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Asian Muslim Gangs Rape White Schoolgirls Issue

Now that the gutless police, gutless social workers, gutless so called 'protectors of children' in state organisations and the morons in the media are now beginning to address the issue of Asian Muslim gangs targeting white children for gang rape attacks - why is the most serious issue not being addressed ?


That is the primary issue.

If these rapist bastards were prosecuted as the filthy racist and religiously motivated rapist scum they are, then they would have extended sentences that would act as a deterrent.

Instead the judges lick the arsehole of political correctness and state 'these are not racist attacks'.

Yes they are you gutless morons.

Muslims targeting Sikh, Christian and Hindu children for rape is a religiously motivated hate crime.

British born Pakistanis targeting white, mixed race and Sikh girls for rape is a racially motivated hate crime.

The fact that these scum do not target Muslim girls from their own communities for rape is proof they are racially and religiously motivated crimes.

Yet the police do not investigate the crimes as racist or as religious hate crimes.

The CPS do not prosecute them as race and religious hate crimes.

The judges do not sentence them for race and religious hate crimes.

Thats why these cases are proliferating.

As these scum admit - they target white, mixed race and non-muslim Asian Hindu and Sikh children for rape as if they targeted muslim children for rape from their own communities, then the families of those muslim children would kill them.

Therefore as the law will not protect white, mixed race children and non-Muslim asian children, then sooner or later some members of those families whose children have been raped and brutalised will realise that they need to start killing the Asian Muslim paedophiles who are targeting their children, if they are to protect their children and community from the scum.

Then some of the paedophile scum will be killed by the families of the children they abuse, as that would be the only way they would learn respect for those children and the community and leave those kids alone.

If fear of retribution is the only thing that will force them to stop, then sooner or later a member of a family of one of these children will realise this and will take the law into their own hands and kill one or more of them.

This retribution will come as the system has failed our children and community.

The police do not protect our community.

The CPS do not protect our community.

The judges do not protect our community.

Therefore sooner or later a father of one of these children will go for a walk with a loaded shotgun to where these animals reside and blow a few of them away.

And only then the rapes will abate as the signal goes out - target our children for rape and we will target you for execution.

The lesson people are learning is this - If the system does not protect us, then we must defend ourselves.

No one wants to see this scenario occur in Britain.

But the failure of the police, CPS, child protection services and the rest of the politically correct gutless liberal elite who each conspire to minimise and hide the truth from the masses, and at the same time abandon hundreds of our children to years of rape and brutalisation at the hands of these pervert filth, will cause such retribution to occur.

The fact that the grandmother of a child rape victim has to have a hockey stick at her front door to protect her and her granddaughter from the rapists shows how sick and insane our society is.

In such a sick society vigilantes will arise, as they did in Northern Ireland, to defend their communities from such attacks.

Just as the para-militaries of Northern Ireland were formed to defend their communities from attacks on them by other communities, so such a scenario will occur in towns and cities across the country when white groups, Sikh groups and Hindu groups start to form to defend their communities from such Asian Muslim paedophile gangs.

These vigilante groups will then start to target individual rapists and rape gangs for execution and shootings.

They will read the local papers, get the names and addresses of the rapists and then target their houses for petrol bomb attacks and burn their businesses to the ground each time a rapist is convicted of a crime against a white child, or a Sikh child or a Hindu child.

You will see a dynamic occur that will resemble the same one as in Northern Ireland as each community forms a militia to defend itself from attack.

And the primary cause of this dialectic will be the failure of the police to investigate these crimes as racially and religiously motivated, the failure of the CPS to prosecute them as racially and religiously motivated crimes and the failure of the judges to sentence them as racially and religiously motivated crimes out of political correctness.

When the system fails the people, then the people create their own justice.

I was kept prisoner by the Asian sex gang predator: Victim tells harrowing story of 'boyfriend' who dubbed his car the 'Rape Rover'

By Sue Reid
Last updated at 9:36 AM on 15th January 2011

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* Toni-Marie met Saddique aged just 14 on shopping trip
* He gave her copy of Koran and discouraged her from wearing low-cut tops
* Had no idea he was plying girls with drink and forcing them to have sex
* Was dumped at side of road in dressing-gown when she tried to end it

Trophy: Toni-Marie Redfern was initially flattered by the attention

Trophy: Toni-Marie Redfern was initially flattered by the attention she received from Abid Mohammed Saddique

Pretty teenager Toni-Marie Redfern thought she’d found the perfect boyfriend. Polite, handsome, and seven years her senior, he drove a silver BMW, wore designer suits and bought her dinner at her favourite pizza cafĂ©.

