Saturday 4 February 2012

South Africa Genocide Of Whites

Last September the International Alliance to End Genocide upgraded South Africa on their genocide watch list.

On their eight stage formula, they moved South Africa from a five to a six. Level five is "polarization" and level six is "preparation."

The international human rights organizations stated "now we have evidence of organized incitement to violence against white people." This was in response to Julius Malema, the youth leader of the ruling African National Congress[ANC] party, holding rallies in which he calls for the murder of white people. He would lead huge crowds in singing "Kill the Boer." The word Boer is dutch for farmer and historically refers to white South South Africans of Dutch ancestry. However it is largely used as a euphemism for all whites in South Africa.

Malema called for the confiscation of white owned lands and the overthrow of neighboring Botswana for being to friendly with white people. A South African court issued an injunction demanding that Malema cease his violent incitement. Malema continued to sing the song in public and was supported by other leading members of the ANC, including Winnie Mandela.

Malema is no minor figure in the ANC. Current South Africa president Jacob Zuma described him in 2010 as a future South African president.

Shortly after South Africa was declared a level six genocide threat, the ANC demoted Malema under international pressure. However the mass murder of white people continues unabated in South Africa.

Several other human rights groups and numerous members of the European Parliament have also declared that the murder of whites in South Africa is racially motivated genocide.

White farmers living in South Africa have the highest murder rate of any people in the world, and that includes all current war zones.

Since the ANC took power, over 4,000 South African farmers and their family members have been murdered. Thousands more have been attacked. Sometime black farm workers are attacked as well.

Forced to flee their land, white owned commercial farms have plummeted from 85,000 to 11,000. One million jobs, most of those held by black farm workers, have been lost. South Africa's food security has been lost as well. This on a continent known for routinely having the most severe food shortages.

At least 68,000 white South Africans have been murdered since the ANC took power. However the actual number is probably much higher as South African record keeping has severely deteriorated under the ANC. To learn more, visit the Online South African Genocide Museum.

The mostly Dutch white farmers in South Africa have been some of the most industrious and technologically advanced in the world. They kept much of Sub-Saharan Africa fed. Other food starved nations have lined up to give the white farmers from Africa political asylum. Saudi Arabia, and the Republic of Georgia are among the nations who are recruiting ex-South African farmers with promises of free land. South Africa, however, is now in danger of severe food shortages.

​In a nation called "the rape capitol of the world" by the UN, white people live in absolute daily terror of being killed.

While many US politicians love to call for intervening on behalf of various populations of the world, they turn a noticeable blind eye towards white in South Africa. In fact, former US Senator Sam Brownback made some shockingly hateful comments about white South Africans during his 2008 GOP presidential run.

Brownback is a major advocate of open borders and amnesty. He sponsored the 2006 & 2007 Senate mass amnesty bills. During campaign stops in South Carolina, he called on Americans to go to China and adopt female Chinese babies. However, when retired Lt. Col. Robert Slimp asked him if he would support granting asylum to white South Africans, Brownback's response shocked the crowd. He said that he would not support that because white South African's might bring "racist attitudes" to the US. Brownback wants all the Mexicans and female Chinese babies he can get, but draws the line at people who share a similar background to himself.

Last month a group of human rights activist demonstrated in front of the FOX television studio in Philadelphia to bring attention to the slaughter of white people in South Africa. Numerous demonstrations are being planned around the world this February and March.

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