Saturday 31 December 2011

2012 For Nationalism

If the economic crash continues into 2012 then it will be a fertile year for nationalists, if we undertake the projects we need to begin.

First we need to commence the Liberal Deconstructionism project - to undermine liberalism at all its weak points.

Once we destabilise the dominant ideology of our time, the way is clear for a nationalist resurgence.

Second we need to stop putting all our enrrgy / money / time into politics.

Politics will not work until we nationalise the masses and to do this we need to undertake the social project first - aimed at nationalising communities via social activism.

Only once the Liberal Deconstuctionism project and social activism aimed at nationalising the masses at the community level are undertaken can a political party gain power.

Its time for nationalists to start a myriad ;

social campaigns
civil rights campaigns
lobby groups
media groups
campaign groups
single issue campaigns

The model to do this is Saul Alinsky Rules for Radicals.

Nationalists have spent too long putting the political cart before the horse.

First we weaken the liberal ideology as nationalise the masses - then comes the politics.

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Anonymous said...

A group is already being formed ;o)

Anonymous said...

Lee,this is a very interesting concept, is it possible to expand on each of the issues as outlined in this article. D