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The Frankfurt School And The Truth

The origins of the Frankfurt School began with funding provided by the German Jewish Marxist Felix Weil.
Weil had been a student of the German Marxist proffessor Karl Korsch. Who was not Jewish.
Along with György Lukács, Karl Korsch is regarded as one of the major figures responsible for laying the groundwork for Western Marxism in the 1920s.
Karl Korsch was born in 1886 in Tostedt, near Hamburg in Germany. His father was a successful bank clerk and later a bank manager. Korsch went to school in Thuringia, and to university in Munich, Berlin, Geneva and Jena. Like Walter Benjamin, his first political experiences came as a member of the 'Free Student Movement', a broad, liberal and idealist organisation committed to the idea of transforming education in the interest of students.
On the outbreak of war, in August 1914, Karl Korsch returned to Germany. He claimed to have served in the war, while openly expressing his opposition to it. For this, he was demoted from the rank of reserve lieutenant to corporal. Korsch boasted that he never carried a rifle or sabre. Somehow he survived the hostility of his own commanding officers, and was twice decorated with the Iron Cross, for acts of bravery under fire.
The Frankurt School as it has come to be known, is actually The Institute For Social Research and was founded in 1923.
Its first head was Kurt Albert Gerlach. A German Marxist. Not a Jew. He died before the centre opened and was replaced by Carl Grunberg
Carl Grunberg was a German Marxist. He was Jewish.
The idea of the centre and its origins are described here ;
The Institute emerged from a week-long symposium held in Ilmenau, Germany in 1922. The First Marxist Workweek was organized and funded by German-Argentinean agricultural magnate Felix Weil with the purpose of combining the different trends of Marxism. The symposium was attended by Georg Lukács, Karl Korsch, Karl August Wittfogel, and Friedrich Pollock, among others. The event was reportedly so successful that Weil set about erecting a building and funding salaries for a permanent "Institute for Marxism" modeled upon the Marx-Engels Institute in Moscow.
In 1923, with the help of the German Communist Party, the Institute for Social Research was opened at Frankfurt University with Carl Grünberg as its first Director.
The initial work at the Institute was oriented towards exploring Marxism as a scientific and economic methodology, but after the death of Grünberg and the temporary directorship of Pollock, Jewish Marxist Max Horkheimer was appointed the to the chair and changed the direction of the Institute from promoting an orthodox Marxist philosophy to what would later be called "cultural Marxism," better known as "political correctness."
Cultural Marxism is also known Critical Theory ;
Critical theory was first defined by Max Horkheimer of the Frankfurt School of sociology in his 1937 essay Traditional and Critical Theory: Critical theory is a social theory oriented toward critiquing and changing society as a whole, in contrast to traditional theory oriented only to understanding or explaining it. Horkheimer wanted to distinguish critical theory as a radical, emancipatory form of Marxian theory, critiquing both the model of science put forward by logical positivism and what he and his colleagues saw as the covert positivism and authoritarianism of orthodox Marxism and Communism
The ideological basis of critical theory comes from five Frankfurt School theoreticians: Herbert Marcuse, Theodor Adorno, Max Horkheimer, Walter Benjamin, and Erich Fromm. Of these five only Adorno was not Jewish. All were Marxists.
Modern critical theory has been influenced by György Lukács and Antonio Gramsci as well as the second generation Frankfurt School scholars, including Jürgen Habermas.
Lukacs was a Jewish Marxist. Gramsci an Italian Marxist.
The current head of the Frankfurt School is Jurgen Habermas.
Habermas is a German Marxist whose father was a Nazi supporter. He is not Jewish.
So we can see from the above explanation of the Frankfurt School the following things ;
1) It was set up as a Marxist body to promote Marxism
2) every one of its founders were German and Marxists.
3) The aims of the organisation have always been to spread the ideas of Marxism into society.
Therefore the contention that the organisation is Jewish and serves Jewish interests is clearly false.
The organsations leadership is not united by one race, one nationality or one religion.
Its leadership is united by only one thing - their support for Marxism.
Which should come as a shock to non-one as it is an organisation set to represent Marxism.
Therefore we need to address two issues peddled by the White Nationalist movement that the Frankfurt School is a Jewish plot to destroy society and for Jews to control the West.
This is clearly false.
For a start the ideology spread by the Frankfurt School, Cultural Marxism, DOES NOT BENEFIT JEWS.
The basis of the contemporary LIBERAL society is LIBERAL. As a result of Liberalism and assimilation pushed by Liberalism derived from Cultural Marxism, the Jewish community is slowly being misceginated out of existence ;
It is Liberal Jews and Liberals who most oppose the most nationalistic and racist ideology supported by many Jews today - this being the racist Imperialist state of Israel and its Racist, Nationalistic, imperialistic ideology of Zionism.
Even within Israel vast swathes of the Jewish population, from anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews to Left Wing Liberal Jews oppose both the actions of the Israeli state and Zionism.
The Liberal values that these left wing Jews in Israel support find their origin in Cultural Marxism and the Frankfurt School.
It can even be said that without the ideological influence on Israel and Jews by the Frankfurt School and its Critical Theory / Cultural Marxism, that the Zionist Likudist Far Right in Israel and America would have no political or social opposition groups to oppose them and their activities at all.
The Liberal movement deriving from Cultural Marxism has been the primary fetter on the Eretz Israel Imperialist and Militarist expansionist policies of the Zionist Nationalist right.
