Saturday 18 February 2012

Latest Thought Criminal Exposed

A BOY of seven is facing accusations of racism after asking a fellow pupil if he was “brown because he was from Africa”.

Elliott Dearlove asked the question of the five-year-old boy at Griffin Primary School in Barham Road, east Hull.

​Elliott Dearlove and mum

Elliott Dearlove and mum

The younger boy’s mother complained to the school, which launched an investigation.

Elliott’s mother, Hayley White, 29, says she received a phone call to say her son had been at the centre of a “racist incident”.

She was summoned to the school by her son’s teacher, where she was read the school’s zero-tolerance policy on racism.

Miss White, an NHS healthcare worker, said: “Elliott does not even know the meaning of the word racist.

“The policy made clear that racism would not be tolerated.

“But this was not racism. It was simply curiosity from a seven-year-old boy, nothing more.”

Miss White said her son was left in tears after she spoke to him.

She said: “Elliott kept saying to me, ‘I was just asking a question. I didn’t mean it to be nasty’.

“He was extremely distressed by it all.”

Miss White says she was led to the head teacher’s office, where she was asked to sign a form.

“The form said my son had made a racist remark,” she said.

“I refused to sign it. I told the teacher I did not agree the comment was racist.

“My son is inquisitive. He always likes to asks questions. But that does not make him a racist.”

Since the incident, Elliott dislikes going to school, according to his mother.

She said: “He is bright, not a trouble-maker at all.

“This has really affected him. I am trying to pull out of that school.

“I am disgusted and extremely upset. I want him to go to another school.”

In a statement, head teacher Janet Adamson said: “We are unable to discuss conduct issues relating to individual children.

“However, in this matter, we are satisfied we have acted in accordance with the council’s guidance for schools on the reporting of racist incidents.”

Vanessa Harvey-Samuel, head of localities and learning at Hull City Council, said: “There is a statutory duty to report any incident that is perceived to be racist by the victim or any other person.

“The council’s policy is informed by Ofsted’s guidance on the inspection framework for schools in England.”

Abel Rivera, chief officer of Humber All Nations Alliance, which works with 38 different ethnic groups in Hull to encourage race equality, backed the school.

He said: “The school has to follow its racism policy.

“The boy has singled another pupil out on the basis of his colour. That is discrimination and it’s wrong.”

According to the school’s latest Ofsted inspection, children are taught to be culturally aware.

Inspectors said: “Pupils are reflective in response to thought-assemblies and personal and social education lessons.

“As a result, they have a good understanding of social and moral issues, such as racial intolerance.”

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Anonymous said...

Wow, some Democracy we live in. This is out of control.

When we gonna start marching on Whitehall Lee? When will the indigenous Britons start the process to retake out Islands from these Communists? It's out there, people, everyone you speak to is fed up to the back teeth, go to any pub, after a few pints listen to the conversations, people have had enough.

Anonymous said...

Racism, singular term racist,is a word invented by the Communist, Leon Trotsky to bludgeon White nations into submission for the purpose of overrunning their ancestral homelands with every race from out of the Third World.

In reverse form, no Third World country would open their borders to White European invasion even though those Third Worlders that are doing the invading of White nations today, had their homelands returned to them by their former White imperialists during the course of the 20th century. Even at the height of White imperialism, only the White upper classes were wealthy enough to do the colonising so non-White Third World nations generally saw only a tiny level of White colonisation which was totally insignificant. Not so, in the case of what is happening to ancestral White homelands today.

To get back to the crux of the article, the charging of a 7-year-old WHITE child with so-called racism.

Racism as a matter of fact, is perfectly natural and absolutely essential for ensuring the preservation of one's ancestral homeland and the survival of indigenous peoples, for the prevention of territorial dispossession leading to the marginalisation and eventual outlawing of one's language, heritage, culture, belief(s) and traditions.

We MUST demand an answer as to


it is that non-Whites are encouraged to engage in racism in defense of themselves and their ancestral homelands, languages, heritages, cultures, belief systems and traditions even in White countries?

Pathetic Far Left excuses that 'non-Whites don't currently hold power' is no answer at all, but IS, in fact, used as an extremely malicious pretext to commit genocide against White peoples in their own homelands.

Marxists are now even denying that there are indigenous White peoples in White homelands at all.

The actual truth is that non-White Third Worlders ARE, in fact, being deliberately empowered across the whole of the social, political and judicial spectrums of White homelands when indeed they have no rights to ANY sort of power-holding in White ancestral homelands, in the first place - anymore than Whites have any rights to same in theirs, nor do non-Whites have any natural and ethnic rights to be occupying White homelands either.

Marxist Liberals are committing race-hate crimes AND Genocide against White humanity and they will have to be made to pay with their lives when the Ethnonationalism cause takes power away from them which is justifiably inevitable.

Ade said...

It's White Genocide