Friday 30 September 2011

The Griffinite Idiots

Just been catching up on a few of the comments left by the Griffinite idiots re the comment Griffin made about Christianity.

First, the Inquisition was not a single event - it was a series of events related to specific historical triggers.

There were Inquisitions, not an Inquisition.

For Griffin to single out the Inquisitions and use them as a stick to beat the Catholic Church or Christianity is the same sort of methodology of the Islamists.

Christianity was not responsible for the Inquisition any more than a car is responsible for the actions of the drink driver behind the wheel of the car.

Individuals abusing the power of the Church are responsible for the Inquisitions, not Christianity.

Christianity is a religion - its adherents who distorted its teachings are guilty and also those abused their powers for poltiical / economic reasons, not the religion itself.

To say 'Christianity' was responsible is the exact same thing the Islamists do.

The Inquisitions are notable as it reveals how the power of the Church was abused and, that the Inquisitions were not products of Christanity but evil and ambitious men who abused their rank and authority within the Church.

They are notable as they are abberations, not as features of the religion of Christianity.

Then we get to the point of modern 'inclusive ' christianity that Griffin thinks is better than older version of Christianity.

Modern christianity is not Christian.

Its is a neo-Marxist Theology based on the Liberation Struggle ideology.

For Griffin to say that he is glad we passed the era of the Inquisition and that we are now in the post-Christian Neo-Marxist era of gay vicars peddling sermons about asylum seekers and gay marriage and that persecutes nationalists for being Christians = total moronism.

Griffin is too thick to realise that there is a new Inquisition underway today, an Inquistion against British Nationalists who are banned from being members of churches and to attend their local church.

That is the new Inqusition.

It is underway right now.

The inquisions are not over - we are in the middle of a brand new one directed at British Nationalist thought criminals - and Griffin is even too thick to realise it even when it affects his own party members.

What a cretin.

We need a muscular christianity not this present pathetic politically correct marxist mouse of a pseudo-religion that persecutes people and expels them for the heresy of free thought in their politically correct Inquisition.

Griffin was wrong on all counts.

As usual his idiot drones were unable to see it.

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alanorei said...

A lot of truth in this, Lee

Much of the Inquisition was directed against genuine Christian believers by papists. The reign of the notorious Catholic Mary Tudor 1553-1558, aka Bloody Mary, was a case in point.

Likewise the repeated papal persecutions of the Waldenses of northern Italy. See The History of the Waldenses by J. A. Wylie.

The Christian Institute has reported how police in Blackpool are misusing the Public Order Act to persecute a Christian cafe owner for displaying Bible verses, because some woman complained about them.

The police concerned are no different from the papal Himmler's Gestapo but that is what is coming on down on this country now through its abandonment of the 1611 Holy Bible.

Anonymous said...

What a response, fkn awesome.

Just remind me now and again never to pick a public debate with you. I would have to revert to old fashion Welsh thuggery and just kick you in the goolies in a hope of self defense ;o)