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Camerons Conservatives A Murdoch Media Puppet

Camerons Conservatives a Murdoch Media Puppet

As we all know it is not the British people who control our so called 'democracy', it is in fact the Media.

The media propagandise the political parties they want elected in their papers and then the mass of the public then vote for them. The role of the media in modern societies is to ensure that a Peoples Democracy NEVER arises, and to ensure that what controls our country is in fact the plutocrats and the corporations that own the papers and the politicians.

This is why we live in what I define as a Global Corporate Facist society - a society that like classic fascism is controlled by both corporations and government but that, unlike Classic Fascism, actually runs the country for the benefit of the corporations and the parasitic political class as opposed as running it for the benefit of the people.

This is the Blairite Third Way - a sick dog of a democracy where Fabians and globalists have created the worst of all possible worlds , a place where Political Correctness controls the Public Sphere and where Consumerism controls the Private Sphere.

The brainwashed puppets of the masses gutlessly surrender their liberties and rights to the dictats of Political Correctness and then surrender their individuality to the transient fashions and fads of Consumerism.

Tony Blair before the 1997 election flew to Australia to insert his tongue into the buttocks of Rupert Murdoch and then once elected into power with Murdochs help rewarded Murdoch with a whole raft of new laws that allowed him to buy media companies in the UK. Richard Desmond, owner of the Daily Express and pornographer in chief of the UK who is a particularly vile little peddler of filth, was allowed to buy the newspaper after promising to support Labour and attack the BNP.

Now it appears that Camerons Conservatives, that cabal of limp wristed public school popinjays and aristocratic mummys boys, are under the direct control of the media in the form of Andy Coulson, the ex-Editor of The News of The World, that well known newspaper for such serious journalism as devoting the majority of its pages to the sex lives of celebrities that no-one with an IQ above that of the ambient temperature within a closed fridge would be interested in.

There is nothing sadder than watching the cabal of public school bedwetters that comprise the senior ranks of the Tory Party adopting a tough populist stance.

Such poseurs are innately pathetic , for example Damon Albarn of Blur, the worlds most pathetic mockney who now calls himself a communist whilst living in his mansion on the proceeds of his royalities.

Albarn is one of the leading royals of the New Royalty of the 21st Century, formed from left wing rock stars like 'Two Castles and a Private Jet ' Bono, TV hosts like Jonathan ' my dog kennel costs more than your house ' Ross, comedians ( ! ) like Ben Elton - all of whom live lives of publically subsidised leisure, consumerism, conspicuous consumption and waste and who have now replaced the previous Royals as the parasitic class of consumerism as opposed to the parasitic class of Imperialism ( according to their own hypocritical analysis and standards ).

Just like the Bolshevik leaders took over and lived in the palaces of the tsar after the Russian Revolution, the communist rock and pop stars that once attacked the Royal Family and the aristocracy as degenerate priveliged spongers now live in the mansions and drive the Rolls Royces that were once owned by the aristocrats they despised - oh where is the Irony Gene in our society when it is required to deflate these idiots. Where once the Royals quaffed champagne and drove their Rolls Roycaes and went hunting, the New Royals inject smack, smoke crack, drive their Rolls Royces, fly their private jets and go on demonstrations against hunting. The New Royals have become the Old Royals.

King Billy Bragg , the clotted cream and jam scone revolutionary who lives in Devon off of his royalties whilst advocating urban ressurection in Essex and the inner cities of Britain, is the crowned prince of hypocrisy. Revolutionaries do not live in Devon - FACT.

Others in that class of overpaid and pampered morons in the New Royalty are people like Pete Doherty , or the Cat Torturer, as he is now known who is not content with just being a junkie twat but has now opened up a new career in creating a generation of crack addicted cats so he and his mates when drug upped can laugh at them whilst they are being tortured. Lets hope that the crack addicted kitten he tortured is sold a gun by a rival crack dealing gang of feral alley cats and doherty ends up being a statistic of Kitten Gang Gun Crime - what a dilemma that would be for the RSPCA.

