Tuesday 27 December 2011

Saul Alinksy, Nationalism & The Way Forward

On the majority Rights site I have been adressing some of the ideas we need for nationalism to evolve.

Link here -


I have been demanding that Nationalists quit politics and start getting involved in community work and the Social Struggle.

This is my latest comment - follow the link below and see the future for Nationalism.

For the most perfect example of the technique espoused by Alinsky in order to agitate, radicalise and recruit I have seen for decades then watch this video here ;


Imagine if we had a hundred men in universities across the UK, Europe & America doing the exact same thing at their universities - note how supportive the men were to his campaign.

One man triggers a social revolution.

This is what nationalists need to be doing, not fucking about wasting time with politics.

Note also this most important social history fact - That the fight for male sexual equality in society is the prelude to the fight for white racial equality in society.

Just as the struggle for racial equality followed the struggle sexual equality in the 20th century - the struggle for white rights in our liberal fascist society will follow the struggle for male sexual equality in the 21st century.

One myth at a time the liberal system will fall as its core myths are exposed and revealed as based on lies and sexism and racism.

This is what we need to be doing, not fucking about wasting our time with politics.


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Anonymous said...

One again, you nail it mate. I sent an email to the boys last night saying exactly that among other ools to use.

No Nationalist party will ever be elected to power, not even if we have a civil war.

The only way to play the game is on ground level and we would pick up such a velocity we would be like an unstoppable tsunami.

The will be no leadership, we would work for no one except ourselves.

We would have a collective leadership that would always remain a collective; we will all be in power.

We will deploy all the nasty PsyWar communist tools, the same ones they are using against us.

The ballot box is a mugs game, designed for the mugs.

Ade said...

Decentralization, I think that is what you are advocating and Bit coin is another example of how powerfull decentralisation can be.

What is Bitcoin

Then look at TOR, another powerful system that uses decentralization as its strength.
And if you think about it, The Difference between Obama's Zionist New World Order and Ron Paul's New World Order is that the Zionistsd want to decide who has rights, who gets to live, die and prosper, and Ron Paul who, amongst others of course who are pushing that we ALL have inalenable rights that do not cme frm some centralized authority.

TOR Overview

I think Nationalists ought to be supporting these projects, especially TOR and related.
I'd prefer Silver to Bitcoin at the moment till its further established. But, if it does take off, each bitcoin bought today at a few dollars could theoretically have the purchasing power of millions in a few yrs.

So if you are talking decentralization, then there are very powerful examples showing that it can be a very effective battle plan.

Ade said...

The other thing I believe is that, it's not that people are idiots, but if they are only ever exposed to leftist arguments, via the BBC etc their minds will develop leftists attitudes.
Nationalist ideas rarely occur to the general public because they are never exposed to them, or rarely, and when they are, they are drowned out by a tidal wave of counter propaganda.
Zionism is a good example, people cannot start to resist Zionism until they know it exists and what it is about. For the most part, the average public has no idea that the word even exists.
I believe Brains are like sponges, they will absorb whatever is put in front of them.
Take a child or even an adult and send them to Austalia for 5 yrs, you can guarantee they will come back with an ozzie accent.
Stick them in front of the BBC, X Factor, Jeremy Kyle, Eastenders and guess what will happen.
The mind of the public is being propagandized in the way that Globalists want them to think, multiculturalism, globalism, the end of National Sovereignty, and most of it is Tavistock intitute Mind bending bullshit.
Multiculturalism destroys cultures, it doesn't preserve them.
I know nationalists know this, but I've realized over the past few yrs that people actually have to have these ideas pointed out to them, they seem unable to make deductions.
Significant numbers of people will agree with Nationalist ideas, if only they were ever presented with them, then they have a sort of epiphany, a realization.
Currently they are taught mass immigration is good, wonderful, they are never exposed to the counter arguments, that their children WILL become a minority, that there are in fact few places they themselves could go as a white person without being at much greater risk of being killed.
These simple facts never occur to the masses, once they are put in front of people, then they realize, then the neurons connect together and they can look at the world in more complex ways,,.....yea, I' don't have anything against Africans per se, I wish them well, but I don't want my children becoming a minority.
It doesn't mean I want to fire up the ovens.
Yes I'm against mass immigration, but the real enemy is not the Africans, its Westminster, the EU, Whitehall who are engineering this.
A good example I think is my son recently told me about a Football game in which England won 2 0 against Japan.
I think the Japanese scored one and then had an own goal.
And I said you mean, Japan scored all the goals and still lost, he replied yea, oh I never thought about it like that.
On another occaission he's wanted a snake, she was toying with the idea of letting them have a dog instead, and he was ringing me up saying she's said no because etc etc, on one ccaision she asked him, well how big will this snake grow to be, and he replied about 4 foot
. Well you can guess the reaction, 'I'm not having a four foot snake in the house !!!!'
So I asked him to ask her,

well how long is a dog.

Completely destroying the argument against a snake on the basis of its length.
To her credit I suppose, she relented and they got their snake and she actually likes it.

Adrian Peirson said...

The point is, the public mind is never presented with counter arguments to the propaganda they are presented and don't seem able to make their own deductions.
How many times have all of us done something a certain way, only to find yrs later there is a much simpler way.
How many times have we had a sudden realization about the way things are that we hadn't thought of before, like the example of the 2 0 England victory over Japan.
In a way I liken it to neurons making connections that allow us to look at the world in more complex ways, which is precisely why the Globalists like to put mercury in vaccines in order to reduce our ability to make these deductive connections.
How mercury causes Neurodegeneration

I know most nationalists know all this, but that is what we have to do, it's nothing really complicated, it's just a matter of getting the point in front of people, their minds will do the rest.
When you present people with a good counter argument, what you are doing is joining those neurons up for them so they can see what previously has been hidden from them, despite the fact that it was there in plain view all the time.
Again my son recently rang up about English and his teachers interpretation of some book which he didn't see her interpretation.
I told him about wine tasting, as an example of a situation where you could give two bottles of wine, one cheap plonk, the other and expensive Bottle and he and I wouldn't be able to tell the difference but the wine taster would be able to discern all the subtleties of flavour, maybe even recognise the year and perhaps where the wine was produced.
Our abilities to 'see' wine are far less developed than the wine taster, so we couldn't see ( or taste ) things that were there right in front of us,
he liked that explanation.

We only have to get the information in front of people, their minds will make the connections they need to save themselves.

More on what the Globalists are doing to our children.

Mercury, Vaccines, Autism and Dumbing Down

I have a website on some of this stuff, click the links at the top for videos on autism, vaccines, food additives etc

Food Additives

Ade said...

More on Internet anonimity using Tails

Also look into Tor, and VirtualBox

Ade said...

The Establishment wants to count the Iowa votes in secret

Anonymous said...

Real history

Ade said...

Presidential Candidate Michelle Bachmann on Vaccines

my website Vaccines