Saturday 15 March 2014

The Right Spectrum

The continual call of The Right Sector as Far Right / Fascist / Uktra-Nationalist / Nazi / Nationalist etc prove that the media do not have a clue as to what either The Right Sector stand for politically or where they sit on the Nationalist spectrum.
I define below where most Right parties and movements sit.
The Right Spectrum is based on two forces Revolution and Reaction. One the Far Left we see the Socialist & Nationalist anti-corporate and anti-Imperialist impulse and the Far Right is designated by an Imperialist and Corporate impulse.
This allows us to place nationalist political parties and movements on a Left to Right scale based on Left Nationalist Revolutionary ideology to Reactionary Right ideology.
We shall start on the Left of the Right Spectrum.
A) Social Nationalist - eg Strasserite Left Revolutionary Social Nationalists. Anti-corporate, anti-capitalist, anti-imperialist and nationalist.
B) National Socialism - the original ideology of the NSDAP in Germany prior to the expulsion of the National Socialist left by Hitler. Had its origins in a fusion of the Left & Right.
C) Conservatism - we can place this at the centre point of the spectrum. Do not confuse Conservatism with the Conservative Party in Britain, as the latter is now a social democratic party. Some conservatives seek to preserve things as they are, emphasizing stability and continuity, while others, called reactionaries, oppose modernism and seek a return to "the way things were ". The Conservatives who want things to remain stable are on the left of the Conservative wing, usually called 'the wets' or Red Tories and those who are the Dries, whose policies which came to be labelled as "dry" ones included foremostly reducing public spending, cutting taxes, lowering interest rates, tightly controlling the money supply, and reducing the regulatory power of the state – all policies which were closely associated with Thatcher.
D) Paleo-Conservatism - emphasis on tradition, limited government, civil society, anti-colonialism and anti-federalism, along with religious, regional, national and Western identity.
E) Nationalism - traditional nationalism relates to a protection of the people and the nation. Though the nation and people are seen as a unity, this is not based solely on an ethnic definition of the citizens of that nation. Those who are loyal to the nation are seen as one with the nation. Unlike Cultural Nationalism, which says only those who are culturally integrated into the nation and its culture can be members of the nation, nationalism allows other cultures to exist within the nation state as long as their loyalty is to the nation and the people of the nation itself - and not some other nation or their own ethnic interests.
F) Cultural Nationalism - as this does not explicitly relate to ethnic interests, it sits between Paleo-Conservatism & Ethnic Nationalism on the spectrum. Though the fact that it demands cultural integration and excludes those who may be loyal to the nation even though they are not culturally integrated means it sits on the right of the spectrum to Nationalism.
G) Ethnic Nationalism - as its focus relates to the protection and promotion of ethnic and cultural interests, it sits on the Right of the spectrum.
H) Fascism - Fascism was the merger of the State & the corporations. Hence its union with the corporations ensured the pre-dominance of corporate interests took precedence over the socialist impulse within Fascism. Hence it has to be placed in the Reactionary Right section of the spectrum. Fascism can also be imperialist.
I) Neo-Conservatism - this is included on the Far Right spectrum due to its imperialist, militarist, supra-national scope as way to promote US corporate interests. The fact that the movement has as much loyalty to Israel as America, means that it cannot be included within the definition of a Nationalist movement.
J) Hitlerism - Hitlerism is not National Socialism. It is fact the antithesis of National Socialism as it is the use of the State to profit the Capitalists and Industrialists via the use of war as a mechanism to increase corporate profits. Hitlerism was Supra-national in scope eg Greater German Reich & The New Order based on supra-national imperialist Pan-Aryanism.
So we can see that the placing of The Right Sector as a Fascist / Nazi / Hitlerite group is false.
They fit squarely into the Nationalist bracket.
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