Saturday 15 September 2007

The BNP and ANC - PART 2

The Crown Prosecution Service and the Department Public Prosecutions are both run by appointees of the government. Baroness Amos, the Attorney General, is a labour party minister who is responsible for prosecuting race cases such as those against Nick Griffin. The previous Attorney General, Lord Goldsmith, authorised both the Iraq War and the arrest and prosecution of Nick Griffin. Along with the Judges, the police as an institution are the most racist organisation in the country. They are run by the politically correct Gestapo of ACPO, a collection of sycophants and Labour politician arse kissers who regards chasing their pensions and promotions as more important than fighting crime.

Along with the structural problems of our legal system we also face the unbelievable situation that the truth is no defence in charges related to race relations offences and thought crimes that are prosecuted in the courts. It is not whether what was said is true, but whether it is likely to incite racial hatred and is insulting, abusive or threatening, that matters. The police and courts fast track ethnic minority recruits into senior positions whilst being dragged through employment tribunals and being found guilty of racial discrimination against white officers and staff. The police prioritise criminal cases involving racism against ethnic minorities but refuse to record race attacks against whites by ethnic minorities as racist attacks. The police arrest white British people for having a gollywog in their shop window but let Asian Muslim Islamic terrorist supporters wave placards at demonstrations saying ’ Kill British Jewish Soldiers’. The police ban BNP members from being police officers but let suspected Al Qaeda terrorists, convicted criminals and women beaters stay working as police officers. The police will refuse to allow qualified white applicants to come for job interviews but will prioritise under qualified ethnic minority applicants. The Police at Hendon Training College in 2001 even had Gerry Gable of the Searchlight Group, who is a convicted theif and liar with links to a notorious communist paedophile, giving new police recruits left wing anti-racist political lectures on ’Knowing the Enemies of Society’. Presumably by that they meant the white enemies of the Multi-Cultural Society.

Today the police are the para-military wing of political correctness, the boot boys of the Far Left ever ready to crack open the skulls of any dissident protestor that dares defy the dictates of political correctness such as those at the Pro-Hunting rally in Parliament Square in 2004. The institutions of the state are being deliberately weakened and undermined as the least qualified applicants instead of the best qualified applicants are the most promoted. The standards of society are dropped so that the less able are able to succeed. Ethnic groups are taught to blame ‘racism’ for all the problems of their communities and thereby the ideals of self responsibility are replaced by the Grievances Industry and the search for ’racism’ inherent in our farcical compensation culture.

Political Correctness also has other similarities to Apartheid ;

A ) Political Correctness is predicated on asserting the rights of alien minorities over those of the indigenous minority. It represses the rights of the ethnic majority and rewards ethnic minorities with extra rights enshrined in law and enforced by the State. The country and society is then run for the interest of the ethnic minorities and not the ethnic majority. Ethnic minorities are able to use Positive Discrimination and Affirmative Action schemes established by the State to assert race based rights that usurp and undermine the rights of the indigenous British people. Laws such as the Race Relations Acts allow ethnic minorities to use their race as a factor in the economic system in order to directly disadvantage indigenous British whites eg the fast tracking of ethnic minority job applicants in companies to reflect ‘diversity’ and the establishment of ethnic minority only training schemes. These laws are coercive laws designed to undermine the right of private property. People are told they cannot ‘discriminate’ - in other words you are told that you cannot do as you wish with your own property or your own company - and must hire and employ only who the government tells you who you should be hiring eg ethnic minorities. The Public Order Act 1986 is used to ensure that the ethnic majority do not use their right to free speech in such a way that the government does not approve. The POA is also used to arrest and imprison political opponents of the government, and new laws coming in threaten to criminalise those who dare question aspects of history that the government demand must not be debated or questioned.