No wonder her schoolfriends were envious. And when he asked her to marry him, she started to make plans for their future.

Yet Toni-Marie eventually learned the truth about Abid Mohammed Saddique.

While they were going out, the British-born man of Pakistani origin was orchestrating what is believed to be the biggest sex-abuse ring ever discovered in Britain, involving up to 100 young girls.

Last week, Saddique and his accomplice, Mohammed Liaqat, whose Derby-based gang groomed girls (most of whom were white and aged between 12 and 18) for sex, were jailed for bringing a ‘reign of terror’ to the North Midlands city.

A court heard how the pair — who had undergone arranged marriages in Pakistan — cruised the streets in a BMW or a Range Rover, which Saddique referred to as the ‘Rape Rover’.

Girls were ‘chatted up’ on the street and invited for drives, during which they were plied with vodka or cocaine before being taken to hotel rooms, parks or houses to be abused. Key to the men’s conviction was Toni-Marie, now 20, who bravely gave evidence against her ex-lover.

Talking exclusively to the Mail yesterday, she said: ‘When I discovered what he had done to those girls, I felt physically sick. He was the puppet master and all his mates were his puppets. Everyone did whatever he told them to do.’

Following the imprisonment of Saddique and the emergence of a string of other similar cases, a nationwide investigation was launched this week into the grooming of vulnerable girls for sex.


* 'Send us cash or we'll rape her again': Thai sex attackers' sickening call to mother of British woman, 23, as they assaulted her
* Woman, 26, 'poses as man for nine years to trick TWO women into having sexual relations'
* 'I was raped by you': 'Sex assault' victim forced to endure two-hour cross-examination by her 'attacker'

There have been 17 court prosecutions since 1997 with 56 men found guilty of rape, child abduction, indecent assault and sex with a child.

Three of the 56 were white and the rest of Asian heritage. Of those, 50 were Muslim and the majority of these British Pakistanis.

Last year, in a series of articles for the Mail, I revealed how this exploitation — concentrated in communities across Northern England and the Midlands — has continued for more than a decade without serious public discussion and that the issue was often regarded as ‘taboo’ by police officers terrified of being accused of racism.

Although these revelations were only the tip of an iceberg, I was pilloried for suggesting that the ­cultural backgrounds of the gangs were relevant to the crimes.

Indeed, when the Saddique case first hit the headlines last year, BBC reports did not mention the ethnicity or religion of the predators.

Yet yesterday, Radio 4’s Today programme carried an item in which a DJ on the BBC Radio Asian network said: ‘Men have phoned in to our show and said: “White girls are easy. Fact.”’

The report quoted another journalist who said some men have the so-called ‘Madonna-Whore’ complex — the idea that women fall into two categories: ‘virtuous’ women whom one marries, and ‘bad’ or ‘dirty’ women who are used for sex.
Mohammed Saddique
Mohammed Liaqat

Terror: Abid Mohammed Saddique (left) and Mohammed Liaqat, whose Derby-based gang groomed girls (most of whom were white and aged between 12 and 18) for sex, were jailed last week for bringing a ‘reign of terror’ to the North Midlands city

He added that some Asian cultures encourage the abuse of white girls, who are seen to be ‘whores’.

The programme also asked British males of Pakistani origin in Bradford why white girls were targeted for sex. One replied: ‘It is the way white women dress, isn’t it, in mini-skirts. It encourages men to go jack [snatch or attack] them.’

Mick Gradwell, a former detective superintendent, this week said the targeting of underage girls had been going on for decades but officers had been reluctant to comment because they feared ‘being called institutionally racist’.

Adding to the controversy, former Home Secretary Jack Straw also tackled the issue and described some of the white girl victims as ‘easy meat’ for gangs. But the Blackburn MP was accused of ‘stereotyping’ — implying the cases were symbolic of a ‘cultural problem’.

Mohammed Shafiq, who runs a Muslim youth organisation, said there was ‘a perception that these white girls have lesser morals and lesser values than women of
Pakistani heritage’ — although he added that it was deeply offensive to suggest ‘that this is somehow ingrained in the community’.

Toni-Marie’s remarkable story adds a disturbing insight into the crimes. What happened to this Derby schoolgirl nearly ruined her life.

She says: ‘I felt something wasn’t right from the moment I met Saddique. Even early on, I was thinking: “What have you got yourself into?” As I became more involved with him, it felt like there was no way out. It seemed like I didn’t have a choice as he was so controlling.’

‘He said I was supposed to wear things that covered my arms and he encouraged me to convert to Islam.’

