Thursday 20 January 2011

Hang Them All

This is why the death penalty must be brought back, to hang filth like these pervert rapist Asian Muslim paedophile scum, and protect the victims from reprisals ;

ABOVE: Jail fear
19th January 2011
By Jerry Lawton

SCHOOLGIRLS who helped to jail an Asian sex gang are living in fear after the monsters vowed to hunt them down when they are freed.

Up to 27 girls, aged 12 to 18, gave evidence in court against the mob.

Nine members of the gang were jailed for a total of more than 40 years for multiple rapes, sex assaults, false imprisonment, and luring children into pornography.

Their convictions prompted former Home Secretary Jack Straw to warn Asian mobs were targeting white girls for sex abuse because they saw them as “easy meat’’.


But the girls, whose evidence nailed the gang from Derby, have been told that they will be targeted again.

A mother of one victim, who tried to kill herself after being drugged and raped by the mob, told the Daily Star: “All the girls who gave evidence are scared to death.

“They have been warned as soon as this lot get out they will return to ‘do them all again’.

“All these girls are vulnerable and terrified.”

The gang’s ringleaders, Abid Saddique and Mohammed Liaqat, both 28, were last week jailed for a total of 19 years.

Seven other members of their gang were earlier jailed for 22 years in total.

But the mum said: “The sentences they got were a joke. They should have been banged up for life, but some will be out in a few months and back on the streets.”

The woman’s own daughter refused to give evidence in court for fear of possible revenge attacks.

She was 19 when she was assaulted after being plied with cocaine.

Police suspect many more girls were too scared to make formal complaints.

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alanorei said...

These Pakistanis are not as Oriental as the Japanese but similar comments apply.

Note this is not as 'chapter and verse' as I'd like it to be but still fairly accurate, I think, nevertheless.

It has been said of the Oriental, especially the Jap, that "You whip him or you leave him alone."

WW2 Pacific veterans who had faced the Jap in action were glad of the atom bombs and the massive bombing campaign over Japan in 1945.

Thanks to the intense bombing campaign (and of course the Russian invasion of Manchuria), the Japanese got whipped.

It was then not necessary to invade the islands of Japan, which was just as well.

Many, many years later, a US Baptist pastor who'd been a WW2 GI in the Pacific theatre said "If we hadn't dropped the bomb and had invaded Japan instead, we'd still be fighting WW2, rice paddy to rice paddy. Those people would never quit in a conventional war in their own homeland. They wouldn't even know when the Great Tribulation came in the End Times, wouldn't even take time off to worship the Antichrist. They'd just keep fightin'."

It's basically the same with these Asian Moslems, even if they are only part Oriental. With the token retribution they've received, they'll just keep on molesting, murdering and intimidating.

I don't recall all the reports about what happened after the Cronulla riots in Sydney in December 2005.

But I haven't heard of any more trouble over there on that scale. I think this is why:

At the time, the police and the then PM, John Howard, supported the Arab Moslem molesters of young women at the beach. However, young Australian males - and females - ventured onto the street with their protest and it is possible a few Arab skulls got cracked as a result. I even recall some footage of police officers hauling a couple of Australian girls off an Arab that they were beating the tar out of. Feisty lasses, some of these Australian girls. Their British sisters could learn from them.

One unknown Australian was photographed at the time declaring to these Arabs, one and all, "This is our country. You are not welcome. Get out!"

With that kind of resistance, the Arabs appear to have backed down, at least from their more overt atrocities. I don't recall any more Cronulla-style disturbances being reported in the last 5 years (maybe others might, of course).

That same message needs to be got across to the Arab counterparts in this country, along with the one you've enunciated, Lee.

"Molest and you'll hang!"

i.e. They need to be whipped - and the rest shipped, back to countries of ethnic and ideological origin, including 'Baronness' Warsi.

Anonymous said...

Can we hang the non voting Green Sparrow too ;)

extant said...

Lee, the hanging job is mine. Well to be honest with you, its between me and Wellard, we have had some words over it previously.
Wellard, is certainly very capable of the job, but I said to him and he had to agree that I have a more charismatic smile and obviously this will be very important without a hood on.
I think we are probably 12-18 months off it becoming legal again, so keep calm, we are keeping ourselves in shape to sort it, cos there will be a huge list to go through.

Keep calm and carry on, justice is just round the corner :O#)