Friday 23 September 2011


Listen to Nick Griffin say ' Thank god that Christianity is now virtually gone from the West '.

So much for the BNP being a 'Christian' party.

So much for the BNP defending British Christian Culture.

So much for the BNP being a 'Christian party' to protect Christian values.

Another monumental Griffin cock up - the man is an oaf.

Listen here ;

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Anonymous said...

Actually, this is what Mr Griffin said - "The Inquisition was part of a particularly intolerant religious phase in christianity which has now thank god past"

Anonymous said...

Did he say that???? I listened to the whole interview and have to say that the only thing mentioning 'Christianity' was referring to the Inquisition.

I wouldn't let personal spates and sour grapes colour apparent mis-information (fibs)



Extant said...

The terrible and most vicious part of Christianity has gone. As the witch hunts and persecution of our own people. Good try ;o) !

Extant said...

Channel the relenting bitterness, contempt, RIGHTFUL fury and anger and turn it into success for us all. Use it to harness the COLLECTIVE spirit of our people by aspiring the anger outwards to the correct enemy that nourishes and bath's himself in our blood as the division's grow deeper.


Anonymous said...

Oh really give the man a break, he was once up on trial a Leed crown court and could have gone to prison. Where were you at that time.

Anonymous said...

I cant believe that.Jacqui probably weres a burka in the bedroom whilst Nick comes out the closet !

Anonymous said...

I must admit i howled with laughter when i heard this.
What a idiot....

Anonymous said...

You know that's not true Lee. He said the intolerant phase of Christianity is passed. You don't do yourself any favours by distorting the facts so blatantly.

Extant said...

Random I know, but watch these 2 videos below-

The Zionist "Stay Awake" to glorify and encourage suicide of our children, YES, THE CHORUS IS "KILL YOURSELF)-

In stark contrast, the Christian "Stay Awake"

If you are not convinced of what they are deliberately presiding over, now look at this sample of how they are deliberately removing our consent by manipulating the way we see reality.

Programming and planning the extermination of white Britons, copy and paste below-

There is plenty more out there, it is all around us, that's all you need to understand is THE PLAN, then you will always recognize what they are doing.

Sir Mafeking said...

Come on Lee you should know better than to take someone out of context. I have listened to the link and it is a pretty good interview. Nick Griffin was talking about the type of Christianity being practised at the time of the inquisitions. Don't tell me you would want to live under that form of Christianity.

Ade said...

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