Wednesday 21 September 2011

Liverpool Slavery Museum and Liberal Lies

I have sent this to Liverpool slavery museum, I will let you know what they say.


I have visited your museum and noticed that it makes not a single refernce to White slavery - not in relation to the slavery of the White Irish, British Whites by Muslims during the era of the Barbary Pirates nor of whites sent to the West Indies or America,

Is this because the museum is a racist propaganda museum deisgned to only peddle the lie that only blacks suffered slavery under the whip hand of whites ?

I am considering taking legal action against the museum under the Race Relations Acts as it is in breach of its duty to promote race relations by exposing the issues of white slavery to the British public.

I therefare want to know the following prior to launching an application for Judicial Review of your public funding ;

1) Why is white slavery not mentioned by the museum ?

2) why has the museum no exhibits about the Irish white slave trade or the Muslim slave trade of British people kdnapped by Barbary Pirates ?

3) why has the museum only featured slave stories about Blacks and Africans and not whites ?

4) Will the mueum feature any exhibits and presentations about white slavery ?

5) how much has the museum spent on exhibits about white slavery since its opening ?

6) does the museum plan to continue to breach the race relations act and demonise whites and minimise white slavery by peddling race hate against whites ?

You have 7 days to reply - then I will initiate legal action in relation to your public funding and also lodge a complaint with the police about the museum inciting racial hatred.


L. J. Barnes LLB ( Hons )

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Anonymous said...

Good on you Lee, i bet the word Jew isnt mentioned even a single time either.

Anonymous said...

Very good Very good!

alanorei said...

Good for you, mate

Hit them hard.

Extant said...

I do really hope you deal with this mate. We know who is doing it, we must expose them good and proper and stop playing the game..