Friday 30 September 2011

Immigration apology lost as Cooper talks up cultural enrichment

Immigration apology lost as Cooper talks up cultural enrichment

Immigration apology lost as Cooper talks up cultural enrichment


Few people have a greater capacity of talking from both sides of their face at once than a Labour politician.

Yvette Cooper was demonstrating a master class on how to do this on the Today programme on BBC Radio 4 yesterday.

On the one hand there seemed to be a half-baked vague apology about Labour not achieving some form of immigration controls, of which she could give but the barest of detail to.

On the other hand she gave the ridiculous argument that immigrant culture somehow enriches Britain.

This overtly specious approach that advocates cultural enrichment, belies the reality that this argument is being made for the sake of the argument; not for the acknowledgment of harm that mass, unfettered, immigration causes.

As well as Labour’s cultural blunder, the economic repercussions of those with less than comparable education to our own were completely omitted by the former Labour Minister on radio.

In simple terms, migrant culture does not enrich our Islands. Britain with its rich history of toleration, free-speech and Parliamentary democracy already has the world’s eminent and superior culture that is a model for all nations seeking development.

The addition of anything distinct is merely a dilution of that which is already perfect.

To take an example, few of the successful economies of the developing world can claim freedom of the press comparable to Britain even in the 19th C, let alone today.

Let’s come back to the cultural issues in just a moment. Take a deep breath and just look at some of the immigration statistics and the migrant mess that Labour has created.

In the last ten years of 2 million jobs that were created in Britain, 1.8 million went to immigrants.

This is a shocking abdication of a government whose primary responsibility is to empower and facilitate its own people into the job market, by creating the correct skills and educational base.

According to the research body Migration Watch net immigration quadrupled to 237,000 a year between 1997 and 2007.

In 2009 it was 196,000. 3 million immigrants have arrived since 1997.

A migrant still arrives almost every minute into Britain, shockingly despite unemployment being a ten-year high. We need to build a new home every six minutes for new migrants. This is despite the national debt growing over the next few years.
Yvette Cooper was very defensive in the interview. She tried to put forward the lamentable idea of the point system.

The problem with the points system is that it does not assess people on the basis of whether they have found a job, but rather whether they are likely to.

This increases the chances that new-comers are likely to be added to a list of those who are looking for work in a country that has an increasing list of those who are losing their jobs.

Further some of these will manage to get welfare provisions before they have managed to work at all.

This is particularly likely because, under the present system, the ability to maintain oneself in the UK is not compulsory but merely carries points that are likely to aid entry.

Secondly the point system does not work. The point system that Labour left for the Coalition still meant that in the first year of the Coalition more people entered

Britain than any other year since immigration records began.This is because the point system is primarily designed to deal with those who already have a significant amount of skills and qualifications.

Critically it does not apply to any of the huge numbers of people that have an automatic right of entry from the EU.

With the new, Lib-Dem inspired, Coalition tax-free bracket of over £7,000 it is now possible to arrive in this country, never pay tax and still get free housing, schooling and healthcare.

That is clear injustice on those who have paid tax for years, and particularly those taxpayers who have to compete for the same provisions.

Now let’s go back to Cooper’s fantasy of cultural enrichment. In worst cases isolation of immigrant communities caused by multi-culturalism and lack of assimilation leads to welfare dependency, and even a proliferation of Islamic extremism.

All this has occurred under Labour and not a word of recognition is given either by Cooper or by Ed Miliband at Labour's party conference.

Immigrant cultures, because of Labour's advocacy for multi-culturalism have carried out morally repugnant Sharia courts in Britain.

When Sikhs got offended about a play in Birmingham in 2004, they chose to bash a theatre to the point of preventing a show going on. This was an episode markedly reminiscent of a medieval mob from some pre-reformation history book.

So much for immigrant assimilation into the value of freedom of speech. Token ethnic
candidates that pander to multi-culturalism were specifically chosen by Labour to shore up inner-city seats for this supposed cultural enrichment.

At the same time any criticism of multi-culturalism was, and still is, idiotically branded as racist in a manner which is akin to state censorship of any counter-argument.

Labour made assimilation actively impossible as it spent millions of tax-payer’s pounds on schemes that taught multi-culturalism in schools.

Further thousands were spent on absurd local government projects such as black-history day that encourage, rather than enervate, racial and cultural differences.

At the same time Labour, wanting this cultural enrichment, ensured that British History could never be compulsory on the national curriculum.

This was all going on whilst further immigrants were coming into the UK. Apologies from Labour are no longer simply not enough.

Resignation of seats and an immigration system that works with the effect of a quota-control is what is needed.

With large number of new comers coming in, and with no active schooling available of this country’s history it is no wonder we are, generation by generation, losing sight of who we are.

This mass pool of migration already exacerbates the lack of knowledge amongst young people, many of whom haven’t got a clue who Nelson or even, the more contemporaneous, Churchill was.

Yvette Cooper needs to get a leaf out of the book of one of my heroes, the great former Governor General of India: Warren Hastings.

As he new, you do not need to import huge parts of India into Britain to sample its culture. You can get translations of Sanskrit in libraries; and if you are really keen- you can just go there.

What Cooper and the Labour party need to grasp is that we must promote our culture at the centre of strictly controlled immigration, and encourage assimilation.

or if we don’t know who we are; we cannot know the world- we have no comparator to judge from, no yardstick from which to measure, no looking glass from which to see why we should be proud of what we have.

The air of these Isles is so mystical and romantic in texture, imbued with centuries of sacrifice and endeavour for the most noblest of causes: Liberty.

This same air that inspired Shakespeare, Coleridge, Milton and Keats, amongst others, should not be shared so easily, but only given to the best.

Further, when new immigrants arrive we should ensure they breathe the spirit of all it carries, in order that they are emancipated from the isolating burden of their own cultural provenance.

Now this, Yvette Cooper, is what cultural enrichment is all about.

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