Saturday, 22 September 2007

Stealing Foreign Doctors is a Crime Against Humanity

There are those in the media, on the Conservative right and the liberal left that regard the site of a Black African doctor or an Indian consultant working for the NHS as a sign of how wonderful Multi-Culturalism is and how 'progressive' Britain as a society is, but for me and for the indigenous people of their home nations , such a sight represents an ongoing tragedy of unimaginable proportions.

Stealing doctors from the Third World and Developing nations is a crime against humanity. It is complicity in mass murder and the politicians of those nations that allow foreign doctors to enter their countries should be tried for crimes against humanity. To take the oxygen mask from the face of a sick person would be regarded as murder, to remove doctors from a nation with an AID's epidemic, famine or where women die in childbirth or children from preventable disease is also murder.

At the same time as we have been stealing the doctors of developing nations such as From Zimbabwe, we are throwing British doctors into unemployment.

One fifth of Zimbabwe's trained nurses were recruited to work in Britain last year - despite rules supposedly banning hospitals from poaching staff from the world's poorest countries.

More than 5,200 doctors and nurses were hired from African nations which appear on the Government's list of states "that should not be recruited from".

The World Health Organisation estimates Zimbabwe to have fewer than 9,000 nurses left - just one for every 1,400 people, compared with one for every 156 in the UK.

The threat of unemployment among UK graduates is being blamed on the computerised recruitment system. But the real problem is government policy on medical immigration, argues Graham Winyard.

Hundreds of medical graduates are unemployed because too many posts go to doctors from overseas, it is claimed today.

Professor Graham Winyard blames the Government's "muddled approach to managing medical immigration".

Writing in the British Medical Journal, Professor Winyard said: "This has created a large surplus of applicants over available training places, making disappointment for thousands inevitable."

The drive to bring in overseas doctors began because medical schools were failing to provide enough graduates for the NHS. In 1997, a Government committee advocated a policy aim of being able to rely largely on UK doctors, and called for an expansion of medical school places.

This means the number of graduate doctors is expected to rise by 40 per cent to 7,000 in 2010.
Professor Winyard said the aims of the committee could not be realised because it is illegal to discriminate against doctors on the basis of the country in which they graduated.

Doctors from across Europe also meet the criteria for seeking a job in Britain through the highly skilled migrant programme, he said.

"Investing heavily in expanding our medical schools makes little sense if we cannot enable the extra graduates to pursue a career in medicine," he added.

Professor Winyard proposed a system where overseas graduates were considered for jobs only after UK and European graduates.

The Health Department said NHS patients should have access to the best doctors possible "no matter where they trained". Even if that means they are trained in developing nations and then enter the Uk and leave their own people in crisis.

Dr PN Govender is president of the South African Medical Association and has said " While I endorse a doctor's right of free movement, I cannot endorse mass migration for personal reasons alone. South Africa loses almost 50% of its qualified doctors annually to Canada, the UK and Australia. "

The 2 Muslim brothers (NHS doctors) arrested for the recent terrorist attacks in the UK, had been turned down by Australian hospitals because they weren't happy with their experience or references.The NHS then gave them jobs in preference to the many out of work doctors who have been trained over here at the expense of the tax payer. This is just the tip of an iceberg of potential terrorism problems regarding foreign doctors.

The General Medical Council is also facing accusations that it discriminates against doctors who trained overseas.

A so called ' independent study ' had found that foreign doctors are much more likely to end up in front of one of its disciplinary committees than those who train in the UK.

They are also substantially more likely to be found guilty of an offence and are at much higher risk of being banned from practising medicine.

Prof Isobel Allen, Institute of Policy StudiesResearchers said they found no evidence that these doctors were discriminated against.

This report from the IPSR is nothing more than a smokescreen for the government to use. At the same time the IPSR report found no evidence of discrimination, it claimed it was racism that is the cause of foreign doctors being disciplined - the real reason is of course is that they are not required to speak English and therefore make mistakes, have bogus qualifications, have less qualifications and also make more mistakes than British doctors. To call the people racists who protect patients is disgusting.

The word racist used against a White person should be made as illegal as the derogatory words used to describe ethnics and immigrants.

The fact that the liberals and the left and tories regard foreign doctors entering the UK, that take British doctors jobs and that abandon their own people to die, as something we should celebrate as part of multi-culturalism and the global free movement of people is evidence of just how mentally ill and sick these people are.

Foreign doctors in the UK is our national shame not our national pride - it is evidence of our criminality and selfishness. It demonstrates how we would rather inport in cheap doctors instead of training and empoying our own and how we would rather let the natives and indigenous peoples of the developing world die instead of training our own doctors.

Foreign doctors in the UK is evidence of murderous racism by the left, liberals and tory right - they would rather a few blacks die in Africa than they have to raise taxes or restrict the movement of foreign doctors into the UK and be called racist.


alanorei said...

Excellent article. This material should be sent to every MP who describes the BNP as 'odious.'

It highlights the utter callousness of both politicians and NHS chiefs.

I continue to be at a loss to understand why any of the 3 largest parties have any credibility left with the electorate.

alanorei said...

Although it is way OT, I thought this should be posted:

Today is Remembrance Day for Mr Harry Patch, of Wells, Somerset, who is aged 109 and is Britain's last surviving WW1 veteran who fought on the Western Front.

He served as a machine gunner with the Duke of Cornwall's Light Infantry in the Flanders salient between June and September 1917.

On September 22nd, 1917, Harry was wounded by a shell burst on Pilkem Ridge during the battle of Passchendaele and his three mates, all members of his Lewis Gun team, were killed.

Harry spent the rest of the war in hospital and convalescing.

He says therefore that September 22nd is his Reemembrance Day.