She says they met when she was 14. She was shopping in Derby with a friend when she was chatted up by Saddique and Liaqat (who were in their early 20s). ‘Although I thought it was all a bit weird — someone just coming up to us and chatting — I was flattered by the attention,’ she says.

However, unknown to Toni-Marie, this was how the pair of sexual predators regularly trapped their victims. They met young girls on the streets, gave them free mobile phones (so they could keep in touch easily) and offered them vodka and drugs, took them to parties and went on drives in fast cars.

Soon, Saddique wanted Toni-Marie to be his girlfriend — although he was already married to a Muslim wife who would shortly become pregnant.

Toni-Marie was living at the time with her grandparents because her mother, Wendy, had remarried. When she told them about her new boyfriend, they were immediately worried.

The couple — Christine, a former grammar school pupil, and Christopher, a retired builder — thought he was too old for their granddaughter. But they were afraid if they stopped her seeing him, she might leave home and run away with him or even convert to Islam and disappear from her family.

During their relationship, Saddique gave her a copy of the Koran to read secretly in her bedroom and told her she should cover her head with a scarf when she went out, in keeping with his Muslim faith.

As Toni-Marie recalls now: ‘On one of my first nights out with Saddique and Liaqat, I was taken to a seedy flat of one of the gang where they were sniffing coke. There was another girl there who was grabbed by the throat by Liaqat. Looking back now, it should have scared me to death.’

But Toni-Marie was in thrall to these two men and admits she was going through a stage where she enjoyed rebelling against her family.

As the relationship continued, Saddique took her to an empty house in Derby, owned by his parents, where they slept together. She would often return home with her eyes glazed, looking as if she had taken drugs.
Sex gangs: Liaqat and Saddique pictured cruising the streets for young girls

Sex gangs: Liaqat and Saddique pictured cruising the streets for young girls

Saddique encouraged her to distance herself from her family and friends at the care home where she had started working after leaving school.

Ironically, but in a step typical of the double standards of such sexual predators, Saddique tried to stop her wearing low tops.

‘He said I was supposed to wear things that covered my arms and he encouraged me to convert to Islam.’

But, in time, he stopped his charming act. ‘First, it was verbal abuse. But then he became violent. He grabbed me once and chucked me through a door over a stupid little argument.’

Such incidents quickly increased. He assaulted her — ripping out her hair extensions and kicking her in the head. At this point, Toni-Marie’s mother found out about the violence and called in the police. As a result, he was convicted of assault but not jailed.
Breaking taboos: DCI Alan Edwards said girls were 'being used as meat'

Breaking taboos: DCI Alan Edwards said girls were 'being used as meat'

Despite all this, Toni-Marie says she couldn’t find a way out of the relationship. ‘He was constantly texting me, threatening me, waiting outside my house for me. Watching for me leaving work. He was desperate to control me.’

Once, when they had an argument, he punished her by locking her in the cellar of the empty house for three days, stripped to her underwear.

Although it is hard to believe, Toni-Marie says she had no clue that he was grooming many other white girls — to be ‘passed around and used as meat’ by his friends (in the words of Detective Chief Inspector Alan Edwards of West Mercia Police).

She says she was totally unaware that Saddique and his associates were offering girls rides in their car, plying them with alcohol and taken to parks, hotel rooms or houses, where they were forced to have sex.

Nevertheless, Toni-Marie now decided to sever all links with him. She explains: ‘In one of the last conversations I had with him, he referred to his Land Rover as the “Rape Rover”. That is when I knew I had to escape. I’d had enough.’

Predictably, Saddique was incandescent and turned up at her grandparents’ house repeatedly, threatening them if he was not allowed to see her.

Once, Toni-Marie went out to sit in his car to explain to him that their relationship was over.

He sped off with her and dumped her in her dressing gown in the middle of the night in a road three miles outside Derby.

Her family found her and took her home.

Saddique, though, wouldn’t be thwarted and when he came looking for her again and again, he was set upon by one of Toni-Marie’s relatives who hit him, breaking his jaw.

Eventually, in April 2009 (a few months after Toni-Marie had finally thrown off Saddique), police officers tracking the gang leader’s movements visited Toni-Marie to interview her.

‘In one of the last conversations I had with him, he referred to his Land Rover as the “Rape Rover”.

They knew the two had been friends and wanted to know about his lifestyle and the addresses he visited.

It was at this point, she says, that she learnt for the first time that her ex-boyfriend was a serial sex ­predator. Stunned, she spent four hours giving police a statement, recalling every detail of their two-year relationship.

Toni-Marie insists that she never saw girls being sexually assaulted by Saddique or went to the eight-bedroom house rented by Saddique’s gang in Derby where most of the abuse happened. The police confirm this.

