Monday 17 January 2011

The Price of Victory

9,000 Brit Veterans With 'Gulf War Problems'

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Twenty years on since the first Gulf War, charities say more than 9,000 British veterans are still suffering from a cocktail of war-related health problems. Skip related content

The National Gulf Veterans and Families Association claim more needs to be done to support former soldiers who are suffering from chronic headaches, cognitive difficulties, depression, unexplained fatigue, rashes and breathing problems.

Maria Rusling from the association told Sky News: "Although some veterans are on war pensions and benefits, a lot of them are still fighting not only the benefit system but the illnesses they have."

Thousands of troops from Britain and other countries fell ill with what is sometimes called Gulf War Syndrome, after the conflict began two decades ago.

During the war allied forces launched a massive bombing campaign, which led to victory over Iraq.

The assault began a more widespread offensive - Operation Desert Storm.

It led to Saddam Hussein's forces leaving Kuwait, having invaded on August 2,1990.

Coalition soldiers then entered Iraq and advanced 150 miles from Baghdad before President George Bush Senior declared a ceasefire.

The move proved to be controversial.

Saddam continued to be a thorn in the international community's side leading to the second Gulf War in 2003, when Allied forces controversially invaded Iraq and brought about his fall.

He was hanged in December 2006 for crimes against humanity.

The coalition in the first war was composed of 34 nations led by the United States and United Kingdom.

Iraq's invasion of Kuwait had brought international condemnation which was aggravated when Saddam appeared on state television with Western hostages whom he appeared ready to use as a human shield.

On November 29, 1990, the United Nations passed a Security Council resolution giving Iraq until January 15, 1991 to withdraw.

When the air campaign began, the coalition flew more than 100,000 sorties, dropping 88,500 tons of bombs.

Saddam declared that "the mother of all battles has begun".

The Allies' first aim was to destroy Iraqi air force and anti-aircraft facilities. They also attacked command and communication centres and launchers for Scud missiles.

Iraq fired missiles into Israel, but Tel Aviv complied with a US request for non retaliation, helping to keep Arab states in the coalition.

The air blitz was followed by land attacks into Kuwait from February 23.

Coalition fighters met generally light resistance before the Iraqis were expelled. But before they left, they torched nearly 700 oil wells.

The coalition advance into Iraq was more speedy than US generals had expected. Forces from the US, UK and France chased retreating Iraqi forces over the border before President Bush declared a ceasefire on February 28.

In 2009, a landmark study for the US Congress concluded that troops' ill-health was caused by them being given nerve gas pills and exposed to pesticides during the conflict.

The Ministry of Defence's official position has been that Gulf War Syndrome is a useful "umbrella term" but comprises too many different symptoms to be characterised as a syndrome in medical terms.

Veterans' representatives say this has led to difficulties in receiving pensions.

The MoD says claims are dealt with as quickly as possible.

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1 comment:

Adrian Peirson said...

Possible Class action case here for you Lee.

Gulf War Syndrome has been linked to something called Squalene, an Adjuvant added to Vaccines to stimulate the immune system.
Those in the know are alarmed at its use, Squalene is found in foods like olive oil, it is also found in the body, in certain parts of the body, like the joints I believe.
But its distribution is controlled and it does not enter the bloodstream.
So they add this stuff into Vaccines, our immune system attacks it, then, having been primed, our immune system then starts looking for Squalrne in other parts of the body and attacking it there, leading to chronic inflamation and immune reactions all over the Body.
This is an absolutely Criminal act and was done deliberately to weaken our Troops, my guess is because the long term plan is to have UN Troops in Western Europe.
PS, Squalene is in most Vaccines Now.

Squalene and Gulf War Syndrome

More on Squalene

Blaylock Squalene

The other things our troops have been deliberately exposed to is Depleted Uranium, when these shells hit their target, they vapourise, then form uranium contaminated dust which the Arabs and our troops are breathing in.
Leading to msssive birth defects in the Arab peoples and in our own Troops.
DU Munitions, birth defects

Dr Doug Rokke on DU

What is going on is hideous, how do we get this info to the troops,
these are issues that will get Nationalists support, there are a lot of people know about this but I've spoken to troops who don't.