B) Political Correctness is inherently totalitarian, violent and repressive. It crushes all forms of dissent and imprisons anyone who dares defy its legal edicts. It is also physically violent. We all saw how the Metropolitan Police cracked open the skulls of the Pro-Hunting demonstrators in 2004 and how the blood of our people formed scarlet puddles in Parliament Square. Under political correctness the police have become social workers in uniform, the politicised New Labour Police Force. They ban the BNP from being police officers at the same time as forming a National Black Police Officers Association inside the police to directly represent the interests of black police officers, though of course white police officers are banned from having a white police officers association to represent their interests. The Police harass and intimidate BNP nationalist activists and allow our homes to be attacked by the far left. Political Correctness also contributed to the Iraq War as Tony Blairs justification for the war (after the WMD story was exposed as bullshit) was to build a democracy in Iraq. The idea that ’democracy’ and the Middle East are in any way synonymous or capable of unification is pure politically correct ideological claptrap. Most people would agree that it would be nice to have a democracy in Britain before we send troops to die for one in Iraq. The politically correct idea that liberal democracy is the ultimate political system and therefore that all nations must be forced to become liberal democracies as well, is the logic of Trotskyite perpetual revolution and Imperialism via consumerism given a pseudo-moralist gloss. Political Correctness is the ideology of perpetual war and it requires scapegoats ( racists, extremists, nationalists etc etc) in order to divert attention away from its own inherent contradictions and absurdities.

C) Political Correctness destroys our ancestral and civil rights. It bans all forms of free speech it disagrees with and imprisons those whose opinions it deems worthy of being criminalised. It undermines our constitutional rights to free speech and allows the government to criminalise those it wants silenced. It is expansionist and aggressive and has spread from the public realm into our private lives. Proposals from the Lawrence Inquiry were that ’racist’ speech in our own homes should be regarded as a criminal offence and prosecuted in court. It brainwashes our children in schools and allows the media to condition society through failing to regulate the power of the media. It allows the media to undermine the democratic electoral system and uses the courts and Judges to stifle political opposition groups and arrest and prosecute political leaders of political parties opposed to Political Correctness. It has created a ’Surveillance Society’ more insidious and pervasive than any nightmarish Orwellian totalitarian state. Political Correctness controls the BBC and the state broadcasting system and uses its powers to promote political correctness in British society.

D) Just like under the apartheid regime in South Africa political correctness buys the loyalty of the state via bribing the employees of the State through paying their wages. The Servile Sate in Britain is the countries biggest employer, and the government uses tax payers money to employ millions of parasitic lackeys of the Minority Rule State that depend entirely upon the Labour Party for their jobs. Thereby the votes of those state lackeys are captured for the Labour Party in election after election. Political Correctness allows millions of immigrants to enter the country and then calls the British people ’racists’ if they dare defy the immigration invasion. It ships in millions of new ethnic Labour voters who then ethnically cleanse entire white communities of their indigenous inhabitants and then turn them into strongholds for the Labour Party. In South Africa the black majority were prohibited from voting by the white minority government and this power was backed up with the powers of the police and the army. White majority rule in Great Britain is accomplished via the majority of the population refusing to participate in the corrupt electoral system. The majority are either unwilling or unable to vote because they are either disillusioned with, or alienated from, the political process. What matters is that in both the political system of apartheid in South Africa and the system of political correctness in the UK is that the interests of the majority are minimised and ignored in favour of minorities. In both systems the state was/ and is repressive of those parties outside the establishment that want to create the conditions for majority rule.

In Great Britain the assassinations of opposition politicians and opposition parties is accomplished not with bombs or bullets but via the assassination of their reputations and careers by the media. BNP activists and candidates are vilified by the media, they are hounded by the press and have hate and invective poured at them by every newspaper. Ad Hominem attacks on them replace serious journalism, and the issues are not debated in favour of a Marxist/Leninist ‘Terrorism of the word‘. The British State also directly targets the BNP opposition and our supporters and denies them the right to work for the state undertakes ‘inquiries and investigations’ in order to sack them from their jobs in the state institutions. The British state also arrests and imprisons BNP activists and leaders and then imprisons them for political crimes. Trade unions whose political funds sponsor the Labour Party, and who receive public money from the trade unions development fund run by the Labour government, refuse to represent BNP opposition members who are sacked from their jobs. Sinister figures working for the state security apparatus burgle the homes of BNP opposition members, taps their phones and monitor their e mails. Special Branch and MI5 collect files on known BNP activists. MI5 and Special Branch also infiltrate the BNP and seek to incite internal troubles within the party, whilst other state linked assets target, attack and torture members of the opposition. Torture ranges from actual physical torture to mental torture, such as that experienced by ex-BNP member Mike Newland to the treatment of Kevin Hughes in prison at the hands of black and Asian racist criminals.