But she admits he must have been abusing young girls throughout the period they were going out.

She also concedes she was probably a trophy for Saddique: ‘I was a white girl who he wanted to control and prove that he could convert to Islam. I saw him and the gang tell non-Muslim girls they were “slags”. I believe it was the religion and culture of these men that made them act like that.’

However, other witnesses revealed how a constant stream of men from all over Britain would turn up at the gang’s rented house in Derby where scores of girls — white, mixed race and a few of Asian non-Muslim heritage — were held prisoner and raped by Saddique and other men.

One 21-year-old man, who witnessed the terrible scenes, gave evidence against the gang in court. This week he said: ‘The girls would scream to be let out. But the gang left two handguns, including a 9mm Beretta, in the sitting room. It was a warning about what might ­happen if they did not obey.’

On another occasion, a 17-year-old girl was filmed being gang-raped. The man recalled: ‘The girl was drunk and drugged. She began by co-operating and kissing one man. But when she was overwhelmed by him and others she started weeping “stop it”.’

Today, Toni-Marie is slowly picking up her life, with a new boyfriend and a different job.

Apart from feeling embarrassed by having been taken in by ­Saddique, she says she is not happy that he was sentenced to serve only a minimum of 11 years in jail.

‘I am angry at the short ­sentence. You can get almost the same for robbery.’

In court, Saddique admitted: ‘These are girls I did not respect.’

Meanwhile, her grandmother, Christine, keeps her stout hockey stick from her former grammar school days by the door just in case any of Saddique’s associates come looking for revenge on her granddaughter.

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Anonymous said...

Excellent article Lee, agree with every word.

Makes me even more convinced that it's all being done deliberately.



alanorei said...

Thanks for this overview, Lee

What strikes me is the following:

A 14 year-old girl goes out with a 21 year-old man of a different race.

She lives with her grandparents.

She has no contact with her biological dad.

She appears to be an extremely vulnerable individual. The breakdown of the traditional nuclear family must be at the bottom of this evil.

The Moslem predators are just the descending vultures.

A father with a shotgun is a real possibility (he'll probably be charged with a 'racist' crime). However, it is significant that no father of any one of the victims has been interviewed that I know of (I don't read all the reports but do peruse the main ones).

I wonder how many of the girl victims are desperate for their natural dads above all, therefore (as well as having been 'sexualised' by our media, as even David Cameron has admitted)?

Re: Saddique, though, wouldn’t be thwarted and when he came looking for her again and again, he was set upon by one of Toni-Marie’s relatives who hit him, breaking his jaw.

A Pakistani/Arab Moslem will understand that. They won't understand anything else.

(I hope the relative wasn't arrested. Commentators will recall that the late Keith Brown's son was and did time, for protecting his dad against Moslem assailants.)

Regrettably, the authorities don't understand that, or won't (more likely).

Thus the problem persists. You are right to denounce police cowardice, Lee. 'Lord' Ahmed cowered the Met. Police, both houses of Parliament, the Foreign Office, the Home Office and the entire civil service by threatening to bring 10,000 Moslems onto the street if that Dutch film maker was allowed in the country.

I would suggest that in response, the promise of 1,000 Royal Anglians on the street kitted out in riot gear and armed with tear gas, tazers and batons and orders to keep order would shut 'Lord' Ahmed's mouth for all time. And the whole of the British Isles would eventually become a Moslem-free zone (the sooner the better).

Christians, btw, seek to pacify the Moslems by conversion via the Christian Gospel. This is most commendable but, regrettably, it would be a slow process during which many more victims will suffer.

Also regrettably, I don't know of any time or place in history in the last 1400+ years of a mass conversion of Moslems to Christians.

Another strategy is therefore necessary for the victims - who could also benefit from the Christian Gospel. It could help prevent their homes from breaking up in the first place, which break-up, as indicated, seems to be the main cause of a disproportionate number of victims.

alanorei said...

Chris's point is one that I missed.

Who is orchestrating the corruption and in who's pay are they?

As evil as Moslems are provong themselves to be, they seem very short on capable leaders - witness the parlous state of any Moslem country e.g. Tunisia.

'Lord' Ahmed hardly counts as an actual leader - he seems about as credible as 'Baronness' Warsi and vitriolic clerics e.g. Hamza the Hook are really no more than that.

So who are the string pullers and glove-puppet masters?

Anonymous said...

This is genocide against the white race, and it must be answered with violence that is organized, and targeted against these predators as well as making it clear to the rest of them they are next if they do not leave Britain. I think dozens of these rapists hanging from porkfat greased nooses suspended from trees and lamp posts will have the desired effect.