If liberal Jews like Gilad Atzmon, Noam Chomsky and many others did not oppose Zionism both in Israel and America then Zionism would would have undoubtedly achieved most of its ideological aims in Israel, America and in relation to its expansionist foreign policy.
Now we need to look at why so many Jews in the 1920's and 1930's supported Marxism.
Thats a pretty easy issue to explain.
As a result of social, political and legal anti-Jewish and anti-semitic laws and violence many Jews across Europe saw Marxism as a mechanism to liberate themselves.
This is why Jews both in Germany & Russia embraced Marxism.
This iw why many Jews in Russia decided to embrace the Marxist Revolution that had swept Russia in 1917 and become either Bolsheviks or Mensheviks.
Many Jews in Russia had embraced the Bolshevik Party early on and had formed a significant proportion of its membership ;
The average party member was very young. In 1907, 22% of Bolsheviks were under 20, 37% were 20-24 and 16% were 25-29. By 1905, 62% of the members were industrial workers (3% of the population in 1897
22% of Bolsheviks were gentry (1.7% of the total population), 38% were uprooted peasants, compared with 19% and 26% for the Mensheviks. In 1907 78.3% of the Bolsheviks were Russian and 10% were Jewish (34% and 20% for the Mensheviks).
Total membership was 8,400 in 1905, 13,000 in 1906 and 46,100 by 1907 (8,400, 18,000, 38,200 respectively for the Mensheviks). By 1910 both factions together had fewer than 10,000 members.
But many Jews had also embraced the Menshevik Party as well.
An important issue to note re the Russian Revolution is that the Mensheviks had a far higher proportion of Jewish membership than the Bolsheviks - 20 % of the Mensheviks as opposed to the Bolsheviks 10 %
The primary opponents of the Bolsheviks WITHIN RUSSIA were the Mensheviks.
Menshevism was finally made illegal after the Kronstadt Uprising of 1921.
Therefore the idea that Jews ran the Bolsheviks and formed the majority of its membership is false.
What is also false is that the Jews all supported the Bolsheviks.
The primary party supported by Jews was the Mensheviks.
The Mensheviks fought against the Bolsheviks in the Kronstadt Rebellion of 1921 and were banned as a a result ;
The Kronstadt rebellion (Russian: Кронштадтское восстание, tr. Kronshtadtskoye vosstaniye) was a major unsuccessful uprising against the Bolsheviks in the later years of the Russian Civil War. Led by Stepan Petrichenko and consisting of Russian sailors, soldiers and civilians, the rebellion was one of the reasons for Vladimir Lenin's and the Communist Party's decision to loosen its control of the Russian economy by implementing the New Economic Policy (NEP).
The Mensheviks were led by a Jew ;
So the leader of a major uprising against Lenin and the Bolsheviks was a Jewish Menshevik leading a Menshevik movement with a far higher number of Jews in it than the Bolsheviks.
So the idea that Bolshevism was Jewish & supported by Jews is demonstrably false.
Note that the Bolshevik Party with the smallest percentage of Jews in it, lost and the Bolsheviks won.
So therefore the assertion that ;
1) As the Frankfurt Schools had a high number of Jews in it that they served Jewish interests as opposed to Marxist interests is false.
Jews in the early 20th century did not form a monolithic, cohesive bloc.
They were divided into Orthodox Jews, Nationalistic Zionist Jews and Communust Bolshevik, Menshevik and Liberal Marxist Jews. There were also atheist Jews, anarchist Jews and even fascist Jews such as the ones who supported Mussolini ;
Even Hitler had over 150,000 Jews fighting for Germany in WW2 ;
The soldier whose image of the ideal German Soldier used in Nazi magazines was also Jewish ;
Even the Number 2 in the leadership of Himmlers SS was Jewish ;
Even the British Union Of Fascists led Sir Oswald Mosley had Jewish members and candidates in elections.
So we can see that as far more Jews served in the German military for Hitler, then using the same logic of those who call the Frankfurt Schools 'Jewish' simply by counting Jews involved in the organisation, then using that exact same 'logic' that the Nazis and the Nazi movement were also Jewish and controlled by Jews.
The idiocy of 'counting Jews' as the basis of an proposition that an organisation serve Jewish interests, is about an asinine methodology one can imagine.
Jews are not The Borg from Star Trek. They do not share a Hive Mind nor do they all have a sense of ethno-communal loyalty only to their fellow Jews.
In fact such ethno-communalism that does exist, can be exploited by criminals within the Jewish community.
For an example of how some Jewish crooks can exploit Jewish ethno-communalism for their own advantage we need only to look at such criminals as ;
If the Frankfurt School was Jewish, then so too must have been the Fascists in Italy as many Jews in Italy supported, funded and were members of the Fascist movement.
THE PRIMARY POINT IS THIS - the Cultural Marxist movement that spawned Liberalism has not benefited the Jews in any way.
It has led to the formation of the Jewish Left who oppose Zionist Nationalism.
It has created the social dynamic towards Jewish assimilation that is misceginating much of the Jewish Community itself.
It has created the myriad liberal social dysfunction such as the epidemic of drug abuse that kills many Jewish young people in the entertainment industry in particular eg Amy Winehouse.
Cultural Marxism is as much a threat to Jewish social, political and ethnic communalism and genetic survival as it is to all those peoples exposed to it.
All the above information is based on facts.
If you think you can refute it then try.
If you are right, I will publish it.

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