Saturday 18 February 2012

The Anti-Fa Get Owned

ha ha ha ha the Leftist mugs are learning the hard way about the real world.

One day they will pay for the treason.

Uriasposten: It isn't always easy to be a Red/Black Antifa warrior. Here a sweet little story from Berlin, where a 'left wing & emancipatorial House Project' has run into existential problems. (from the website Snaphanen, slightly edited)

'A group of criminal Kurds that goes by the name 'Street Fighters' demand large sums of 'protection money' from Antifa project.

Several attacks on residents show that they are serious. Friday night, early Saturday, a group of 30 young Kurds attacked party guests who were celebrating the house in Schererstrasse 8 in Berlin with baseball bats

The following night two musicians who were about to perform in Schererstrasse 8 were attacked.

The violence seems to be motivated in a large amount of 'protection money', the Street Fighters gang demand from the 'autonomous' group, according to the German newspaper Der Tagesspiegel.
Antifa thugs demonstrate against 'Nazis' in Wedding, Germany 2010 | More at Flickr

The immigrants' own club, led by Ahmed A., a Kurd who is very well known by the police, lies just across the street. All of its members are known for serious violence and other crime.

A social worker who knows some of the Reds in the house project says: 'They are confused about not being attacked by 'Nazis', or 'cops', but by immigrants. This doesn't fit their ideas about the world. They say that the 'Street Fighters' put pressure on them for the protection money. On the house project's homepage it says:

'Since this isn't about Nazi's or cops, our usual methods for action are not applicable.'

The Antifas, in contrast to their usual policies, refuse to talk to the press about this case. 'The left's worldview is faltering,' the German newspaper Süddeutsche Zeitung wrote.

A young artist, who recently moved to the city of Wedding, because the rent in the centre had gone through the roof, longs back to her perfect world at Hackescher Markt.

She said: 'Here the Turkish and Arab Mob rules.'

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Anonymous said...

Brilliant. My favourite demise of useful idiots is when I read about social workers aka aid workers in Africa or the Middle East getting kidnapped by the folk they are championing and end up getting shot in the head.
It's sooo sweet reading about Anti Fa getting owned by the same people they are fighting for.

Fucking brill! Hope someone has that on cam and puts it on Live Leak

Anonymous said...

Well, we should be encouraging the Third world dregs to hate all things Marxist and Liberal because of they, the Left's disgusting and perverted views on human morality.

Lefty nutters deserve a copious dose of their own medicine even if it kills them.

Let's face it, if the Left's pet projects from the Third World don't get them first the natives of Europe certainly will in the not too distant future.

Ha, ha, more, more, more.........

Ade said...

Marxism and Immigration