Saturday 22 January 2011

Griffin Exposed As State Agent ?

Every now and then one comes across something that is a WOW ! moment.

This was such a wow moment with Nick Griffin.

I think this is probably the best thing I have seen posted on stormfront for a long time.

Most of the time its just Hollywood Nazi shite, but this has a real point.

" The Police have refused to investigate the BNP fraud even at the request of an MP, three yrs ago.

There was more evidence last year that Griffin has state protection.

The Guardian newspaper applied to the CPS for a transcript of Griffin's race hate trial that took place in 1998. This was the trial in which he was charged with the crime of race hate for an article in The Rune which claimed the Holocaust was a hoax.

The CPS refused to release the transcript.

Did Griffin do a deal with the state in return for a suspended sentence? Halfway through the trial he sacked his legal team and conducted his own defence. Would he have done that if he hadn't known in advance that he was going to get off? The following year, Griffin became BNP leader and the party has now been wrecked.

The Guardian lodged a complaint after the CPS refused to release the transcript but nothing ever came of it. "

This is a brilliant point.

The refusal of the CPS to release the documents due to 'privacy' concerns under the Data Protection Act is total bollocks.

This was a public case in an open court involving a politician on trial for his opinions published in a magazine sold to the public.

The idea that any of that information was 'private' is laughable.

Therefore the issue is this - why has the CPS refused to release the documents ?

The only thing would be is that a deal had been brokered between the CPS and Griffin which meant the judge had been informed of the deal and this would be reflected in his sentence.

That information would have to be released by the CPS if it was recorded.

I am sure some people will say 'what about the Leeds Trial' ?

That was undertaken under a different CPS with different political priorities, a different Attorney General and for the sole reason that the BBC aired covertly filmed footage of Griffin potentially breaking the law, and therefore the CPS was forced to act.

If it hadnt acted to prosecute him, then that would have revealed and exposed Griffin.

I suspect that if Griffin had been found guilty in the Leeds trial a deal would have been struck to give him what he always wanted as part of his "Hitler Image", which was a short prison sentence to make him appear a free speech martyr and then mass publicity and his control of the BNP and the wider nationalist movement would have been assured forever.

The Crown Prosecution Service is ­blocking attempts to disclose details about the prosecution of Nick Griffin, the leader of the British National party, for race hate crimes, claiming that to do so would breach his data protection rights.

Griffin was given a suspended prison sentence in 1998 after being convicted of "publishing or distributing racially ­inflammatory written material", an offence under the 1986 Public Order Act. The following year he was elected leader of the BNP.

The prosecution centred on a magazine edited by Griffin called the Rune, in which he dismissed the Holocaust as a hoax. At the trial he sacked his legal team and, conducting his own defence, attempted to justify the material he had published.

Griffin has been widely reported as ­dismissing the Holocaust as an "extremely profitable lie" when he gave evidence at Harrow crown court. But no transcript of the hearing was made and the only records about the case are held by the CPS.

Although the trial was heard in open court and ended in Griffin's conviction, the CPS has rejected an request made under the Freedom of Information Act (FoI) for disclosure of information in its files on the grounds that it is "sensitive personal data" that is protected by the Data Protection Act.

In a letter to the Guardian, which ­submitted the request almost four months ago, the CPS said: "The majority of the information contained in the case papers is personal data.

"A large proportion of this personal data is sensitive personal data because it consists of information as to the commission of an offence and Mr Griffin's political opinions."

On appeal, the CPS last week ­reiterated its view that Griffin's rights are not outweighed by the public interest in the disclosure of the information.

Only last month the government announced fresh guidelines intended to give the public more information about criminal prosecutions.

Unveiling the guidelines, Alan Johnson, the home secretary, said they were intended "to set straight the ­misconception that human rights and data protection laws prevent criminals and their punishments from being exposed".

The Guardian is now lodging a ­complaint with the Information ­Commissioner's Office, which is responsible for final ­decisions on FoI requests.

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Anonymous said...

Been saying it this for quite a while now Lee,this was my comment on another forum a few days ago and there is a hell of a lot more to come in the not too distant future.The party wanted me out at no cost because of the information i had recieved and gathered.

I sent *** some personnal information a few weeks ago about my plight (you know who i am) and why i left the BNP.My suspicions and others suspicions were raised about 4 years ago about certain NEW people coming into the BNP and we started logging our findings and suspicions that certain people were definately passing information onto searchlight and the UAF.

It will take me weeks to colate all this information but when the shit hits the fan which it looks like its about to i will reveal all.Anyway about 2 years ago i found a local blog which was was run by local antifa and uaf types and found a lot of articles about myself our local members and the BNP so i decided to set up a new email address and register on this blog for a bit of fun and a wind up.

After a few weeks i clocked that a local part time journalist who runs his own blog about local issues etc was also contributing to this blog so obviously supported the anti BNP brigade and also by this time we had a new active enquirer who we were suspicious of from day one and we found out he was also a journalist.When we clocked what he was and he knew we knew he then suddenly moved down south.This person everytime we had been out leafleting always seemed to put his shoulder bag on the middle of the table in the pub after !

