Friday 1 June 2007

Paedophilia and Civilisational Collapse

Whenever a civilisation is about to collapse there are signs and portents that appear that show this is about to happen. As Carl Jung said some events are so significant that they cast a shadow long before they actually occur.

A civilisation about to collapse is one that has drifted, or been driven, into decadence, moral relativism, cultural relativism, nihilism, solipsism and sterility. It is also equally true that a civilisation cannot be defeated from without, unless it has been first destroyed from within.

One of the most important portents of our imminent civilisational collapse (or its eventual conquest by Islamic Fundamentalists) is the idea that 'paedophiles need community care ' as put forward by Jim Gamble of the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP).

From the pernicious nature of modern consumer culture to our political elite, each are like termites undermining the foundations of our society and civlisation. The idea that paedophilia is a 'social problem' is an example of how political correctness has become a corrosive in our society.

Consumer culture is pure poison. The TV and media are now used as nothing more than a mechanism to enslave minds and peddle consumerist rubbish to those that believe status in society is predicated not on what you contribute to society, but simply how much money you have regardless of how you earn that wealth. The people that run the media are as much the enemies of society as any terrorists. The messages that the media pump out are having a direct and pernicious influence on our children.

The link with TV and the development of early puberty has also been found by scientists. Yet no politician dare demand they stop pumping out their filth for fear of the media attacking them and damaging the support of the voters who are told what to think and who to vote for by the BBC, the Guardian and the rest of the liberal media.

In other words scientific research has shown that the dissemination of erotic images in society via the TV and media is causing a hormonal reaction in the children that results in them reaching puberty at an earlier age than they should do. This endless promotion of sex to children should be classified as a sex crime within our society. Instead the media are allowed to pump out this filth to children without any legal challenge to them doing so.

This is an attempt by the liberal elite within society to equate paedophilia primarily as a social problem, and to downgrade the physical abuse of children from a crime to a mental health issue.

This is to be expected. The liberal elite have sought to sexualise children for decades. The Labour government are now teaching four year old primary school children about homosexuality and sexual health, they have begun promoting gay lifestyles in schools and have allowed big business to get away with selling lap dancing play sets to little girls, selling pre-pubescent young girls sexual fetishist clothing and have promoted the sexualisation of the image of children as a mechanism to increase sales.

From the sick image of Britney Spears dressed as a schoolgirl in her pop videos saying ' hit me baby one more time', to the remake of St.Trinians the movie with grown women cavorting around dressed as schoolgirls in erotic underwear, the racist MTV Gangsta rap image of bikini clad white girls acting as subservient 'ho's' to drug dealing, gun wielding, Bling worshipping Afro-American thugs to the promotion of under age sex in schools and the provision of contraceptives to under age children, everywhere the bombardment of sexual images at children is accepted and promoted. At all turns the liberal elite bombard our children with images of sexuality and attempt to reinforce their sexualisation via consumer culture. This has had a direct biological effect on young women and led to young girls and boys in the West reaching puberty faster than they have ever done before in human history.

If we accept that a link to early puberty exists with images of sex on the TV, then the similar hormonal rush experienced during playing violent video games may be the explanation for the rise in violence in the young. Video games are used by the American military to train their troops and harden them to battle. It is not widely known but in her book Blood Rites the author Barbara Ehrenreich (1) revealed that only a tiny percentage of American troops actually fired their weapons during the Second World War. That a majority of the killing was done by a tiny minority of the troops, and this is why the use of video games to acclimatise and desensitise soldiers to killing is essential to turn them into soldiers ready to kill. If video games can do this to grown men imagine what they are doing to children.

Paedophilia is more than just a crime, it is the rape and violation of the body, the spirit and the soul.

The damage it causes to a child can never be healed. The memory of such an event is lodged not only within the brain of the child but also the physical damage it causes to the body of the child is also permanent. Many children are left physically unable to have children and many end up killing themselves after a lifetime of agony. They spend their lives traumatised by the event and never completely heal. They carry the pain with them forever.

Viewing images of paedophilia is also not a victimless crime. The demand for the images by those who view them, drives others to supply those images. Therefore those who view the images are increasing the numbers of children who are victims of paedophilia. Downgrading the viewing of child pornography to a social crime is itself a crime against humanity.

Acts of paedophilia are in many ways worse than murder. A crime of passion is a spontaneous act with no premeditated forethought. Paedophiles are rational monsters. They know that what they are doing is wrong and yet still go ahead and deliberately commit the crime. Many engineer social situations so as to have access to a child and then attempt to hide the crime. They are acts of pure and deliberate evil. For most of them the act of paedophilia is as much about power as it is about sex. They are sexual inadequates who can only feel sexual potency when faced with those who are unable to defend themselves.

They are predators.

They hunt down their victims and then attack them.

Most of them cannot ever be 'treated' as their actions are not the result of some irrational impulse but acts of deliberate and rational choice. Their criminality is hard wired into their brains. They can only be permanently removed from society, and the cheapest and most efficient way of removing them from society is execution.

The fact that appointed officials of the State have suggested that paedophiles should not be sent to prison is evidence both of the governments desire to downgrade the status of paedophilia and also of how the liberal elite that run our country are now running it in THEIR interests and not the interests of the people. This attempt to downgrade the status of paedophilia is an attempt to socially engineer society and impose a liberal fascist totalitarian system upon us.

No-one has voted for Jim Gamble. He is nothing more than a paid Labour government jobsworth and a minion of the Servile State.

The fact he is disseminating such poisonous ideas to the public is because his political masters are testing the waters on this issue. He will have been briefed before he said what he said and told what to say. This is not some random statement from some transient minion. This is the first stench of the rotting corpse.

The government see prison as the final, and most expensive, option.

By downgrading the status of paedophilia and regarding the viewing of paedophile images as a social issue instead of a criminal issue, then space in jails can be freed up for those guilty of thought and speech crimes, racial heresy and political dissidence.

Whilst people like Nick Griffin will be prosecuted at the cost of millions of pounds and scores of police officers taken off real policing and anti-terrorism duties, the cops drive around arresting people with gollywogs in the windows of their shops to raise their 'arrest rate' of racially motivated crimes ( and to get serious 'Brown Nosing' promotion points with their local Diversity and Sexual Lifestyles Team Leader, Chief Officer Millie Tant) .

Whilst Nick and Mark were being investigated by a special team of officers over thousands and thousands of police man hours, the idiots that run Yorkshire Police were so busy trying to get evidence to put Nick and Mark in prison for political thought and speech crimes for their pension and paymaster general Blunkett, that they never saw or looked for the 7/7 bombers who were assembling their bombs and making their plans to suicide attack the London Underground.

The lasting legacy of David Blunkett is that under his watch the Yorkshire Police sent scores of officers to investigate Nick and Mark for speech crimes whilst the 7/7 terrorists were building their terrorist bombs under their very noses.

This attempt to downgrade paedophilia is evidence that our society and civilisation is about to collapse.

We are assailed from terrorists from within who we capitulate our liberties too, whilst the very fabric of our society is being torn apart by ideologues and idiots whose idea of Liberty is to imprison thought criminals and free child rapists.

If proof were ever needed that the people who run our country no longer serve the people this is it.

The moment has finally come.

Now it is for each of you to decide ' what side of the line am I on '.



youdontknowme said...

You are correct. These paedophiles should not be allowed to breath the same air as law abiding people. They should be executed.

As for these police who think that viewing child porn is not much of a crime they show the exact reason why we need to have elected police chiefs.

Mr Right Wing said...

Are you suggesting that anyone who views an erotic image of a 17 year old should be executed? If not where do you draw the line?