The naked violence of the apartheid system is replaced in our politically correct society by a hidden violence, made all the more sinister and pervasive because it masked behind a pseudo-morality. The Labour government and its politicised minions within the institutions of the British state are waging a secret war against the white majority and the BNP. It is a truism that tyranny is often substantially aggravated when it dons the mantle of a moral cause and is hidden from public view. It is harder to fight and expose and enemy that refuses to reveal their true totalitarian nature.

The media do not expose the enemies of democracy nor the activities of the anti-democratic forces in Great Britain as the media are the primary power mechanism that sustains and empowers the anti-democratic elite. The media are the primary enemies of our national democracy. The entire media, from the right wing papers such as the Daily Mail and The Telegraph to the left wing papers such as the Guardian and The Independent, all attack the BNP. Not only do they attack us in their papers but the National Union of Journalists has a rule that all reporters who are members of the union must follow their national policy which is that no NUJ journalist may report the BNP in a positive manner in their papers. The papers all attack the BNP, they all campaign against the BNP during elections, they all order and condition people not to vote for us, they all publicise and promote those parties that stand against us in elections, they all print blatant lies about us and never give us the right of reply to their scurrilous allegations, they all seek to incite hatred against us, they print blatantly false stories about us, they offer free publicity and support for any parties and candidates standing against us and they harass and intimidate our activists and candidates both before, during and after elections. At the same time as we face this barrage of lies from the media that is designed to undermine our potential public support we are unable to deliver our campaign material during elections and the Police harass our leaflet teams on the street and arrest our activists. Then after an election the police target those people who sign our candidates nomination papers and harass them and intimidate them so as to try and ensure they do not nominate our candidates in future elections.

At every moment and in every way the State and its minions seek to strangle our national democracy at its very roots. In South Africa at least the ANC could get printers to print their party newspapers and publications for them. The BNP has to get its publications published outside the country due to past firebomb attacks on printers that have printed our papers and also because the trades unions have ordered their workers not to work in printers where BNP papers are printed. The Royal Mail will not deliver any BNP leaflets and campaign material during an election campaign due to a Trade Unions policy decision, and even though the Royal Mail allows all other political parties standing in an election to deliver their campaign material. Even though the duty to deliver the campaign material is enshrined in the Representation of the Peoples Act, the Royal Mail and the unions and Police ignore this law with utter impunity.

As we can see from the above analysis the similarities between the goals of the BNP and the ANC means liberals will have to reassess their attitude to the BNP and our cause if they are to have any intellectual credibility or moral cohesion. If they wish to condemn us and celebrate the ANC and Mandela, then they only way they can do that is if they are racists. What was noble for the ANC must also be noble for the BNP. It is also true that the liberals, and the labour party, are now operating in a way that explicitly resembles that of the supporters of apartheid.

We in the BNP stand for Representative Democracy not Minority Rule. We demand that Power is returned to the People. That is why we are attacked by those that support perpetual Minority Rule.

Our programme is for the Democratic Re-Nationalisation and the restoration of our national sovereignty that has been surrendered to all supra-national institutions by successive previous governments. We will work to ensure that the sovereign authority previous British governments have surrendered to supra-national institutions are immediately repatriated to the British Parliament. We will defend our land, our liberty and our laws from all betrayers both external and internal. Ours is a social, economic, political and cultural crusade. We are Revolutionary Constitutional Nationalists determined to defend and assert our constitutional rights and liberties against all those that threaten them and would surrender them. We intend to return power to the people and the nation, and restore our power and glory. All national powers surrendered to supra-national institutions will be repatriated back to Parliament and the British people alone acting as a democratic majority will finally control their own national, economic, cultural, political and social evolution and development. We too will one day overthrow Minority Rule and restore democracy to Britain.


ruggy said...

Why so kind to dear old Nelson Lee? Why credit him with any changes in South Africa?

What did he actually achieve? Ending apartheid? No way. He just sat on his butt for 30 years while the world changed around him.

The West defeated the Soviet Union. Then no longer needed to support an anti Soviet, anti ANC regime in South Africa. The inevitable happened. Nelson did nothing.

Quite fitting that he is ending his days as a cheap photo prop for sleazy politicos on the make. Just like some old time reservation redskin

Defender of Liberty said...

Because whether we like it or not the ANC won and the credit, whether desereved or not, goes to Mandela according to the media.

The article is about perceptions and how they are distorted by the media and the liberals for their own reasons - the reality is seldom what the media or the liberals say it is.