Thursday, 6 March 2014

The Ephialtes Griffin Strategy

Image - Ephialtes Griffin - the betrayer of British and Ukranian Nationalists.
People may have noticed Nick Griffin cosying up to the Golden Dawn and other European political parties of late.
I would have called them Nationalist political parties, but after their absurd support of Putin and his Ukranian invasion plans for an Eurasian Union, they can no longer be defined with the Nationalist political spectrum.
" British for the British in the European Union ", is as much an absurd notion as " Russian for the Russians inside the Eurasian Union ".
The fact that the parade of Putin fan boys and halfwits that run half the formerly nationalist parties in Europe now support Putins Imperialist plans to invade, occupy and exploit the Ukraine as the focal point of his Eurasian Union proves that Griffinite stupidity afflicts much of the former nationalist right.
Some people have been wondering why Griffin has been spending so much time with the former nationalist parties in Europe.
The answer is simple.
After the next round of European elections on the 22nd May 2014, the BNP will lose both its remaining MEP seats.
That means the party will lose virtually all its income.
The flow of Euro cash that has funded Griffins little clique of lickspittles will dry up and the party has no money to keep the Griffin gravy train running.
The BNP has lost almost all its elected officials and almost all its membership.
It is now a pathetic shuffling hollow husk of a party facing financial ruin - especially after losing the recent will case.
So it needs to try and draw in new supporters / mugs to fund Griffins lifestyle.
Hence Griffin thinks that by being photographed with the parade of peacoocks, halfwits and pseudo-nationalists of parts of the European Right, that the far right supporters in Britain will return to the party fold.
Its the strategy of financial desperation.
Hence why Griffins idiot propagandists are busy churning out ridiculous ideas like the White man March - the sort of crass, asinine and facile stunts that merely make the BNP and nationalists look like a parade of halfwits.
Its an idiotic political stunt - another idiotic stunt that will do nothing to prevent the continued collapse of Nationalism that has accelerated over recent years.
No doubt a few of the Putin fans , impressed with Griffin shaking the hands of other traitorous Putin fans, will rejoin the party.
Let every idiot cluster together in the moronic Griffinite cult.
The real nationalists will support the Ukranian Nationalists, whilst the fake and idiot nationalists can support the Red Flag waving anti-fascist mobs and militia attacking Nationalists in Ukraine and Russia.
We stand with the Spartans.
Not with Ephialtes and his clique of traitors.
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