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This is a brilliant article.

Sunday January 23,2011

By Leo McKinstry

THE British people are among the most tolerant on earth but that tolerance is being abused by a political elite that seems to regard ordinary citizens as the enemy within. One incident last week highlighted the tightening grip of a fashionable ideology that treats our national identity with contempt. in the once tranquil, quintessentially english town of st Neots in Cambridge- shire, two young mothers, emma Knightly and Kimberley Williams, tried to join a crèche where their toddlers could be looked after. to their astonishment they were told their British nationality barred them from becoming members since the publicly funded centre caters only for foreigners.

This is an outrageous policy, promoting discrimination against people who have been born here. this is all too typical of what is happening across Britain. the malign forces of multiculturalism and mass immigration are being used by the state to transform society and to denigrate our heritage. every culture has to be revered except our own. in many towns Britons now feel like aliens in their own land.

From welfare to education, the apparatus of the civic bureaucracy is geared towards the demands of the ever rising
number of immigrants, now running at more than 500,000 every year, most of them from Asia and Africa.

Meanwhile the British taxpayers who have to pay for this whole racket find themselves marginalised. Any challenge to the destruction of our nation is greeted with outrage by our political masters. those who refuse to support the official state dogma of multi- culturalism are smeared as dangerous reactionaries and xenophobes.

That was the thrust of the speech given on Thursday by Baroness Warsi, the co-chairman of the Conservative Party and the first Muslim to sit in the Cabinet. she warned of a rising tide of “islamophobia” throughout Britain, with anti- islamic bigotry now seen as an acceptable topic for “dinner party” conversation. Lady Warsi’s accusations against British people could hardly be more hollow. if Britain really is so prejudiced how come she holds high office and has been given a seat in the house of Lords? the truth is that in the face of severe provocation the public has shown the most remarkable restraint towards Muslims but we cannot deny the reality in front of our eyes.


What she calls “islamophobia” is a perfectly rational concern about the behaviour of a significant section of the
Muslim population here, which due to the collapse of our borders is now three million strong and growing.

When she complains about “isolation” she does not acknowledge that far too many Muslims have refused to integrate into our society. instead, they have pursued an aggressively separatist agenda, refusing to show respect for such traditional British customs as freedom of speech, while constantly demanding special treatment for their culture whether it be the acceptance of sharia law or sale of halal meat. it is a reflection of how craven our society has become that even in some mainstream schools and shops, the only meat served is halal, even though many
of us are revolted by ritual slaughter.

Only the most blinkered ideologues can deny that the rise of islam represents a major problem for our society. the terrorist threat remains enormous yet almost as worrying is the passivity, even acquiescence, of the islamic majority in the face of extremism. One recent study of Muslim students at British universities showed that a third of them support killing in the name of islam.

After the July bombings in London in 2005 there were no Muslim protests at what had been done in the name of their faith, no angry marches against the terrorists, but when an obscure Danish newspaper published a cartoon of the prophet Mohammed London was brought to a standstill three weekends in a row by mass demonstrations.
the language of victimhood comes easily to the followers of islam yet all too often they are the real oppressors, as has been shown in the appalling incidence of Muslim sex gangs preying on white girls in the north of england.

Similarly the grim catalogue of forced marriages, “honour” killings and domestic violence demonstrates the brutal
misogyny of islam, as does the enforcement of such grotesque dress codes as the burka. that primitive garment should have no place in an open, modern society. in the same fashion, self-appointed

Muslim “community leaders” have subverted the democratic process through actions like mass postal voting fraud
while racist attitudes towards the “infidel” are all too common.

In a depressing commentary last week a vicar’s wife from a Muslim-dominated area of Birmingham reported that her
husband was abused as a “white bastard” and they had had “dirty white dogs” daubed on the church door.

We have here a fundamental paradox at work in that the liberal doctrine multi- culturalism is demolishing our liberties through its collusion with islam. throughout the world, whether it be in Pakistan or the sudan, we can see that islam leads to totalitarianism, subjection of women and homosexuals, persecution of other faiths, savage tribalism and the obliteration of democracy. Aspects of that pattern are happening here already. the vicar’s wife said she recently asked a Muslim, newly arrived from Belgium, why he had moved here and was told: “everybody knows Birmingham best place to be a pure Muslim.”

Those words make a nonsense of Lady Warsi’s moans about bigotry. the British public has every right to feel worried.

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