Wednesday 7 September 2011

Hi Edmund Standing and Harrys Place

I felt quite nostalgic being ridiculed and abused by Edmund Standing and Harrys Place.

Just when you think you off the radar, they jump up and down and spit their dummies out again.

One wonders why they are so bothered, if I am such an irrelevance.

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Anonymous said...

"For the most part, Barnes steers clear of his more whacky theories, although there is of course much talk of ‘globalists’ and a brief mention of how Israel and America control Britain"

And Harry's Place think that Britain isn't controlled by US foreign policy??

And the Rothschild's helped carve up Egypt the first time round during the war in Sudan and the British take over of Egypt in the late part of the 19th Century.
Who do they think controlled Egypt's banking system? Charlie Chaplin?
And the war in Libya isn't EU/NATO imperialism??
And I bet Harry's Place think that the British empire was a benevolent fan club where membership was voluntary.

Oh well, at least they gave you free publicity, go send them a Blue Peter badge or sign them up to the Dennis the Menace fan club.

Anonymous said...

Edmund standing?

I thought that odious little creep was dead...

Wishful thinking on my part perhaps!