Thursday 1 December 2011

The Hitler Speech They Dont Want You To Hear

An American President who starts wars and makes existing ones worse for the benefit of the Industrial Military Corporate Complex. ( Roosevelt / Truman / Bush / Obama )

A coalition of nations led by USA and UK who start wars to profit from the arms sales and to steal the resources of the world. ( Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya )

A coalition of nations who had invaded, raped, murdered millions and created vast Empires for their own profit and then who condemn any nation who seeks to defend their own internal interests. ( Libya )

A coalition of nations that declared war on any pretext. ( Libya )

America supplying terrorists with weapons and then recognising the illegal governments of nations overthrown by their terrorists. ( Libya )

America recgonising as the legitimate government of nations a tiny cabal of US sponsored ex-pats residing aborad who were in the pocket of the US ( The Polish emigrants / The NTC )

A coalition of nations who seek to attack any nations they deem as a threat to them or their Zionist masters. ( UK / US and Israel versus Iran )

Sounds familiar doesnt it ;

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Anonymous said...

You fkn tease, you know he is the man :-#)

Here is one I did-

jurgen said...

Anonymous said...

Lee, will you grow ze little mustache now and rejoin our brotherhood :o#)