Now here are the alarm ringing facts :
The second journalist the enquiry never came through the normal channels it came out the blue from someone very high up in the BNP who would never ever deal with enquiries so why all of a sudden did he send us details of an enquirer who turned out to be a mole ?

Some months later we had a major issue here where it was likely the BNP would get involved and out of the blue the part time journalist i mentioned who was linked to the antifa and uaf brigade rang and left a message on our organisers phone ? to which the message was :

" I got your number from ****** of the BNP sometime ago and wondered if you would give me a call about the local issue "

The person he got the number from was the same person who sent us the the other journalist as an enquiry so what was a top BNP official doing giving BNP mobile numbers out to know UAF reporting supporters ?
It all stinks from the core and i will reveal more as time goes on and griffin and his ilks are exposed for what they really are.

Thank you for your time.

Anonymous said...

Nick Griffin is many things, but he definitely is not an agent of the State. I interviewed him and his wife at length about his 1998 trial for inciting race hatred, and they had a real fear that, if found guilty, he would indeed go to prison. This is not said in any way as a defence of Griffin, but in the interests of accuracy.

Dominic Carman
Unofficial biographer of Nick Griffin
and, as Lib Dem candidate in Barking 2010,
his political opponent.

Defender of Liberty said...

Thank you for your comment 'dominic'.

Though the idea that you would ;

1) Read this blog

2) defend Griffin

Is so unlikely, I suspect that your real name is Pat, isnt it Pat. One does recognise a writing style, and I recgonise yours Pat.

Anonymous said...

Nonce Call - Cell 43

Nationalists and true Patriots are die hard collective selective Congregationalists, almost like Socialist agents working tirelessly to protect the extended, family, Children, State and fellow Comrades.

Just like nature intended for Mum and Dad's to protect ones Kin.

The first and foremost natural amendment, is to ensure that our own are safe and secure, (their lives are the Children's), nothing is more important of what nature intended.
To (die for), would not have a moments hesitation to give the last breath of fresh air or the last drop of Blood to ensure the intended's survival and safety.

Last chores at night is to lock the door (Protect the borders) and so on.

Unconditional love and support to the full extent of our family, from children, to Grandad's , Aunts and always to attend Weddings and Funerals to show respect, no matter how bad or good we thought they were, they were or are family !
If one of them is in trouble, we except without a whim, we are all in trouble and scramble around to help in any way we possible can.

I have never been a member or activist, but more of an interested passive, but passionate ardent supporter.

To what I witnessed in 2010 of NG's Leader dictator challenge, was the most revolting farce I have ever seen or heard in my entire 55 years of following Politics, the Labour antics I have previously seen, had nothing of what we all witnessed

Shamelessly, Griffin and a tiny groupie of following brown noses, declared victory upon the decadence of decency and of what was once considered the last bastion of a civilised and cohesive British people.

It would have been less innocuous, if they mad a public televised declaration that the Queen was actually a man (in their collective bigot opinion, obviously).
The display of outright shameless imaginary Glory, from what you have described as Sycophants , Paul Morris and co Brown noses was to grotesque for you all to imagine.

This true vermin, who's "self" declaration is completely laughable, he says, he is the fighter for the freedom of speech and Nationalism (by himself ) ,as he openly declares War on any person who dares speak against his Master.
I must cut this short, writing of them, is churning my insides.


Not withstanding the above, I except, that none of us are perfect.

I have in fact spent many,many years in prison and many years studying subversion,treachery, treason, Communism and War; not to mention, the scum I have been made, to share cell's with.
In that order, none of what I have seen or experienced, of the isolation for the Nonce, through my incarceration, can be related more equally to what all of us have seen ,by betraying and defiling your own kind the way these pair have.

If there were ever an perfect analogy of Cell 43 for the Nonce's of nationalism, there would be a double cell meaning ,for a double barreled, single name for eternity called


Anonymous said...

According to the eutruth website, Nick Griffin has Common Purpose credentials.

See -

'...UKIP and the BNP are honeytraps to neutralise activists: UKIP is riddled with Freemasons and Common Purpose like a cancer, and the BNP controlled by the Edgar Griffin (father) and son Nick Freemasonry family. The 350,000 freemasons and the 40,000 strong Common Purpose Organisation are the (mostly unknowing) footsoldiers of the EU in Britain. (Which makes the BNP the easiest party to clean up - get rid of the Griffins, and put in a real anti-EU leadership.) ...'

Anonymous said...

Another interpreation is that the CPS doesn't want the details of the case publicised or people might start to think that Griffin had a point regarding his views on the holocaust.

Anonymous said...

The post by Dominic Carman, that Griffin had a real fear of going to prison, reinforces what is implied in the article.

That in exchange for a suspended sentence Griffin became an agent of the state.

Ten years down the line, Griffin has ruined the BNP and made himself a rich man in the process.

The state must be very pleased with him.

Anonymous said...

Griffin has been a state agent since he left Cambridge. His first job was to destroy the National Front and then any parties that were formed as a result of the split.
When the BNP started to grow he was brought back to do the same job.

Anonymous said...

It is my belief that Griffin has been compromised within a few months of being in Brussels.

He is now undeniably an Agent of the State.

Anonymous said...

Interesting last few comments.

A seasoned actvist now since left , said to me a few years ago, that he considered NG to be a 'state asset'.