being put in prison not their own criminality. No ethnic is ever responsible for their own actions when they can always blame 'Da Man' for their own problems.

When ethnics are stopped and searched by the Police for suspected involvement in muggings then it is institutional racism that is responsible for them being stopped and then arrested and imprisoned for any crimes they may have been involved in. Even when the evidence is clear, the person who tells the truth must be smeared and libelled.

In every BBC, ITV and Channel 4 crime drama the token ethnic minority in the show is always innocent and it is an institutionally racist justice system that has put them in prison for their crimes.

The endless permutations of this 'Suffering Ethnic Syndrome' afflict our society at every turn.

White Juries are even slandered as racists for daring to imprison ethnic minority criminals.

White Liberal Judges, like His Honour Judge Timothy Clayson, who gave derisory community service to scum like these here
and the white liberal judge who gave the derisory sentences for the violent racist scum here ;

Then believe the image of the ' Suffering Noble Ethnic' and our community gets NO JUSTICE.

Because they are also victims of this syndrome, they thenpass derisory sentences on ethnic scum and thereby secondary victimise the victims of their crimes and the white community as a whole.

On every front our community is under attack.

This term Institutional Racism was coined by Stokeley Carmichael a member of the Black Panthers and a radical Marxist. This man was a hero to the self hating, white, middle class university radicals of the pathetic 1968 generation. The 1968 Generation were the nadir of the West, a mewling, whining ,self hating cabal of over educated idiot savants, whose activities have almost destroyed the West but who now work as news reporters, university academics and lawyers making millions from the public purse as part of the Servile State.

Stokeley Carmichael was as vicious a racist as one can find. He hated white people. He coined the phrase 'Black Power' and ' Burn Baby Burn' to describe how whites needed to be murdered and burnt out of black areas of the city. He was the prototype of the ethnic cleansers we have seen in the Balkans.

Lee Jasper an adviser for the London Mayor on racial issues who also sits on the London Policing Boards has also used the BLACK POWER salute of Carmichael and shouted Black Power ! in a recent documentary by Kenan Malik - review here ;

I wonder if Red Ken would still employ an white employee who worked on the race relations boards of London who did a Nazi Salute at the camera and shouted WHITE POWER ! whilst being interviewed for a TV documentary - of course not, but hey Lee Jasper is black and black fascism is socially acceptable isnt it.

Yet for a decade we have had to endure the systematic undermining of our national institutions in the name of combating Institutional Racism. It was like watching the 'co-ordination' process of the Nazi Regime under Hitler.

Gleichschaltung (literally "equal switching", meaning "making the same", "bringing into line") is a the term for the process by which the Nazis successively established a system of totalitarian control over the individual, and tight coordination over all aspects of society and commerce. One goal of this policy was to eliminate individualism and resistance to the process by forcing everybody to adhere to a specific doctrine and way of thinking and to control as many aspects of life as possible using an invasive police force with the remit to police all sections of society at the same time.

In the UK our version of the Gestapo was the Commission for Rcial Equality, who had the remit to investigate and control all public authorities as regards Institutional Racism.

In a subversion of all legal norms those institutions werre forced to try and prove a negative - that they werent Institutionally Racist. But seeing as they had already been declared as being Institutionally Racist without any evidence at all, and thereby could not prove the negative that they were not institutionally racist, then they were unable to stop the CRE from ordering them to do whatever it wanted them to do.

The CRE Race Relations Gestapo then controlled the State.

All sections of society were forced to adopt the 'Institutional Racism' ideology and then allow 'diversity advisers' to enter those institutions and change them so that ethnic groups and other favoured minority groups, such as Islamic extremists and
Marxists, were promoted and put in power within those institutions.

All the time the gutless liberals and the gutless reactionary right of the Tory Party all played three monkeys and refused to stand in the way of this revolution without a democratic mandate or remit in our society.

Every time someone dared to stand up to this wave of thuggery against our society, they were called racists until they either capitulated or some gutless jellyfish sacked them from their jobs.

It was like witnessing 1932 again, this time though with the Rainbow Flag of diversity flying over the Council Offices, instead of the Nazi Swastika. Those that dared protest were called racists.

New laws were passed such as the Public Order Act 1986 and the religious hatred laws that allowed the courts to arrest and imprison anyone who dared whisper anything that was considered 'racist' by the self appointed Guardians of Society.

Thought Criminals were hunted down and then exposed for a Public Hate process, where the media brought down hatred on their heads and tried to ruin their lives.

Living through this process was like drowning in a sea of stupidity. Everyone become a marionette with a mission to fulfil, and middle class white liberals donned the jackboots of diversity and began to act like Gauliters in our own communities enforcing diversity.

Racial Dissidents were jailed and paedophiles and child rapists set free.

Last year the police CAUTIONED 230 child rapists, yet imprison people at the merest hint of a sugestion of them being involved in racism - UNLESS THEY ARE ETHNIC MINORITY RACISTS of course, and then they get suspended sentences and community service for their race crimes against whites.

We even had our own Holocaust going on at the same time as the Political Correctness and Instiotutional Racism co-ordination process was underway in British society. This was the Abortion Holocaust that began in 1967 and that has murdered six million of our British citizens in the abortion clinics of the state since then.

They have built a Wall and taught us to call it freedom.

The Wall began the moment we stepped foot outside our front doors and surrounded us our entire lives. No one could escape the Wall, it cast a shadow over us everywhere we went and over everything we did and said.

The Wall was painted in pretty rainbow colours so that children could be shown the Wall and indoctrinated into thinking it was the basis of their liberty and freedoms.

Yet if you dared peer closely at the Wall one could see thousands of holes like pockmarks in the Wall itself.

These were those who opposed the building of the Wall faced public execution and their social destruction.

Each one of these pockmarks in the Wall represented a life ruined.

But the Wall is coming down.

Slowly the shadow cast by the Wall is lifting.


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montecristo said...

Everything is a lie, and when they want to lie they start with the law,and in a lazy society the rest falls on even automaticallly. But being fairly useless themselves they go about it in a hopskotch way. The only way to beat idiots who play with the law is to treat them like idiots back.