Monday 10 September 2007

The Tale of the Turtles

There are many people in this country, the Turtles as I like to call them, that live in their shells and hide their heads rather than face the reality of the country we live in. For them it is easier to live in the fantasy world of TV and watch Eastenders or Coronation Street than face the reality of the world they actually live in. For these people the only time they are willing to face reality is when the nightmares that happen to other people suddenly happen to them. It literally takes a brick through the window to get them off their sofas and away from the TV and a personal family tragedy to awaken them to the world.

What also doesnt help people face reality is when the Internet is cleansed of information and articles that contradict the illusions that our media and political masters like to portray as reality are removed from the worldwide web. This is the most insidious form of censorship ever imagined. As we all become more and more dependent upon the internet for our view of the world, the people that own the search engines that allow us access to the news on the internet are now able to define what reality is for us. Wikkipedia tell us what is true and Google defines what we can read. A whole series of news article concerning the comments of the ex-Met Police Chief Paul Condon in 1995 that 80 % of muggers in London were black have been removed from the internet - and this removal of the newspaper articles covers all the newspapers that covered the story in the UK.

It appears that the truth is always expendable and that the difference between reality and lies is nothing more than just the press of a delete button.

As the old saying goes ' A liberal is someone who hasnt been mugged yet - a racist is someone who has '.

This is proof yet again of how the majority are manipulated, lied too and denied information to ensure that the interests of minorities are protected and that the masters of the Cult of Multi-Culturalism, the media and the puppet politicians they control, are able to keep control of the illusions they have created and the people they have deceived.

Here I will explain a what it means to be a second class White indigenous Briton so that even the Turtles may understand ;

In some distant foreign country where radical terrorists insurgents have been involved in a decades long terrorist campaign against the democratically elected government, a court offers a convicted terrorist a deal - either go to jail or leave the country. The terrorist then decides to leave the country where has been involved in bombings and murders and claim political asylum in Britain. The terrorist has many contacts in the UK as many of his fellow terrorists have already fled to Britain in the past and now use the UK as a base to organise their political and terrorist campaigns against the democratic government where they came from.

He arrives in Britain on a plane with his extended family. He walks through passport control and tells them that he is here to claim asylum. There are no checks done on whether he is a convicted terrorist before he is allowed to enter the country or whether he has been involved in bombings in the past in his own country. In fact , if he has been involved in political or religious terrorism in his own country before arriving in the UK then this would merely strengthen his claim for political asylum. He tears up his passport and enters the country.

He goes straight to one of the hundreds of lottery funded immigration advice centres and is given a case worker and a lawyer to help him claim a council house and benefits - and all this is legal aid funded ( whilst legal aid for British citizens is being cut back year after year the Legal Aid rules state that people living outside the UK are able to claim legal aid to sue the UK government ). In 2003/2004 legal aid costs for asylum seekers was £201 million pounds. The real costs, in relation to spending by non-public bodies funded by the lottery, is probably billions of pounds a year.

The local council area he decides to settle in then has to give him and his family priority for a home. This is because he is considered to be more in 'need' than a local family who have been waiting on the housing list for years. If the council do not give them a home then they can be sued and legal aid will pay their costs.

The ex-terrorist then calls his friends in the UK based terrorist supporting front group who are subsidised by the local council and who run a community centre in the area. They decide to organise a demonstration to call for the removal of democracy in Britain and the death of British troops. Many of the demonstrators wear 'religious' face masks so the police cannot identify who is calling for the death of British citizens and Jews. The demonstrators also shout racist abuse at White people walking past the demonstration but because the Police are unable to speak the language nor understand the dialect of the demonstrators not one of the demonstrators is arrested for racial abuse of the White people that walk past. In London in the borough of Lambeth alone over 150 languages are spoken - this means that 149 different ethnic groups can racially abuse White people in the capital and never be arrested, because the Police only speak one language and arrest those who utter racial abuse in English. This is itself an example of direct discrimination against white english people as they are unprotected by the laws that cover racial hatred - this also means the figures on racial crimes in Lodon and the UK are meaningless as those laws are designed to trap only english speaking racists , and thereby allow racists that do not speak English to get away with their racism.

