Wednesday 19 September 2007

Snippets from the News

The Liberal Loonies led by Ming the Muppet want to have an amnesty for illegal immigrants. The last thing this country needs is more Liberalism and more Immigrants. Thankfully the fossil that leads the party of the idiot fringe will not get elected into any serious position of power.

For an example of how our country and civilisation is facing problems because of failure to create a society and communities based on nature, as opposed to ideology, the article below is very interesting.

The menopause exists to ensure that women have free time to help to look after their young grandchildren, new research has suggested.

A study of two African villages stretching back to 1950 has found that children have a distinct survival advantage if they have a maternal grandmother with no infants of her own to help their mother to look after them.

The results appear to support the evolutionary theory that the menopause emerged as a means of ensuring that young mothers have extra help while bringing up their children. An alternative theory suggests that the menopause occurs to reduce the risk older women face of dying in childbirth.

This is evidence of the neccesity for a nation state based on Communities rather than the facile notion of Society as promulgated by the current political elites. What we need to do is create a country based on communities with extended families and kin based communities. This means Grandmothers would be living in the same communities with their extended families offering them support and guidance instead of miles away in distant towns or in other countruies due to them white flighting the country. Instead of the Politically Correct Nannny State running the country we could have the Nanny Family where the family takes care of the family instead of the State taking charge of parenting in order to brainwash our children into being little PC Robots.

Top Cops Wake Up.;jsessionid=NWTUCVQPSREOBQFIQMFCFFWAVCBQYIV0?xml=/news/2007/09/19/nmigrant119.xml

Apparently the Police are worried about immigrant crime affecting their performance targets and hence their politicalyl correct Brown Nosing promotions and pensions ( for the rules of promotion these days in the police the rules are blame white racists for everything even race attacks on whites and insert nose firmly up the arse of the nearest Labour politician ) . Instead of arresting Kittens for Criminal Damage for attacking balls of wool, the Police have realised that they have to do a real job and arrest those things called criminals. As this means getting involved in policing instead of pretending to be social workers in uniform, this means a few of them have come into contact with these things called 'criminals' and some of these ( SHOCK ! HORROR ) are FOREIGNERS. Therefore the police now want more money (AS USUAL) to do the bloody job they should have been doing all along. Useless bastards.

Even The Guardian is on the story with this article -,,2172376,00.html - which links Immigrants with knife crime and drink driving. Soon the Guardian is going to release a story on the link between breathing and oxygen.

Between 2003 and 2004 the number of foreign nationals arrested in the county for drink-driving soared from 57 to 966, although it has since fallen by two-thirds. ( Probably because all the drink drivers are now on benefits and can afford to get cabs or they use the police as taxis to drive them back from the pub at night and then get tucked up in bed bythe cops, read a story in their own language by the coppers and then given a police regulation teddy bear. )

In another example of the bloody obvious resold as 'news' the article below is also interesting

The C.R.E says the nation is fractured - well they should know seeing as they are the mechanism that has been used to destroy our country, society and communities. Multi-Culturalism destroys communities, immigration destroys countries and the C.R.E has been the fascist enforcement mechanism to ensure any dissent is criminalised and dissidents are imprisoned.

With all the powers of the old witchunters the CRE during the time of the New Cromwell ( Blair ) went around the country looking for witches (racists ) and devilry ( racism ) - and with their own special powers of perception saw witches and devilry everywhere ( Institutional Racism ). Trevor Phillips, or The Witchfinder General, as we who hold him in contempt call him, then went out from town to town burning witches in public ( sacking them from their jobs ) if they wore the sign of the devil on their clothes ( the badge of england such as on the lapel of the sacked HMP prison officer ) or wore the sign of the devil ( a Union Jack Tattoo ) on their skin ( football fans who tried to leave the country during England games ).

The wankers that ran the CRE ( such as Furball Singh the drunk cricket hooligan who threatened to headbutt a copper are the reason why we have Fractured Society. After the hearing Singh was obliged to tender his resignation from his £100,000 a year job and, although he was given a £115,000 pay off, his career was effectively over. He had a nice tax payers cheque for being sacked ( ).

A hundred grand a year for Ghostbusting ( looking for the phantoms of institutional racism that the proffessional hysterics and shysters of the race relations industry see everywhere ) is a nice little earner. Only drug dealers , wankers in the media and the race relations industry earn that sort of dough a year.

The good news though is that Singh is now in Iraq ( ) Singh is only one of four British officials to be appointed to a six-figure salary job in the new Iraqi administration being set up with the help of the US Agency for International development (USAID).

Oh the joys of being an ethnic minority in the UK. One law for them, one law for us - as bloody usual.


alanorei said...


Many thanks for your blog, which I will now be reading regularly.

Thanks to Big Dave, The Bournemouth Nationalist and his Fallen List plus other sources, it is possible to compile some of the most grim data of all, the deaths of white Britons at the hands of non-whites or white, i.e. Eastern or Southern European, foreigners.

