Wednesday 5 March 2014

Why Putin Invaded Ukraine - Energy & Empires

There are three reasons why Putin has invaded the Ukraine.
1) Hubris. He cannot stand the kick in the balls that the Ukranian Nationalists gave to him by toppling the pro-Russian corrupt political puppet regime that used to rule the Ukraine for Putins benefit.
2) Energy - The Ukraine is the energy aorta of Europe, with vast amounts of Russian gas flowing through the Ukraine and then into the EU. This control of Europe's energy supplies allows him to control Europe via energy blackmail. If Putin turns the pipelines off, then almost a third of Europes gas stops flowing. In the great game of empires throughout modern history since the post 1918 period, whoever controls the energy ( usually in the form of the oil ) controls the world. At the moment America and its Arab puppet regimes control the oil, but as Peak Oil hits in the 21st century then supplies of natural gas will replace oil. Hence those that have the gas will control the world when the oil starts to run dry.
The saying is true - There can be no National Security, without Energy Security.
3) The Eurasian Union.
Putins 21st century Geo-political plan is to create a vast supra-national bloc to challenge the EU, a sort of post-Soviet Empire run by Putin as his personal fiefdom.
This is what the Eurasian Union will look like ;
If realized, the Eurasian Economic Union would comprise a number of states which were part of the former Soviet Union: Russia, Belarus, Kazakhstan.[9][10] Vladimir Putin stated in November 2011 that the Eurasian Union would build upon the "best values of the Soviet Union"; however, critics claimed that the drive towards integration aims to restore the "Soviet Empire"
The problem for Putin is that the Ukraine is the key to the Eurasian Union ;
In addition to the geostrategic importance of Ukraine, getting Kiev on side is critical to the success of Putin’s proposal for a Eurasian Economic Union. Such a union will exist as a counter to the EU and allow Moscow to institutionalise Russia’s influence.
If realised, the Russian-dominated union would also potentially control one-third of the world’s proven natural gas reserves. It is also clear that losing Ukraine would dangerously undermine Putin’s standing and authority within his own United Russia political party, and provide an example of what dissatisfied populations can achieve through popular protests.
This is why Russian willingness to use coercive diplomacy to maintain an exclusive sphere of influence in the former Soviet Space should come as no surprise. After all, it was Putin who in 2006 described the demise of the Soviet Union as the “greatest geopolitical catastrophe” of the 20th century. To protect its declining influence, Russia has not hesitated to use its control of energy resources. At the height of winter in 2006 and 2009, Moscow cut off gas supplies to the Ukraine - and Europe - in disputes with Kiev over gas prices and gas debts.
Russia also uses its position on a network of Soviet-era pipelines as the last exit point to European markets to bully clients and extract low gas and oil prices from Central Asian suppliers.
For example, in 2009, in a dispute over gas pricing Russia suspended gas imports from Turkmenistan for nine months, which cost the latter an estimated one-quarter of its total annual GDP.
Griffin, Golden Dawn, FN, Jobbik, NPD have all rushed to lay down and be petted by Putin.
They have done so solely for their own short term political interests, and at the same time have betrayed both Nationalism and Europe.
What Europe needs is a heroic resistance movement led by a revolutionary nationalist vanguard of young nationalists like the Ukranian Right Sector to lead the overthrow of the rotten old EU regime.
Instead we have a clique of tired, weak, corrupt cowards who have sold out their nations and nationalism for the patronage of Putin, a man who would do Nationalists in his Eurasian Union and in a Putin controlled Europe exactly what he has already done to Nationalists in Russia.
The primary reason why these puffed up political clowns of the pseudo-political right in Europe have opposed the Ukranian Nationalists is because the Ukranian Nationalists have done in a few months what these parasites have never achieved in decades of political activism.
The Ukranian Nationalists have overthrown their governments and built a National Revolution from the ground up.
Look at the European political nationalists, in their plush EU funded offices in designer suits supping fine wines and playing pathetic reactionary bourgeoisie games as they surrender ever more of our nationalist principles to appease the howler monkey liberals that hoot and yell perpetually demanding the dilution of nationalist principles in order for nationalists to sit beneath their tables and beg for the scraps they down to us like good, well trained pets of the traitorous elite.
The European nationalists are too stupid to realise they will never win the rigged game of electoral politics, or they are just too corrupt to care.
Therefore these sad pathetic parade of losers now go bowing and scraping to Putin for some pocket money to put in their already bulging pockets filled with EU funds, state cash and the subscriptions of their gullible members.
Anyone with any intelligence knows you cannot win the rigged game of politics in the EU. All nationalist political parties are is controlled fake oppositions to perpetuate the illusion of democracy in the EU tyranny. Even when Nationalists do win elections then their parties are banned ( NPD), arrested ( The Golden Dawn ), infiltrated by state agents ( BNP, NPD) the law forces them to change their constitutions to remove nationalist principles ( BNP ) or their leaders are murdered like Jorg Haider.
We will never overthrow the EU through playiung the rigged game of electoral politics.
That is why the European nationalists hate the Ukranian Nationalists and have now aligned with Putin, whose anti-nationalist venom inside Russia and whose IMPERIALIST plans for a supra-national state entity match only the Imperialism and anti-nationalism of the EU itself.
The Right Sector are the future of European Nationalism.
I stand with them and their heroes against all who will stand against the European Reconquista that we so deserve and need.
Let the old, the weak, the cowards, the traitors, the corrupted and the stupid all stand together against us.
That way when the time comes, we already know who all our real enemies are.

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