At the demonstration, which is guarded by hundreds of police officers all on overtime costing tens of thousands of pounds an hour, a White Englishman whose daughter is serving in the British army shouts out ' Get out of our country you terrorist supporting foreign bastards '. The police then arrest him under the Public Order Act 1986 for racism. Recent case law means calling them 'foreigners' means he can be convicted of racism -

The immigrant terrorist then decides that instead of claiming benefits he wants to get a job working in the Police. This is fine as though the Police ban the BNP from becoming police officers , ex-members of the IRA, members of the PLO, Hamas, ex-members of Al Qaeda, Hiz But Tahrir can all join.,,2074511,00.html

He sends in his application form in to join the police and then is offered an interview whilst white applicants are rejected because they are white, the fact his English is bad is not a hinderance to joining the police as they will pay for help to learn English and then promote him to a representative of his community once has manages to learn the phrase ' Youre Nicked ' ;,,1288367,00.html

He gets a job with the police but refuses to guard the Israeli embassy because he has religious 'issues' with Jews and Israel, and the police let him do this ;,,1887967,00.html

The police then discover that he has joined the police in order to help the terrorist groups he is linked with get access to police files, but the police dare not sack him for fear of being called racist by the Black Police Officers Association ( who have been investigated for fraud and corruption ) who are assting him in his case against the police for racism ;$1106849.htm

He then goes to a British Citzenship ceremony and is given a peice of paper which says ' You are now British ' - and the local police then use him as a poster boy for their diversity campaign and he sets about recruiting more terrorists he knows to join the Police. Within five years he is a senior police officer running the forces diversity unit.

There you have it - the 'success' story of how an immigrant becomes a British citizen.


Claire Khaw said...

VOTE: Should pregnant women be given as much as £200 to eat healthily?

The latest manifestation of national marble loss is the astonishing proposal by Health Minister Alan Johnson to give as much as £200 to every pregnant woman to induce her to eat healthily. It seems taxes are to be taken from the married and the working (who will already be aware of the basics of healthy eating) and given to CHAV and never-married, under-achieving, non-working, welfare-claiming teen mums so that their delinquent little bastards (who are now increasingly likely to be shooting and stabbing our children) will have a healthier start in life.

Do we really need Gordon Brown to misuse tax money in this way just because he wants to show us that he cares?


and vote!

Defender of Liberty said...

how about spending the £200 fitting them with a contraecptive implant instead ?

Claire Khaw said...

Parents of illegitimate children should receive NO child benefit. That would stop the bastards from taking over and encourage the female bastard breeders to give up their babies to adoption agencies who will place them with adoptive parents who have the resources and will to bring them up properly.

Or do you think that is a little harsh?

Claire Khaw said...

Racism is now a term of abuse used against anyone who gives offence, whether intentionally or unintentionally, about other races or when someone treats different races differently and misjudges the situation. The "institutional racism" of the police, a phrase coined by Lord McPherson, is the grandiloquent and politically explosive term used to describe mere police incompetence and lazy thinking.

Traditionally, racism only meant the actual belief that some races are superior or inferior to others.

It is quite clear that nobody, not even the government, knows what it really means.

Even the BNP does not know its own mind about whether it is a racist political party or not. Quite a few of their supporters are confused about whether they are or not (for some deny that they are racist and have friends who are non-white) and do not know whether to deny their racism or embrace it. Are they merely xenophobic (ie fearful of foreigners of any hue and nation, which is still allowed) or actually racist, whatever that means?

Does excluding someone from your party on grounds of race mean that you think they are inferior and that you are superior? Or is that just invoking the principle of free association?

Does disliking the physical and cultural characteristics of another race (who is perceived to be doing better or worse than you because of their alleged racial or cultural characteristics) mean you are racist? Or does racism actually require you to believe in your/their superiority/inferiority?

Does believing that another race is superior to yours (and praising that race) racism?

The law is undecided. On the one hand it criminalises discrimination on grounds of race, on the other it allows the BNP and NF (who wish to repatriate non-whites) to exist.

Much could be accomplished by the BNP if they started an action in defamation the next time a national publication that is worth suing describes a member of the BNP as racist. A case for libel is made out when a litigant proves to the satisfaction of a jury that, as a result of words published or broadcast, he has been brought into hatred, ridicule and contempt in the minds of right-thinking members of society.

This could run and run, folks!

Will the BNP do us all a public service and get us a legal definition of racism? Will they, hell!

What are they for, I keep asking, if they do not even defend the members of their own party (and race) who are oppressed by Political Correctness - the ones who get unfairly or constructively dismissed from their jobs or expelled from their unions after going public about their BNP membership, the most recent of which is Mark Walker?

Answers on a postcard, please.

Defender of Liberty said...

Perhaps you should join the party andromeda and then you would know what is going on and then would not have to talk a load of rubbish about things you know nothing about - eg what people are doing for mark walker.

If you really think it would help people for us to let what our opponents know what we are doing all the time - then you have no understanding either of tactics, strategy or British politics.