(Sadly, little Maddie McCann may also turn out to be on this list, though we don't know yet.)

What is alarming about the results is:

a) The raw numbers themselves
b) The disproportionation.

It is true that the number of deaths where the ethnicities of the killer and victim are different are small compared to the total of criminal deaths for the same period but I believe that the trends are worrying, especially given official attitudes to any crimes where race is a factor.

To get a sense of perspective, the Home Office, as you'll be aware, publishes annual figures for homicides, deaths by dangerous driving or driving under the influence (which, btw, is one reason I totally agree with you about making cannabis a Class A drug) and causing death by aggravated vehicle taking.


Homicides over the last 5 years have averaged out at about 900 annually (though the number is falling - it was 765 for 2005/6).

The other two causes of death average out approximately at 420 annually (fairly static) and 40 (again falling - 24 for 2005/6) respectively.

This gives a rough total of 1360 deaths annually to compare with what follows.

I know that the HO under-reports crime but the figures for the homicides compare fairly closely with those given by former probation officer David Fraser in A Land Fit For Criminals.

So I think that the above average total of approximately 1360 for annual deaths by criminal activity (not counting abortion, obviously) is probably a reliable estimate.

As a basis for considering ethnicity as a factor in criminal deaths, represented by the above three categories, this site

gives the population of England and Wales at 86% white Briton, 14% others.

This figure agrees closely with the latest estimate of 85%/15% from this site:

(Of course, these percentages are not fixed and have been changing (for the worse) since I started compiling the data summarised below but I think they will be satisfactory for making the point.)

Since January 2005, when I started compiling the data:

Number of white Britons killed by non-whites (whether immigrant or indigenous) = 124, including the 27 white Briton victims of the 7/7 atrocity.

Number of white Britons killed by white foreigners = 10.

Total = 134.

Number of non-whites (e.g. Anthony Walker) or white foreigners killed by white Britons = 8

Ratio of the rate of non-white + white foreign killings of white Britons to the reverse = 134/14/(8/86) = 100, approximately.

This ratio reflects all age groups in both major population divisions and is therefore not biased against immigrants as such, whose abominable actions tend to be excused by diehard lefties because the incomers are mostly young males, who are supposedly distressed by their new surroundings (though arguably not half as much as the victims of their aforesaid abominable actions) and therefore more prone to committing crimes, or more justified in so-doing according to the standard 5th column spin-doctoring approach.

Although the ethnic-related killings of white Britons is less than 4% of the total for all criminal deaths for the same period, I believe that the trend is worrying.

It is possible that voluntary apartheid (or the CRE's 'fractured society') is the reason for the low percentage, i.e. races in Britain don't mix naturally. Problems occur only at the fringes of overlap.

But I wonder how far that percentage will have to rise before we have any official recognition that a problem exists.

A lot, I suspect.

Implementation of the CRE's recommendations will no doubt provide a substantial boost in the percentage - in both directions, i.e. something will have to be done to massage down that glaringly disproportionate ratio of 100+.

Probably instigation of another civil war.

Defender of Liberty said...

Excellent analysis. I have a report which I will try and affix to this blog when I know how to do it that analyses crime figures as per ethnicity since 2000. It was written by one of the countries top statisticians.

Without facts and records and information we cannot win our struggle - this is why your work is so essential. Thank you and keep me posted.

Claire Khaw said...


to vote for the abolition of the Commission for Racial Equality!

alanorei said...

Without facts and records and information we cannot win our struggle - this is why your work is so essential. Thank you and keep me posted.

Thanks, will do.

I look forward to the crime report.

On a separate but related matter, I think it was a significant result that at its first ever national conference, the Party pledged itself to uphold Britain's constitutional documents; Magna Carta and those of 1688-1701, i.e. the Bill of Rights and Act of Settlement etc.

It is not fully realised how powerful in principle these documents are. They are the basis for a decisive exit strategy from the EU and, I believe, a lawful means of declaring Islam a subversive force that should be expelled from these shores.

And for repealing the heinous enactments of the last 50-60 years, which have been totally contrary to "the laws and customs" of the realm.

Defender of Liberty said...

The British Constitution is the document that ensures the government obeys the Rule of Law -and when the government annuls , repeals or abrogates the British Constitution then that is tyranny not democracy.

Just as the citizens have to obey the laws of the land, the constitution ensures the government stays within the Rule of Law when it excercises power. In a system such as ours based on Parliamentary Supremacy, then the Constitution is the only mechanism we have to lawfully challenge government tyranny. Take away the constitution and we are powerless to challenge the powers of the government. Whilst governments and the whore politicians are tranisent, the constitution is an eternal document written in the blood of our glorious dead who died for our sacred liberties.

The Constitution is how we, as patriots, are able to discover when the government has become the enemy of the people. A government that that breaks the Constitution can then break with impunity the Social Contract between the citizens and the crown.

Joining the EU,the surrender of our rights and liberties to the government and the surrender of power to supra-national forces such as the WTO, EU, UN, NATO etc are all signs that the government is now the enemy of the people.