Friday 17 February 2012

The Farce Of British Nationalism

Three posts on the British Democracy Forum today define exactly why the British Nationalist movement is a pathetic joke.

Just follow the links provided and see for yourself why British Nationalism has as much integrity with the public as a battle tank made of marshmallow.

The first is about the idiot sexual antics of Eddy 'sad old twat' Butler and his pathetic comments on Facebook where he is trying to impress Claudia Dagleish into having sex with him ;

The second concerns the farce that is now both the BNP and the Solidarity Trade Union - both of which are a pathetic joke ;

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Anonymous said...

BNP leader to support foreign bondage punk.
Mrs Harrington is also bringing the case against the BNP’s former national elections officer, Eddy Butler, claiming sexual and religious discrimination and unfair dismissal.

Anonymous said...

Griffin is a joke to Nationalism. His latest hench man Steve Squire aka mendoza is a phoney. He owns sex shop and sells GHB. It seems Griff surrounds himself with the likes of these characters to hide his flaws