And these are the role models celebrated in The Wankers Bible ( THE N.M.E) who are lauded for being role models for youth. This is a magazine that attacks the BNP as 'racists' yet at the same time fetes and celebrates junkie rock stars like Doherty who buy their crack cocaine and heroin from black dealers and turkish drug importers who terrorise and murder their own communities and who also are the cause of the gang wars that are devastating the black community and awho are also funding Islamic terrorism in the UK. The junkies syringe filled with smack pumps profits back into the coffers of the Taliban that are used to buy guns to kill British troops in Afghanistan or that funds Pakistani and Turkish crime gangs and Islamist terrorists in the UK, whilst cocaine funds Communist para-militaries and gangs in Colombia that murder thousands of ordinary people and devastate the rainforests and the Amazon where they plant and process the coca plants into cocaine.

The N.ME and its staff of drug addlled, coke sniffing bisexuals are the real racists as they celebrate the drug culture and white junkies in the music industry that fund the crime gangs and death dealers in the communities of indigenous peoples of the Amazon, Colombia, Turkey, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

For information on Mr. Coulson, one of the Media Vultures that feed on death, degeneracy and crime here ;,,2164680,00.html

For proof of how far the rot has gone this a report from the Guardian newspaper, that well know employer of communist spies during the Cold War and Islamist Jihadis and appeasers of terrorism during the present war against Terror ;,,2164931,00.html

Coulson: the tabloid man taking Cameron to the right·

Passage put into speech about broken society·

Tory leader 'sticking to modernisation strategy' Patrick Wintour,
political editorSaturday September 8, 2007

In the week Rhys Jones was shot, David Cameron had been ambivalent about being seen to be jumping on a bandwagon, and was due to press ahead with a speech on a new compact for the military to be delivered at Brize Norton.

At the last minute, under pressure from his director of communications, Andrew Coulson, it was agreed to insert a passage into his speech to RAF personnel on how the boy's death in a pub car park reflected the broken society of which the Conservatives had spoken.

It was followed by a series of time-consuming radio interviews driven by Coulson. The change of tack shows how Coulson, the former News of the World editor, is determined to push Cameron on to the news, and is less wary than other advisers of being seen to pursue a right-wing agenda. Within days Mr Cameron was speaking of anarchy in the UK, a phrase earlier used by the Sun.
Mr Cameron yesterday insisted he will not abandon his modernisation strategy, using a speech at his new party headquarters to assert it was perfectly consistent for a compassionate Tory to talk not only about crime and Europe, but also the environment and the future of the NHS.

It was prompted by a growing feeling in Tory circles that the arrival of Coulson as communications chief in June has led to a rightward drift in Mr Cameron's emphasis, both to shore up his dwindling support at the base of the party, but also to stem the alarming flow of votes to Gordon Brown.

Mr Coulson, the script runs, increased his influence by organising a rightward tinged fightback for Mr Cameron, and did this while Mr Cameron's modernising guru and close ally Steve Hilton spent a few weeks in Sardinia.

Ever since he returned from his own holiday there has indeed been a new toughness to Mr Cameron as he battled to prevent the polls going into meltdown. The party leader has been unafraid to speak out on crime and immigration, two touchstone issues for Tory rightwingers.

They have been visibly cheered and believe they can see Coulson's influence. Nick Wood, the former communications director for William Hague, sees Coulson in the ascendancy.

He wrote this week: "If Coulson has told Cameron one thing, I suggest it is this: without the enthusiastic backing of the Mail, Telegraph and Express and a fair wind from the Sun and the Times, the election is lost - and lost badly. To coin a phrase: there is no alternative."

Nick Wood is, to be frank, speaking utter bollocks.

There is an alternative to the Media Fascist State we live in - its called the BNP and when we get in power we will sweep away all the structures of the Global Corporate Fascist System and all its vile little crawling parasitic lackeys.

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