Friday 2 December 2011


Laughing Lions must come !

Mockery is a magic bullet that kills all monsters.

Violence & hate feed the liberal fascist terror machines.

You can only kill the terror machines with laughter.

Only when it is considered shameful to be a liberal fascist and a genocidal multi-culturalist, will we be able to defeat the system.

Monsters feed on fear. The only thing all monsters fear is laughter. Mock the monsters until fear is replaced with contempt. Then we win.

Only when the masses see for themselves its true liberal fascist nature and have come to despise it, will it implode from its own contradictions.

To bring down the multi-cultural system we must point out its ideological flaws whilst mocking its very existence. Kill it with laughter.

Violence will not bring down the multi-cultural system - violence empowers the liberal fascist state and its police para-military wing.

In order to bring down the system we must alter the consciousness of the masses. They must be made to reassess not just the system, but also their status within it.

This requires memes or slogans to be repeated that infiltrate and subvert the conscious mind.

They must be based on scientific and social truthes that the masses know exist, but which they are consciously and actively seeking to repress in order to cope with living the lie of their existence within the system.

We must confront them everywhere with the lies they will not admit to themselves and force them to confront the reality they are seeking to deny even to themselves and create a 'cognitive dissonance' state that leads to a psychological phase transition shift to allow them to create a new reality for themselves, and a new conscious state, to form and take root.

Diversity Destroys Communities.

Immigration is Race Replacement.

Immigration creates crime and unemployment.

Multi-Culturalism is White Genocide.

Anti-Racism is a codeword for Anti-White.


There has to be many such mantra's and slogans - each repeated and hammered home as often as possible.

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