Friday 7 March 2014

The Great Femen Lie

Image - Femen activists burn the SALAFIST black battle flag of Islam outside the Grand Mosque in France. They have bigger balls than most nationalists.
For years Nationalist have been told a series of systematic lies and propaganda that they believed uncritically. Like idiots we believed every lie. In fact we cheered them and welcomed them. Its okay.
I did too.
I was just as much an idiot as most people, either apolitical, right or left.
Instead of taking the time to educate myself about the reality and the truth, I too just accepted the lies and the propaganda like some insipid apathetic sponge.
After discovering how much I have been lied too though, trust me, I am never going to allow anyone to tell me what to think again.
Most especially I am not going to let the parade of halfwits, mostly so called White Nationalists, that posture as intellectuals in the Nationalist movement tell me what to think. Most of them are just as uncritically accepting of propaganda as the masses are.
The Great Lie I am referring too is the lie about Femen.
We all know about Femen right, a bunch of lefty birds who go topless to call for Communism in society.
This is Femen ;
1) They protest about the sexual slavery and trafficking of white, Ukranian and Eastern Europe by ethnic gangs across the European Union. They are fighting to defend white European women from being sold into sex slavery and trafficked like animals by vermin of all ethnicities across the EU. Anna Hutsol is credited as founding the FEMEN movement, on 10 April 2008, after she became aware of sad stories of Ukrainian woman duped into going abroad and then taken advantage of sexually.
2) They demand the criminalisation of prostitution to defend women across the EU.
3) FEMEN has protested "against the limitation of democratic liberties and freedom of the press" during Viktor Yanukovich's presidency[87] and against (Ukrainian) government corruption.
4) FEMEN protest actions have also taken place against alleged anti-Ukrainian policies by the Russian Orthodox Church and the Russian President and Government of Russia. It also demanded "independence for the Ukrainian church "
5) In the past (namely 2012) FEMEN had stated that its goals were "to develop leadership, intellectual and moral qualities of young women in Ukraine" and "to build up the image of Ukraine, [a] country with great opportunities for women.
6) In December 2012 FEMEN "warned" the European Union "to stop immediately political, economic and cultural contacts with Gazprom-Kremlin's dictatorship"; because "dependence on Nord Stream will bring Europe to an economic collapse and the abolition of visas requirements for Russians threatens Europe with a cultural Armageddon".[92] An 8 April 2013 "topless ambush" of Russian President Vladimir Putin (accompanied by German Chancellor Angela Merkel) at the Hanover trade fair was described by Alexandra Shevchenko as "non-violent women protesting against the most dangerous dictator in the world, it got great coverage and will hopefully inspire people in Russia as well as helping us to recruit new members.
7) The organization staged a topless protest at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London in opposition to "bloody Islamist regimes", which they accuse the IOC of supporting.[99] The protest included women in the clothing of Muslim men as well as signs stating "No Sharia"
8) FEMEN activists burned the Salafist flag in front of the Great Mosque of Paris on 3 April 2013
9) They fight against Islamism and against the repression of women in the West and abroad who are repressed and attacked and by Islamist thugs.
Femen of course opposes abortion, but just I demand the right to full autonomy over my own body, so too I must accept a womans right for the same.
I may oppose the idea of abortion, as is my right, but I have no right to demand women do as I wish in relation to their bodies.
After doing the research on Femen I discovered something that made me realise their hostility to the Russian Orthodox Church which also controls the Ukranian Church.
Its not because they are anti-Christian. Far from it. They want a Christian church hierarchy that are Christian.
The head of the Russian Orthodox and Ukranian Church is an ex KGB agent who infiltrated the church to spy and inform on his fellow priests.
Want proof ?
Here it is ;
Many in the Orthodox hierarchy are also accused of working as KGB informers, a fact that critics say the Church has never fully acknowledged.
"Essentially, the Orthodox Church is one of the only Soviet institutions that has never been reformed," said one priest, who declined to be identified for fear that he could be defrocked. That fate already befell another colleague, Gleb Yakunin, in the 1990s when he called on Church leaders with KGB links to repent.
So by fighting against the Russian Orthodox Church, which is exactly what Pussy Riot are doing, they are in fact fighting against a false church run by an ex-KGB agent who Works with Putin, the ex-head of the KGB.
Instead of attacking Femen & Pussy Riot as commies, they are in fact fighting against the Putin Imperialist state and its ex-KGB Kleptocracy and associated oligarchs, plutocrats and gangsters.
Apart from the issue of abortion, every Nationalist will agree that none of the Femen positions are anti-nationalist.
We do not support Putins control of European gas supplies for instance. We are Nationalists, we demand that every nations puts in place its own sustainable energy supply systems to ensure we do not need to rely on foreign nations for energy supplies that then drags into Imperialist Oil Wars such as in Iraq & Afghanistan.
Putins control of European gas via the Ukrainian pipeline is not just a threat to the EU, Putin has already used the threat to stop the gas supplies in members of his Eurasian Union.
Putin uses Russian energy supplies as a way to terrorise and control nations that depend on Russian energy supplies.
We do not want to rely on Russian, Saudi or Israeli oil or gas.
We demand national energy independence.
Nationalists have allowed the media, Putin and morons within the Nationalist movement itself many of them with an agenda, to lie to us, deceive us and manipulate us.
Femen are not our allies. That is true.
But neither are they our enemy.
Instead of attacking Femen and Pussy Riot, and supporting the Putin supporting vermin who do this to their supporters in Russia - we should let them get on with their project to bring down Putin and his evil Shadow Soviet Union.
Attacks like this on Pussy Riots members such as in the video link below which were perpetrated by by pro-Putin Anti-Fascist red members of his anti-Fascist youth organisation NASHI are disgusting ;
That is Putinism.
On 19 December 2011 FEMEN performed a topless protest against Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko outside the KGB Headquarters in Minsk, mocking Lukashenko's recognizable haircut and moustache.Afterwards, according to FEMEN, the three protesters Inna Shevchenko, Oksana Shachko and Aleksandra Nemchinova were abducted by the Belarus authorities and taken to a remote forest blindfolded, doused with oil, forced to strip and then threatened with being set on fire, before having their hair violently cut with knives and being abandoned in the snow half-naked
Is that what nationalists are supposed to support ? Attacks like this on our daughters, cousins and women by the same anti-fascist pro-Putin thugs doing this to young nationalists in the Ukraine ;
That is what cowards do, not men.
These are the same Cossack pro-Putin thugs standing alongside the anti-fascist mobs attacking Nationalists in the Ukraine, who did this to Pussy Riot in the Olympics ;
The very same cossacks whose ancestors were murdered by Communists now prostrate themselves before Putin and his false Church and fight alongside pro-Communist mobs in Crimea ;
Now Cossack 'men' beat young girls with horse whips and some nationalists cheer that.
Each is as ugly and stupid as the other.
Russia has lost its honour and soul under Putin.
It has become a pitiful whore to his propaganda and the most shallow and pernicious form of reactionary right Plastic Patriotism.
As long as some retard waves a plastic Russian Flag, the Putin retarded masses will salute it and follow it.
That is not Nationalism.
That is the antithesis of everything that Nationalism and Nationalists stand for.

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