Sunday 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas and Yule

Merry Christmas and Yule to all those who read this blog.

2012 is going to be The Year Of Nationalist Revolutions when nationalists start to end the factionalism and unite to form a new nationalist movement outside politics.

Politics has divided nationalists for far too long.

We have tried to build a political ghetto inside the liberal gulag.

We cannot win the game when the game can only be by played by the enemies rules.

What we need is to start to form social / civil rights / legal / protest campaigns and groups to allow us to unite outside the factionalism of politics.

We need to copy the civil rights model of the blacks in 1960's America who managed to change American society OUTSIDE politics and without having to get an electoral mandate by winning power via a political party.

Politics is a waste of time.

It merely ensures political parties are reliant on money and hence constantly destablised from within.

We cannot win elections without access to the millions of pounds the other parties have.

Therefore in 2012 nationalists must start to form groups, organisations, campaigning groups outside politics.

That is our challenge.

If we manage it we will start to rebuild nationalist unity.

If we dont we will continue to watch the nationalist movement splinter into ever smaller pathetic splinter parties who will never win power.

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Yogi said...

Merry Christmas Lee , all the best for the new year mate.Mark

Anonymous said...

There we go wishing people a `merry xmas` again! Fuck christ-I will follow Woden!

Anonymous said...

There we go again, wishing people a `merry Xmas`! Well fuck christ-he is the one that has caused this mess! I will stay loyal to Woden, the God of the Germanic peoples!!